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Reyna woke up in the back seat of a school bus, with no idea where she was, holding hands with a boy she knew nothing about. That wasn't even the bad part; the bad part was that she had no idea who she was and what she was doing here, but she punched the boy in the face anyway.

"Leo, are you bugging Reyna AGAIN?" the girl behind them asked.

Leo, the guy who was sitting next to her, jammed his hand back into his coat pocket and began building something out of stray nuts and bolts. His cheeks were a little red, except for a purple lump which Reyna supposed had come from her fist. He had a babyish face and pointy ears, and she might have thought he looked cute if he hadn't turned and smiled at her, showing her that he was the kind of guy who enjoyed dropping spiders into the backs of girl's hoodies.

The girl behind them had smooth brown hair that would have been beautiful, but she looked like she'd cut it herself, and used safety scissors. Her clothes weren't matching and she apparently didn't care about her appearance, but she was pretty.

She was distracted by the teacher standing at the front of the bus. He was obviously a teacher, but he was very short. Someone yelled "Stand up Coach Hedge!"

"I heard that," the teacher scowled. Suddenly, Reyna felt out of place. She wasn't supposed to be there, she didn't even know who she was! Coach Hedge looked at her, and she shivered in spite of herself. That guy was creepy, it was like he knew she wasn't supposed to be there. No one knew she wasn't supposed to be there yet, but they would find out soon, she was sure of that.

"Stick with your partners! Don't lose your worksheets! We'll be arriving in five minutes, and if any one of you precious little cupcakes puts a toe out of line, I will personally send you back to campus the hard way!" he swung an aluminum bat as if he was knocking a student's brains out.

Leo, the boy next to her, put his arms around hers and began rubbing.

"Cold?" he asked.

Didn't this guy take a hint?

"Just get off me," she murmured, pushing his hands away. She was way too distracted to concentrate on boys.

"Leo, I saw that, now seriously, just get off Reyna."

"What's your name?" Reyna asked.

"Piper," the girl said, looking at Reyna worriedly. "Why? Don't you know me?"

"I, I don't remember who I am. I don't remember anything actually." Reyna figured she would have to tell someone, and these two seemed like they could be trusted. Unless they were undercover agents, but what would undercover agents do to her? She didn't know anything anymore.

Leo looked at her, scrunching his eyebrows thoughtfully. "Hmm, I see, but if you're trying to get me to 'fix' you, my super powers don't work on people."

Reyna just looked at him.

"Ok, well, if you don't remember anything, we'd better get you up to date," Piper said, and she sounded a bit worried.

"That's Leo, he's hopeless. Don't mind him, he's always chasing after random girls who will never love him back. He'll give up on you eventually, just like he gave up on me. Hey, are you sure you don't remember anything?"

Reyna pressed her hands to her temples. "I, I can't remember anything. I don't know where we're going, I don't know why I'm here, and I don't even think I'm supposed to be here. I don't remember anyone on the bus, or who my parents are."

Leo raised his eyebrows. "Whoa girl, you have some serious memory problems. I'm SO inventing a backup chip for human brains if I ever get hold of the material. That way, when your brain crashes, we can just re-upload your memories, and ta da! Good as new."

Reyna turned to Piper. "Is he really as good at building things as he makes himself out to be?" she'd have ignored his boasting, but after watching him build a working miniature steam boat out of nuts, bolts, and scraps of metal and disassembling in just as fast, she wondered.

"Hey is there a problem back there?" the coach yelled. Wow that was startling. Reyna hadn't even remembered he was still there.

Leo winked at Reyna. "Watch this and you'll see sweetheart. Hey, sorry Coach Hedge, I was having trouble hearing you. Could you use your megaphone?"

The coach was obviously pleased to have an excuse, and he unclipped his megaphone and held it to his mouth.

"THE COW SAYS MOO," he blared out. Everyone on the bus roared with laughter.

"VALDEZ!" The coach yelled, and his voice sounded like Darth Vader.

