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Kurt Hummel was never late.

He hated being late, he hated having to wait for people who were late and he hated arguing with others about the rudeness of being late.

But it was Thursday and Kurt was late.

He spent half the night tossing and turning in his bed, imagining Blaine singing HIS song to a faceless, tall, dark and handsome guy who would fall for him and kiss him and make him happy.

He fell asleep sometime before dawn and his eyes felt heavy and tickly throughout his classes.

An email Blaine sent during lunch made him hide in the bathroom where nobody could see him indulge in a moment of weakness and cry as he wished him good luck and then transferred Blaine's payment to a charity account, wanting nothing to do with the money that took away the one boy he wanted for himself.

Drifting through his afternoon classes he smiled at his friends obediently, nodded at their polite remarks and gave his best effort to actually seem involved in the conversation.

But his heart just wasn't in it.

It was Thursday.

And Kurt decided he hated Thursdays more than he hated being late.

Thursday was the day Blaine usually saw his guy on.

Thursday was the day he fell for him.

Thursday, specifically THIS Thursday would be the day Blaine became someone's.

And Kurt hated it.

The only detail that made his day bearable was the sight of Dave sitting at their usual table at lunch with a cute sophomore in pink boots curled up on his lap.

Dave was talking to him about something and the smaller boy seemed to be blushing and hiding his face in his boyfriend's neck when their friends started teasing them in good nature.

Kurt felt his heart swell at the thought that a few years ago the sight of two boys cuddling would have been frowned upon or worse and now they were free to hold hands and hug and sit on each other's laps and just be teased gently about it.

He felt pride burst from his chest because he was the one that made it happen.

He was the one that made this school better for him and for kids like him; kids like Aidan and Dave who just wanted to love and be loved in return.

Allowing the cute image to heal him a little he managed to get through the day before heading out of school and into his dad's shop to help him out before his regular Thursday afternoon coffee with Dave, and now with Aidan as well.

Manual labor occupied him for a while and he found himself forgetting about Blaine for a grand total of 15 minutes.

He figured it was better than nothing as he closed the hood of his last car for the day and glanced at the clock realizing…he was late.

Running to his house madly he stripped his coveralls and picked up his phone before, dialing Dave as he rummaged through his closet searching for the appropriate outfit.

Just because he was invisible to Blaine didn't mean he could look like a slob.

Maybe someday someone will look at him and fall for him the same way Blaine fell for his guy.

Maybe someday he'll knock someone off their feet at first sight.

And damn him, on that day, whenever it came, his outfit will be perfect.

He pressed his phone to his ear as he picked up tight red skinny jeans and an off shoulder, long sleeved, black sweater nodding his approval just as his friend picked up the phone.

"You're late."-Dave bit with an audible smirk because he was on the receiving end of the "never be late because it's rude and it shows disrespect to the person you're meeting with" speech way too many times to let the opportunity to tease slide.

"Yes I know. I'm so sorry. The shop was crazy and my dad needed help. I just came home to grab a shower and change and I'll be right there."-Kurt said chuckling a bit at the proud note in his friend's voice for being able to scold him for a change.

"Excuses excuses Hummel. You could've just driven straight here."-Dave said and Kurt huffed in mortification.

"Nothing I do is straight. And I intend to keep it that way. You're wasting my time. I'm gonna go and make myself look presentable and I'll be there soon."-Kurt said in his best bitchy voice and Dave laughed.

"You can look sloppy today. He's not here."-he teased and Kurt's heart skipped.

He wouldn't even see him?

He will be sitting at the table he was occupying the first time he saw him but he won't be there.

Kurt will be at their coffee shop and Blaine will be god knows where; singing to another guy.

Well he hated it.

But he wouldn't show it.

"What are you talking about?"-he faked ignorance as he walked into his bathroom and set the water.

"Blaine…the guy you preen yourself for…he's not working today."-Dave explained and Kurt figured he could just tell him he knew that and make him stop talking about Blaine.

"Yeah I know that."-he said and Dave fell silent for a second prompting him to continue "he's putting my plan in motion today. He's getting his guy."

"Oh…oh Kurt I'm sorry."-Dave said with regret loud and clear in his voice.

"It's okay. I knew this day would come since the day he emailed me and asked for help. I can handle it."-he answered leaning against his sink.

"Do you want Aidan and me to go to another cafe and meet you there?"-his friend asked and Kurt smiled.

"Thank you for being thoughtful like that but it's won't be necessary. I'll meet you guys in about half an hour okay?"

"Sure thing. We'll see you then."-Dave said and Kurt hung up letting the phone clatter to the counter and stepping into the shower to get ready.

He. Hated. Thursdays.

"What's going on?"-Aidan asked when Dave closed his phone looking somber.

"I'm an idiot."-Dave said with a shrug and Aidan smiled a bit at his dejected tone.

"Oookay. That's good to know early on in a relationship. Care to explain?"-the smaller boy asked as he inched closer to his jock.

