The Doctor waved goodbye to his wife, who had decided that she'd forgive him if he dropped her off in the legendary shopping halls of Minasent 9 with unlimited credits (which luckily for him, the TARDIS supplied) He had no idea when he would see her again, and it would most likely be some time and place totally out of the blue but it was River so he knew there was no point even trying to ask for some advance warning. As soon as the mass of blonde curls had been lost in the crowds of the shopping hall, the Doctor closed the door and directed the TARDIS back into the time vortex, to let her have a little rest. When they were totally stable, he skipped off down the hall to Claras room, now eager to find out what River had spoken to her about. He wasn't that worried, River had seemed pretty happy when she'd eventually re-emerged, so the sight that greeted him in Ckaras room was enough to make him blink a few times in shock and wonder if he'd missed something. Clara was hastily throwing every item of clothing she'd brought with her into a large duffle bag, tears streaming down her face. "Clara what on earth are you doing?!" He cried, making her jump. She'd been so lost in her thoughts that she'd not noticed the timelord enter, and was now kicking herself a little bit. She had been hoping she'd have time to fix her tearstained face before facing him, but apparently not. So she simply took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and tried to look him in the eyes, voice wobbling only the slightest bit. "I'd like to be dropped off home please, as soon as possible."

The doctors eyebrows creased. "Homesick? no, you can't be... homesick people don't take a massive bag-" His eyes widened. She was leaving him. For good. But-

"Why?" he asked quietly, his face turning into that of a kicked puppy (which just made Clara feel worse really. As if it wasn't hard enough, he chose this moment to become the most adorable thing in the whole of time and space, and break her heart a little more.)

" Well, I'm not going to stick around and be a third wheel! You got your wife back, so what do you need me for?" She tried to shrug nonchalantly, but a faint sniffle was enough to betray her, and the held back tears started to fall again. "I mean, I was only a replacement for her right?" She looked up at him teary eyed, "Your wife is back by your side and it's time for little Clara to go back home and be normal again."

The Doctor shook his head, not quite believing his ears. "Clara you couldn't have it more wrong if you tried! You can't go it's... it's complicated but i swear you're not her replacement!" He reached for her arm, desperately trying to make her understand. "Things happened, and we barely see each other now... we weren't even really married in the first pace! Things gof wibbly wobbly and it was an emergency and that dimension doesn't even exist now and reverse time lines and-" He looked at her, realising he'd totally lost her. She was looking at him, totally confused, so he simply sighed. Reaching up to cup her cheek, gently wiping away and stray tear with his thumb, looking her dead in the eye. "How many times do I have to say it? Theres no one else Clara. Just you." His pleading gaze kept hold of her watery one, desperately trying to find the words that could make her stay here, with him.

He'd not be able to lose her again. He knew this for a fact. He didn't care anymore how many Claras were out there, this was his Clara. His feisty, sassy, cheeky, caring, beautiful, Clara. And he would rip time and space apart to keep her by his side. His hearts beat for her now, and if she left he'd never recover.

"Please don't leave..." he whispered, leaning his forehead against hers. "River isn't coming back. Not that I know of... but even if she was that doesn't change the fact that I need you Clara."

She wanted to believe him. Wanted to just sink into his embrace and let his carry her away and forget this whole business happened. But she just couldn't. She was in love with him, and he was married. What else could she possibly do but leave, before things got really messy. So she turned her head away from him, and stepped back. "I'm sorry..." she whispered.

He couldn't believe this. He refused to believe it. He could actually feel his hearts breaking as she turned to pick up her bag. If he was going to act, it had to be now, or she'd walk out of his life forever. All those years searching, yearning, needing her, all wasted.

So he acted. He grabbed her hand, and as she turned to see what he wanted, swooped down and claimed her mouth his his. The kiss was desperate, pleading, and he wrapped his spare arm around her waist, pulling her closer, trying to get her to understand that he needed her, right here, in his arms.

Clara knew it was wrong, that this couldn't be happening. He was married, immortal, alien... and yet her bag dropped to the florr and she found herself returning his kiss with everything she had, arms wrapping up round his neck, one hand tangled in his overly long hair. It was wrong, and yet it was so so right. She fitted perfectly with him, and moved in harmony with him. She could feel his loneliness and desperation, and he could feel her hurt and longing. It was, by far, the most perfect, imperfect first kiss.

When they broke apart, cheeky flushed and chests heaving, there were no more tears. She simply met his eyes and smiled, and that was all the reassurance he needed. Folding her in his arms, he buried his face in her glossy brown locks. "Don't you even leave me Clara Oswald." He muttered into her neck, and she just laughed. "well, i might try, if that's how you persuade me to stay!" she joked, starting to feel like her old self again. The Doctor grinned, taking comfort in her joking, glad that normality was beginning to be restored, despite the almost heartbreak and subsequent moment of passion. He couldn't help but smile as she tugged at his hand, urging him out of the room. He followed for a while, grinning like an idiot, infinitely amused by her trying to find her way around the TARDIS, back to the console room (which was tricky, considering she'd been given a room furthest away. Nasty old Sexy playing tricks again...)

Clara eventually had to stop, and look around, trying to gauge just where they were. The Doctor gazed at her, awestruck by the way she bit her lip gently as she thought, and that little crease where her nose scrunched up a little in concentration. He decided there and then that the shamble of a wedding was null and void, on the grounds that technically, it had never happened, which meant he was a free man. Well...

Clara went to take a step but the Doctor tugged her back. She looked at him confused, just to to find him gazing intently at her. "Just... just stay there Clara..." he grinned, stepping closer, "because I'm afraid I'm going to have to kiss you again.. okay?"

She let out a light laugh, about to make a witty response about the TARDIS truly being a snog box now, but it died on her tongue as her lips were captured once more by the Time Lords. There'd be time for witty responses later, she decided, melting into his embrace once more, pulling herself closer. After all, they had all the time in the world...