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"So whatcha wanna do today?"


"Bart it's 12, you can't sleep all day."

"Jamie I know for a fact you stayed up till four and slept till two all summer and you are lecturing me about sleeping in till noon?" Bart groaned when the older boy pulled his curtain open, and let the light shine onto Bart's drowsy form. Bart and Jaime had stayed up until one, playing video games and talking, and before Bart knew it the hispanic boy was asleep against his bed, controler still in hand. It wasn't easy for Bart to lift the boy to the bed, but somehow he managed to do it. Bart was so glad things were back to normal. Sort of.

Should I do it? Oh god Jaime's so vulnerable right now... If I put the beetle on him he'll be safe... But the world wouldn't. Bart clenched his fists, wanting to hit something. He was so frustrated and confused about what to do. I can't lost Jaime... god I need a good run.

Bart climbed out of Jaime's window and began running through the town, and into the desert that he hand Jaime hung out at all the time. There was so much space to run, and when the sandy night breeze ran through Bart's hair the young boy felt at ease. That was until he felt like he was being watched. Bart stopped quickly and called out to the darkness, "Who's there!"

"You catch on quickly, meat." Bart's body stiffened when he recognized the voice. Orange Beetle. What is he doing here?

"Surprised to see me? You shouldn't be. Now, get over here before I have to drag you. You need to know where your meeting point is."

"Right." Bart bowed his head as he walked towards the Beetle. He didn't bother to walk slowly, Bart knew better than that. This alien would use any excuse to hurt him. Bart's body was still hurting from the last time he saw the alien.

Bart was lifted up by the Beetle, and he couldn't help but feel bad about it. I like it better when Jaime's arms are around me...

It didn't take long to get to the girl's apartment. The freckled girl smiled when the Orange Beetle and Bart entered, and Bart couldn't help but feel sick by being in her house. I guess I could've gotten here by myself, since I walked her home that one time. God. Bart couldn't help but cringe at the idea of such a nice girl ending up like this. A Reach servant. Who would do that? Why would someone willingly obey the Reach?

"MEAT!" Bart jumped when a large fist slammed on the coffee table, and suddenly Bart was grabbed by his shirt, and being held in the air. "Pay attention, because if this plan doesn't work you'll be the first to die."

"Uh right." Bart knew he had to submit to the Beetle, at least to have them think he was on their side. When the Beetle didn't put Bart down the boy knew he was in for a world of pain. The alien smirked at the boy before he drew his fist back, ready to hit his target.

By the time Bart was climbing back in Jaime's window the sun was rising. Bart huffed out a sign of frustration as he closed the curtains, blocking the unwanted light. Bart shed off his shirt and jeans, leaving him in only his boxers when he climbed into the bed. Usually Jaime would be bothered by Bart sleeping in the bed with him, but right now Bart didn't care what Jaime would think when he woke up. Bart snuggled up to the warm hispanic boy on the bed, wrapping his arms around Jaime and placing his face in the nape of Jaime's neck. This where I belong. With Jaime.

In his sleep, Jaime unconsciously wrapped his arms around the smaller boy, pulling him close. Bart felt tears fill his eyes as he fell asleep, close to the boy he realized he...loved.


When Jaime woke up he was more than a little confused. His limbs were tangled with Bart's, and the boy was in his arms. What? How did we end up sleeping like this? Jaime yawned when he realized he didn't even remember falling asleep. When he pulled back the blanket, trying to get untangled he noticed that Bart was only in his boxers...

Well that's odd.

Jaime was temped to wake up Bart and tell him not to strip if he was going to sleep in his bed, but when he touched Bart's shoulder he noticed the bruises on the younger boy. His ribs and stomach were littered with large splotches of purple and black, and there were a lot of cuts on his torso and arms. Mierda, I knew he was a bit roughed up, but... God this looks like whoever he was fighting was trying to kill him. Jaime ran his hands over the wounds on the boy, noticing how hot they were. That wasn't a good sign. But I can't say anything. He obviously was trying to keep this a secret from me. I wonder why. Jaime slowly climbed out of the bed looking at the clock. Ten 'o clock. "Not a bad time to get up."

Jaime looked at the peacefully sleeping boy, and pulled the blanket over him, covering his body completely. I'll just let you sleep in a bit. Jaime didn't think twice as he leaned over and kissed his friends cheek. Jaime kissed it again before he realized what he was doing, and jerked his body away from Bart. I can't do that, he's my best friend. Jaime looked at the boy again before leaving his room and heading towards the shower.

After eating his breakfast and watching some morning cartoons Jaime realized that it had already been two hours since he left Bart, and the boy was still sleeping. Well I'd better wake him up. Jaime took two steps into his room before he screamed the boy's name as loud as he could. His sister had gone to a friends house, and his mother was at work, so he didn't have to worry about bothering anyone. Bart's eyes shot open and he sat up, looking around frantically before looking at Jaime, who was smirking at him.