He never thought he'd be the one to like cuddling and he was way too shy to initiate it but Dave seemed to get his little tricks.

He would just sort of lean into him gently and wait for him to wrap an arm around his shoulders.

Dave turned his head to peck him on the lips as he granted his silent request and enveloped his small body into his arms.

"You know how Kurt has that website of his going on?"

"Repeat after me? Yeah I know. Brilliant stuff."-Aidan smiled and Dave nodded in agreement.

"Well the guy Kurt likes sent him an email a while ago asking for his help to win over some guy he fell for."-Dave said and Aidan gasped covering his mouth with his hand.

"Oh wow that sucks. But why do we have to move to another café?"

"The guy, Blaine, works here. It's where Kurt saw him."

"Oh my god that's horrible. I can't believe it. He helped a lot of people get through to the people they liked and this one time he actually likes someone and it falls to shit."-Aidan protested and Dave agreed wholeheartedly.

"I know. It's terrible. I feel awful for bringing him up. Apparently today is the day Blaine goes through with Kurt's plan for the guy."

"You couldn't have known. And as horrible as this is, Kurt is a strong, beautiful guy. He'll find someone else in no time."-Aidan said and Dave nodded.

"You're right about that."-he said in a teasing voice nodding towards the door as Kurt walked in in his sinful jeans.

"Damn he's hot."-Aidan said and Dave pouted making the smaller man laugh.

"Fine then. Go be his boyfriend."-he huffed in mock offense.

"No thanks. He's hot but I prefer quarterbacks."-he smiled cheekily and Dave leaned in to kiss him.

"Okay no. My day is crappy enough without the third wheel role thank you very much. Detach from each other and then we can talk."-he said as he sat on the opposite side of their booth.

The two boys snickered and broke the kiss remaining close to each other despite Kurt's warning.

His smile gave away the fact that he was actually happy for them.

"Hey Kurt. I just told David how hot you were in those jeans and he got jealous so I had to do something."-Aidan smiled and Kurt winked at him.

"First of all thank you, and second of all you should know that Dave is really the jealous type so keep your eyes away from my glorious behind at all times and you're golden."-he laughed teasingly and got up to get his coffee returning after a few minutes and engaging in a light conversation with the new couple.

They chatted about glee clubs next competition, Dave's next game, Aidan and Kurt joked about painting his jersey number onto their bare chests making Dave blush and drool.

If it weren't for the looming cloud of the boy he loved being with some other guy at that very moment Kurt would have deemed it a perfect, relaxing coffee date with his friends.

He forced himself to let go of his thoughts of Blaine and he dived head first into their conversation managing to forget about the gorgeous boy completely after a while.

Immersed in their debate of which uniform was hotter policeman or firefighter Kurt felt his heart jump at the first gentle tone of a single guitar string that sounded from the coffee shop's counter.

His heart pummeled and he felt his eyes squeeze shut in horror.

Oh god please no!

Please don't make me watch him sing my song to someone else.

Please don't make me watch as I lose him for real.

But the strings were still being pulled and playful notes filled the air as the curly haired barista stepped in the middle of the café and opened his mouth to sing.

Everything you do it sends me
Higher than the moon with every
Twinkle in your eye
You strike a match that lights my heart on fire

Kurt shook his head desperately trying to tune out the sounds of his favorite song that was, in his mind, forever dedicated to Blaine.

Unable to control himself he surveyed the café quickly, searching for the beautiful guy that caught Blaine's attention but he found an elderly couple, a group of teenage girls and a mom treating her kids with a strawberry milkshake.

Who was Blaine singing to? Kurt wandered for a second before looking up and nearly spitting his coffee when the dark haired boy turned towards him and walked to his table, a small blush perfectly accompanying the adorable lyrics.

When you're near, I hide my blushing face
And trip on my shoelaces
Grace just isn't my forté
But it brings me to my knees when you say

Kurt sat there unable to move an inch.

His fingers were white with the force he was using to hold on to the edge of his chair and his heart slammed against his ribs violently, afraid to even let himself hope that what he was seeing was real.

He was the guy?

All the time he had been helping Blaine serenade himself?

A timid smile broke out on his lips and Blaine beamed at him launching into the chorus with vigor now that he got a positive reaction from Kurt.

Hello, how are you, my darling today?
I fall into a pile on the floor
Puppy love is hard to ignore
When every little thing you do, I do adore

"What's happening?"-Aidan asked completely out of his mind while he tried to understand what was going on.

A cute guy was singing, Kurt was smiling at him, Dave was letting his gay show again by bouncing excitedly like a five year old…everybody would be confused by that.

"That's Blaine!"-Dave nearly squealed in delight.

"Kurt's Blaine?"-Aidan gasped.

"Yup. And it looks like he's singing to Kurt."

"Oh wow. They'll have a badass "how we met" story to tell their children."-Aidan chuckled and Dave laughed.

"You married them already?"-he asked as he took a glance at Kurt who was almost vibrating with every step Blaine make in his direction.

