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This will be a fluffy, pretty short story (about 3 or 4 chapters) that will probably be done in the next few days. It's just something to entertain you and hopefully convince you to stay with me until I get back on track.

The story contains popular!Kurt because we don't see that a lot and I like the thought and nice!Dave because I miss Max Adler.

Before you jump to any conclusions, yes I own Glee and I keep the boys locked in my basement for my own entertainment...or not...you'll never know.

Kurt Hummel always had a way with words.

If he missed curfew his words got him out of being grounded and more often than not left his father with teary eyes and a silent promise to be a better father to an obviously outlandishly amazing son he raised all by himself.

If he needed to get out of school early to catch the very beginning of an unreal sale he read about online, the school staff would be graced with a speech that would turn Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" into a stammering, sobbing pile of word vomit on the floor, and he would be excused from class for the next two weeks to buy the new clothes, reorganize his closet and figure out all the combinations the new pieces allowed him.

If there was a dispute in his beloved glee club, he would mediate the crap out of involved parties until they swore on their first born sons they always were and always will be the best of friends.

He had a speech for every single situation and a plan B speech for every single failed first attempt. He could apologize better than anyone else and he could fight like he went to school for it.

He could piss a person off with a few carefully selected words and he could bicker like he's being paid for it.

He turned his worst bully into one of his closest friends with only a pointed glare and a few well placed sentences and soon enough he was one of the most popular people in his school.

It was amazing what a good sense of intonation, phrasing and a proper word choice could do for you.

Kurt Hummel could run the world with his words.

And that's what got him where he was right now.

It started simple; with him helping a friend ask a girl out on a date.

From there it blossomed into helping said friend dump the girl after a few days, when he realized she was too smart and not enough hot, or too into romance and not enough into sex and video-games.

Then it developed into him creating elaborate plans to help said friend get the girl back after realizing he was an imbecile.

After a while a friend of said friend asked for his help with asking a girl to be his girlfriend, then he helped someone else apologize for cheating, and then one thing led to another until Mercedes walked into his room with a huge grin on her face and an announcement that she had made him a web page offering his services to poor, verbally challenged people.

In a matter of weeks "Repeat after me" became so popular around Lima that people started offering money for his help.

He was reluctant at first. It didn't seem right charging to help someone make their dreams come true (no matter how ridiculous he thought they were) but when people started buying him small presents as a thank you he figured that if they were gonna spend money anyway better to take the cash and buy something he actually likes instead of pretending to be impressed with a puppy sweater from Rachel and a new video game controller from Puck (what in the living hell was he supposed to do with that…plug it in his ear and run around the house throwing imaginary bombs at equally imaginary terrorists?).

So Mercedes helped him develop a price list. 5 dollars to help someone ask someone out being the lowest and 50 to singlehandedly writing entire love letters and plan dates with background music and a heartfelt speech being the highest.

He even gave discount to his regulars (teenage boys were delectably stupid).

Kurt could talk his way out of a hostage situation in a matter of minutes and make up and break up couples faster than he could spot a sale but he wasn't all mighty.

All his words and eloquence betrayed him at the face of a short, hazel eyed, curly haired barista.

"Why don't you just talk to him, Dave?"-he pealed his eyes away from that beaming smile and glared at his best friend.

Dave came out at the beginning of their senior year lasting only a few days before spotting the artsy new kid that moved with his parents from London and becoming sickeningly infatuated.

Kurt found it both hilarious and annoying at the same time.

The jock refused to accept Kurt's help, opting to just stare longingly at the cute sophomore and then talk Kurt's ears off about how beautiful and cute and talented and beautiful and funny and beautiful Aidan was.

Kurt was seriously debating with himself to just lock the two of them in the choir room to work things out so he could go back to daydreaming about his own weakness in peace.

But Dave was not budging.

"What? I can't talk to him Kurt."-he spluttered and Kurt was once again reminded that despite all the popularity and the guys wanting to be with him, Dave was still a shy, slightly unaware of how hot he was, boy desperately in love with someone who was almost worshiped at their school.

"And why the hell not?"-Kurt asked forcing his eyes to stay away from the gorgeous barista who was laughing with an elderly woman at the counter.

"Well…we don't even know if he's gay…"-he started and Kurt almost spat his coffee all over himself.

"He wears pink boots to school, Dave."-Kurt said in a flat tone.

"That means nothing. You always say fashion knows no gender. Maybe he just likes the color."

"They had flowers on them."

"Maybe he wants to be reminded of spring."-he tried and Kurt offered him his best "bitch please" look.

"He applied to audition for glee club with a glittery pen."

"Maybe he's just creative like that."

"He drools after you every time you pass him by in the hallway."

"Maybe he just…wait…what?"

"Mhm, now you stop making excuses."-Kurt eye rolled.

"He was checking me out?"-Dave stared at Kurt wide eyed and hopeful.

"Why does this seem like such a big surprise to you?"-Kurt tilted his head questioningly and then softened when Dave ducked his face down and slumped his shoulders.

"Dave…"-he prompted but the boy looked up right away.

"I don't think someone like him could like someone like me."-he said quietly and Kurt bugged his eyes at him in disbelief.

"Yes I can totally see how a big, ripped, high school quarterback falling for you could be revolting."-he said and Dave smiled.

"Was that sarcasm?"

"At it's finest, honey."-he bit back and his friend laughed.

"It's just….he's beautiful Kurt. And everyone likes him. He could have anyone."-the jock said taking a sip from his almost completely cold coffee.

"So could you. Face it Dave. You're like the textbook example of a gay teenaged boy's sex fantasy."-he said and his friend blushed again.

"Really now? Yours too?"-he winked and Kurt threw a napkin at him striking his diva pose.

"Please. I'm way too fabulous for you."-he teased and Dave laughed loving how far they came along since that dreadful freshmen year when he taunted the small, flamboyant kid in a knee-length sweater.

"Is that so?"-he teased back.

"Yup."-Kurt smiled and sipped his coffee.

"Okay then…who stars in your fantasies Mr. Hummel?"-he asked and frowned when Kurt turned his gaze away from him.

"None of your business."-he mumbled.


If there was one thing Kurt Hummel did not do…it was mumbling.

And pattern mixing but that's beside the point right now.

Shocked Dave turned his head following Kurt's eyes and caught him staring at the cute barista that came to work to their favorite coffee shop a few months ago.

"Oh my God!"-he exclaimed, clapping his hands and startling Kurt.

"Honey your gay is showing."-Kurt tried to change the subject but Dave was having none of it.

"Nice try baby. You're not getting out of telling me a) how long have you been crushing on Blaine? and b) why haven't you swooped in with one of your killer speeches and made him your man already?"

Kurt took one last look at the curly haired perfection that drove him insane since the moment he first saw him.

He spent countless hours imagining the two of them laughing, kissing, dancing in a club, holding hands, talking, and just being together.

But he knew that there was no way in hell that would ever happen.

Sighing he turned towards his friend and shrugged.

"Because he's in love with someone else."-he answered and looked down.

"How do you know that? You've never spoken to him."-Dave frowned in confusion.

"Not in person I haven't."-Kurt said raising his eyebrow pointedly watching as realization dawned on Dave's face.

"Noooo…He's a client?"-he whined.

"Yup…he's a client."-Kurt said picking up his coffee cup and raising it in mock salute at his friend.

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