Is This It?

Chapter 1: The Call

It was a rainy day when Nicki was sitting at home resting watching Judge Judy and eating cranberries and almonds she was sighing to herself and thinking maybe i should call drake because Safaree isnt here, he's at his ,mothers and im boredddddd! Nicki got her pink blackberry and started texting drake...

Nicki-hey baby remember me your old friend Nicki? haha whats up?

Drake was at his house watching some basket ball when his blackberry had buzzed he looked and saw it was a text from

nicki he read the text and chuckled lightly and then wrote

Drake- Ayeee whats up babyyy? im good, doing great cant complain;)

he send the text and nicki heard her blackberry (im gonna use bb for blackberry from now on) she picked it up and started reading and immidiatly replied

nicki-glad ur doing amazing im also good, living life u know. what are you doing tonight wannna come over and chill like old times? ;)

Drake then recieved another text and sighed he remembered he got a text earlier from rihanna asking him to go out tonight to a movie or a dinner and he said yes but he didnt want to tell nicki that he knew it would hurt her. he hated lying to her but he had to do it so typed

drake- sorry babe cant i got rehersales for tour but maybe some other time? but i miss u shorty:)

Nicki read the text and frowned and wrote

nicki-its aightt, yea i guess some other time.

a tear slided down her eye and she immidiatly wiped it. Nicki had some feelings for drake but she didnt know if he did so se decided no to tell anyone or drake. she layed down on the couch drifting to sleep.

Drake got her text and as he read it he felt horrible he didnt want to lie to her but he didnt want to hurt her feelings. then he remembered that he had to go pick up rihanna in about an hour so he got up and went to shower when he got out he out some nice casual cloth on and turned up his fisker and drove to her house when rihanna came out Drake glanced at her and thought shes so cute but i wish it was-no drake dont think about her u have a really hot date tonight so dont fuck it up.

as rihanna got in the car he looked at her and said in his sexy voice

"hey beautiful"

"hey drake whats up baby?"

"im all good whats goin on with you?"

"im chilled where we goin?"

"movies lets watch the dark knight rises."

"aightt lets goo hehe"

as drake waited in line to buy tickets he saw papparazzi running towards him and rihanna he shoo his head and turned around. rihanna had her arm on drakes neck and the papparazzi and caught everything on camara.

It was 8 and nicki had woken up. she went to the bathroom to freshen up and when she got back she turned on the tv she stopped at the E! channel when she saw something that caught her eye -"Rihanna and Drake caught together going to the movies 2 minutes ago, is this the end of Dricki and the start of something new, we dont know u tell us!"

Nicki was so pissed she couldnt believe that he lied to her she took a pic of her tv with the pic of rihanna and drake and sent it to drake and wrote a messege along with it

nicki- Rehersal huh?! Fuck you Drake!

and she sent it with that she threw a cup on the tv and started crying.

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