Hello People of Planet Earth & Beyond, that's if your ET

Anyways, have you ever thought how any Carmelita Fox is? In all of Sly Coopers games, his missions are as hard enough as they are & Carmelita certainly doesn't help! What if Sly one day got the guts to kill her? Well that's what I'm her to write about

It was a lovely day in Paris, you can see a fashion designer store, a Gourmet restaurant, oh look!, there's the Eiffel tower! Also, yes, Sly Cooper, running on the rooftops, who had moments ago been doing very naughty things! In this case, stealing means continuing his family legacy, because that's what we'd all do right? Sly had fell into an alleyway, right at the end was Carmelita Fox, getting out a pair of handcuffs saying, its over Sly! Give up now! Sly gave a sudden smirk, until Carmelita got out a gun & shot a tranquilizer dart, Sly fell to floor, unconscious. Yeah!, Why couldn't he have used the invisibility move! Oh don't worry about the Thevius Raccoonus! Its safe.

Sly's eyes opened slightly, he found himself right outside an Interpol police station. Carmelita told him its time to go in! Now, if Sly had a kid, it would be a hybrid, the first thieve in the family who wasn't a full Raccoon. Well, why should Sly be the last full Raccoon, why not stick to the family tradition?

Move! Shouted Carmelita. Sly smiled, you know Carmelita, do you really care for me?

Uh huh

Oh really! At a Museum you instantly predict the Cooper Clan was involved in a Robbery! You Act like I'm the only Criminal! Carmelita, I can do better!, much better! Sly grabs his cane, which was right next to him, & whacks it right across her head! Sly, in fear that he killed her, suddenly just thinks about the death of his parents, to stray his mind away from what he had just done.