"It's a matter of time now. Look at how they're looking at each other."

And fair enough.

Blaine was singing but his eyes never left Kurt's and Kurt looked like he was ready to combust from sheer joy as he listened to the cute song.

We're as different as can be
I've noticed you're remarkably relaxed
And I'm overly uptight
We balance out each other nicely

Blaine eyed the beautiful boy in front of him with hopeful eyes as he stood right next to his table, singing his heart out and hoping against hope that he would be enough for the magical creature.

He knew he was nothing special.

Small, with frizzy hair and eyes too big for his face, hyper and excitable, clumsy and silly sometimes but he hoped…he hoped that the other boy would see past it and see him for what he truly was.

In love and desperate to make him happy.

Fueled by the happy looking smiles he lurched to finish the song never once leaving the blue eyed beauty's side.

You wear sandals in the snow
In mid-July I still feel cold
We're opposites in every way
But I can't resist it when you say

Hello, how are you, my darling today?
I fall into a pile on the floor
Puppy love is hard to ignore
When every little thing you do, I do adore

Finding words, I mutter
Tongue-tied, twisted
Foot in mouth, I start to stutter
Ha, ha, Heaven help me

Blaine left his guitar on the floor next to him and reached out with his hand to take the other boy's into his own and pull him to stand next to him as he delivered the last chorus a'capella.

The boy of his dreams went after him dazedly and Blaine felt hope blossom in his heart as he sang the end of the song holding his hand and tugging him closer until he was almost singing into his ear.

Hello, how are you, my darling today?
I fall into a pile on the floor
Puppy love is hard to ignore
When every little thing you do, I do adore

Kurt trembled with the sheer closeness of the boy he fallen for so long ago as the boy finished the song and looked him in the eye with hope so strong it made Kurt's knees give out.

Leaning into him he squeezed his hands gently deciding that this was the chance he had wanted and there was no time to waste.

He came way to close to losing him to be scared now that he was there next to him.

"I've been in love with you for months."-he said quietly watching as a huge grin spread over that gorgeous face and Blaine actually bounced a bit in place.

"So have I. It's crazy. I've been crazy about you for the longest time and I don't even know your name."-Blaine said sheepishly and Kurt laughed a little at how cute he looked with his tiny pout.

"I'm Kurt. Kurt Hummel."-he said and Blaine beamed once again.

"Blaine Anderson."-he offered back and Kurt fell silent for a second as he contemplated on how to tell Blaine that he was behind the RAM page.

He was raking his brain for an idea when Blaine gave him the perfect opportunity.

"So um…did you…I mean what did you think of the song?"-he blushed a little and Kurt tugged his hands, bringing him closer so he could lean close to his ear.

"It's flawless."-he whispered and Blaine snapped back, wonder, surprise, shock and question marks swirling in his amber eyes.

"How…what…You?"-he stuttered and Kurt laughed a little.

"Yeah…the page is mine. A friend made it for me a while ago because she realized I was good at that kind of stuff."-Kurt shrugged.

"Wow…wow okay…so basically you picked out the song I used to serenade…you?"-he asked and Kurt laughed happily.

"Pretty much."

"But you didn't know it was you I liked did you?"-Blaine asked with frown.

"No…I had no idea you even knew I existed."-he huffed dejectedly.

"So…you were in love with me…but you still helped me win over some guy I kept gushing about?"

"I figured he was a pretty amazing person if you liked him so much and I realized I wanted that for you. I wanted you happy."-Kurt said quietly and Blaine's eyes softened as he wrapped an arm around Kurt's waist.

"Well the guy is amazing. And he does make me happy. So I guess you did good Mr. Internet."-Blaine winked and Kurt threw his head back and laughed out loud at this.

"That's good to know. Positive comments are good for the business."-he teased back and Blaine smiled with him for a second before glancing at him questioningly.

"So what now?"-Blaine asked and Kurt smirked at him.

"Repeat after me. I…"

"I…"-Blaine started repeating through his laughter.

"Blaine Anderson…"

"Blaine Anderson…"

"Hereby solemnly swear…"

"Hereby solemnly swear…"

"That I will be Kurt Hummel's boyfriend…"

"That I will be Kurt Hummel's boyfriend…"

"Until he's old and ugly…"

"Until he's old and ugly…"

"Or until the Lima bean hires a cuter barista for him…"

"Or until…HEY… I'm not saying that…I'm the cutest and that's that."-Blaine pouted and Kurt laughed grabbing hold of the corners of his bowtie to tug him closer.

"I guess you have a point there."-he said as he touched his lips to Blaine's in a sweet kiss.

On the other side of the table Aidan sighed happily, cuddling into Dave's arms and watching the two boys with a smile.

"Now imagine how much more awesome would their story be if one of them had pink boots."-Aidan said and Dave chuckled bringing him closer.

"Nope. The pink boots are ours and ours alone."-he said and hugged him closer happy for his best friend resting happily in the arms of the boy he loved.

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