"So whatcha wanna do today?"

"Sleep." Bart flopped down on the bed again, and pulled the blankets over his body.

"Bart it's 12, you can't sleep all day."

"Jamie I know for a fact you stayed up till four and slept till two all summer and you are lecturing me about sleeping in till noon?" Jaime knew Bart would bring that up, and the older boy quickly walked to the curtains that should have already been opened. He flung them open and laughed at the boy in the bed who groaned and pulled the blanket over his head. "Oh I don't think so!" Jaime said before he pounced on the boy, pulling the blanket back, and smirking at the bruised boy on the bed. Jaime poked the bruise, deciding that he didn't have to keep it a secret that he knew.

"You should do something about those bruises and cuts. They could get infected." The smile left Jaime's mouth as he spoke softly to the boy under him.

"Get off me." Jaime was shocked by Bart's cold tone, but did as the boy said, slowly getting off the boy's lap. Bart stood up and started redressing himself, avoiding Jaime's gaze.

"I won't ask you what happened when you were away."

"Good cause nothing happened."

"Bart." Jaime was shocked at the way the boy was acting. He'd never seen Bart act so... so cold. "Bart." Jaime couldn't say anything other than his friends name. He wasn't sure what to say.

"Quit saying my name Jaime. I'm sorry I'm just not a... morning person."



Bart had been reporting to the Orange Beetle and Teja for weeks now, and it was nearing the one month mark. Bart had a week before it was officially a month after he started his 'mission', and he knew he'd be in trouble if he didn't do something soon. He had been stalling, going to school, joining clubs, taking on more missions, and trying to hang out with Jaime at night, sometimes before and after he checked in with the Reach. He wanted them to think he was busy, and didn't have time to see Jaime. It was starting to wear on Bart's mind just as much as it wore on his body.

Bart was running to Jaime's house after another middle-of-the-night meeting with Teja and the Orange Beetle. Bart's body ached, but he knew the beating would come. He'd been wasting time in the eyes of the Reach. It's not like I volunteered to do this. Bart had to stop and catch his breath outside of Jaime's house. He was just so tired. He wasn't sure he could keep this up for much longer.

Jaime and I have been fighting a lot.. Bart knew exactly why they had been fighting. Bart had dark circles under his eyes, and his body was covered in so many bruises it was getting hard to count them. and I have to keep this all a secret from Jaime... Bart ran through the house, gladly not making any noise as he vibrated through the door to Jaime's room. Once he was in he started stripping off his clothes until he was in nothing but an undershirt and his boxers. Jaime was almost in the same position he had left him in, except instead of cuddling Bart, Jaime's arms were locked securely around a pillow.

God I love him.

Jaime and Bart had been sleeping in the same bed for a while now, and Jaime didn't even bother to ask what Bart was doing at his house when he would wake up with a speedster in his bed that he didn't have over the night before. Since today was Saturday Bart knew that Jaime wouldn't mind having him over. it annoyed the older boy when Bart would come over on a school night, and then lazily ditch school the next day and sleep in the Hispanic boy's bed all morning.

Bart laid down and took the pillow in his hands, trying to move it out of Jaime's hands, but his grip was really tight. Bart's chest felt warm when he thought about all the times he had been wrapped up in Jaime's arms just like the pillow. He was holding me like this before I left last night... Bart pulled the blanket over himself and Jaime, and smiled when the pillow slipped from Jaime's grasp. Bart snuggled into Jaime's warm arms, letting out a sign of exhaustion. Bart didn't even want to look at the clock. He only had a few hours of sleep, since Jaime hadn't been letting him sleep in past 10 lately. At least it's not a school day. I can't get up at 6:30 right now.

Jaime mumbled in his sleep, and Bart could only catch a few words, but he was fairly sure he knew what Jaime was saying.

"Where have you been?"


It was breakfast, and Bart laid his head down on the table, knowing that Jaime would make him food to wake him up. I'm so hungry from all the running from last night. Bart's stomach growled anger, and Bart put his hand over it groaning. He heard Jaime joking about Bart's stomich, but bart couldn't focus on the words. Not right now..

Too sleepy.

Bart's eyes burst open when plate was slammed on the table right next to him, and the boy couldn't help the words came out as a scream, "GIVE ME MORE TIME I'LL-" Bart slammed his hands over his mouth and looked at Jaime who just stood there, staring at him, moving to sit across the table, giving Bart a look. Bart took a pancake in his hands and ate it without a moments hesitation. Bart knew Jaime was mad. We've been fighting so often now. He's always trying to pry, wanting to know why i'm hurt, and why I won't tell him what's going on. He's just trying to be a good friend but...

Bart looked up from the pancakes that he had stopped eating for a second, and noticed that Jaime was still watching his every move. He's going to say something.

"You're keeping secrets Bart, and I want to know why." Jaime's voice was firm, and it scared Bart. All of their fights scared Bart, because he was scared of Jaime pushing him away. The younger boy knew that he needed Jaime more than anything right now.

"What? I'm no-"

"You're not huh? Try lying to me again querido amigo."

"I'm not, just.. Jaime please.."

"Please what? Let you keep things from me? Look at you! You look awful." Jaime sneered at his friend, and continued criticizing him, "When was the last time you had a full night of sleep? What's going on with you? Bullys? Nightmares? Trouble with the team? What has you so worked up that you can't even sleep. You think I don't notice when you leave in the middle of the night? Where are you going? What are you doing? Bart please I need to know what's with you. You're my best friend! I care about you!" Jaime looked hurt, and Bart felt like his heart was being tugged. Everything i'm doing is for you Jaime. I just can't tell you that...

"Jaime I-"

"Don't lie to me! At least tell me who's hurting you? Why won't you trust anyone with this? The team hasn't noticed anything, but I sure as hell have!" Jaime's voice was raising, and Bart couldn't get a word in at all. He needed Jaime to stop.

"If you can't trust me then..." Jaime's body slumped forward, and the tan boy was about to speak about, but Bart couldn't handle it.

"Stop! Jaime please just stop! I can trust, you but not with this don't you understand!?" Bart's voice cracked as he screamed the words at his friend. He couldn't handle the things Jaime was saying to him. He trusting Jaime with everything, but if he tried to trust Jaime with this, it would surely kill them both. Literally.

Silence filled the room, and Bart felt bad all over again. This was how their fights would go, one of the boys would yell loud enough for them both to just stop. The silence was awful, and Bart wished that they were okay. Bart wished more than anything that he could say what was on his mind. All the bad things that plagued his thoughts; what he would have to do to Jaime, how he's lying to Jaime, and how it's taken him this long to realize he's fallen for Jaime... Oh god, the list goes on and on. Who would have guessed he'd be the one I fell for... and at a time like this, when I'm actually considering- I can't do it. I have to tell Jaime what's been going on. I have to tell him what I'll have to do. But then they'll kill us both.

I wonder if Jaime would be willing to die by my side?

No. Don't think things like that Bart. Bart flinched when Jaime put both hands on his face, pulling him from his thoughts, and over the table and towards the other boy's face. Bart wasn't sure what the boy was trying to do after being quiet for so long. The grip was tight on his face, and Bart just looked at the other boy, who looked way too calm.

"Jaime let go," Bart's body started leaning over the table, and he put his hands over Jaime's, hoping to get the older boy to let go.

He had no such luck. "Jaime what are you-" Jaime continued to pull Bart across the table, and Bart had to let go of his friend's tan hands to balance himself on the table. He was on his tippy toes, and his whole body was leaning across the table now.

"Jaime this isn't-" The older boy cut Bart off by kissing him. Bart would have expected Jaime's kisses to be soft, and loving, but this one was hard and possessive. Jaime moved his hands from the sides of Bart's face to the back of his head, grabbing on to his hair, and pulling him closer. This kiss is angry. Jaime's angry, and he's hurt. Bart picked up one of his hands from the table and placed it on Jaime's face, feeling a little bit of stubble as he held hist best friend. Jaime growled and jerked Bart forward, forcing him onto the table. The plate of pancakes fell from the table, their spot being replaced by Bart's knee. When the plate smashed on the floor the two boys jerked apart, both shocked at the noise, and what they had been doing.

"Jaime wha-"

"Don't you get it. You're more than just my amigo, you're also the one person I amor, I love. Bart why are you doing this to me? When you're hurt I'm hurt," Jaime's callused hands grabbed onto Bart's hand, and moved it to the older boy's chest. A strong heart was beating so fast beneath Bart's fingers. Jaime was nervous about having to come out to Bart like this, but he just couldn't take it anymore. He needed Bart to know why his secrets were hurting him so much.

"I feel the same..." Jaime smiled at the boy who was on the table, but knew something was wrong by the way Bart was looking away, "But... I can't do this right now. I have to keep my secrets, and I'm sorry I'm hurting you Jaime..." Bart gripped onto Jaime's shirt, and ran his hand down the boy's face gently, taking in his beautiful features before speaking again,"I'm sorry. I care about you so much, but I just... I just can't."

They kissed again before Bart left, not bothering to make up a lie as to where he was going.

Jaime Reyes, want me to track the Kid Flash.

No... He'll tell me when he's ready..

"I hope."



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