Piper snickered. "Oh my gosh Leo, how did you do that?"

Leo held up a small Phillips head screwdriver and twirled it between his fingers. "I'm a special boy," he grinned.

The bus stopped, and the coach began blaring out instructions in his Darth Vader voice, with an occasional "THE PIG SAYS OINK!" or "THE SHEEP SAYS BAA!"

As the students filed out, Leo began talking again. "Ok, so we're at the Grand Canyon, and we-"

"Reyna KNOWS that Leo, it's completely obvious where we are right now."

Reyna couldn't help thinking how very like a big sister Piper was to Leo.

"Ok, well anyway, we're at the Wilderness School, I mean, we're at the Grand Canyon, but we GO to the Wilderness School. It's where the bad kids go. Piper stole a BMW, I ran away six times, and I don't know what you did, because you never told us. Oh, Piper, I hope you brought your worksheet, because I used mine for spit-"

Leo stopped and cringed at the look Piper was giving him.

"I mean, um, I gave mine to a homeless kid the other day."

Piper smacked her forehead hopelessly.

"Leo," Reyna said, "you're weird."

Leo grinned. "You tell me that a lot. Come on, there's something I want to show you."

"Hey partner," A big kid with black hair combed superman style and teeth so white they could blind you sauntered up and linked his arm through Piper's. "You're supposed to be with me, remember?"

"That, my friend, is Dylan. None of us even want to know why he's here." Leo whispered.

Reyna stared at him, and her eyes narrowed. That kid gave her a bad feeling. She instinctively slipped her hands into the leather pouch over her shoulder. What was in there anyway? Her hands closed around two sharp, cold pieces of metal and she pulled them out.

"Remind me why I carry knitting needles in my bag?" Reyna asked Leo, as she fingered the soft wool yarn holding the knitting needles.

Leo laughed. "You don't remember how to knit? You really do have a major case of amnesia."

Reyna examined the knitting needles. "I think I do know how to knit, I just don't remember any knitting patterns. That's not any good though."

Leo shrugged. "We'd better catch up with the group before Piper's blinded by that dude's smile."

They reached the beginning of the bridge and the coach began calling out rules.

"Alright cupcakes, try not to push each other off the edge. Don't throw anything else off either, unless you want to get sued for cluttering the Colorado."

"Here," Leo whispered, as he shoved a pipe cleaner helicopter into Reyna's hands. "Just take the paper clips off and drop it over the edge."

Reyna walked out onto the bridge. The winds swirled around her, and as she looked down, she felt dizzy. She was pretty sure she wasn't afraid of heights, but this was seriously high. It could have well been a gutter for Pluto's palace. Wait, where did she get Pluto? Who was Pluto anyway?

Reyna gasped, scrambling back from the edge and holding her head in both hands.

"Reyna, are you alright?" Leo asked, as he ran up to her.

Reyna was breathing quickly. "I, um, I think it was something from my past. Leo, who is Pluto?"

"Pluto? That's a planet. Why do you want to know about Pluto?"

Reyna straightened. "No, it's not a planet." Leo looked at her skeptically, but didn't say anything.

There was an awkward moment of silence, and finally Reyna looked back at the small helicopter in her palm. She held it over the side of the bridge and pulled the paper clip off the blade. As the helicopter fell toward the river, its blades began turning, and it whizzed upwards, spinning and dipping in the wind.

Reyna watched it with awe. "How did you do that Leo?"

Suddenly Coach Hedge was beside them. "I told you not to throw things off the edge Valdez!" he turned to Reyna, his eyes narrowing. "Who are you. What are you doing here?"

Finally there was someone who knew she wasn't supposed to be here! "I, I don't know sir," she stammered. Suddenly, there was a clap of thunder.

The winds around the bridge started going crazy, as if they were trying to push the students off. The coach's eyes widened, and he started ordering everyone inside. Reyna pushed Leo in front of her and ran to pull a blonde haired girl away from the edge.

As Reyna checked to make sure everyone had made it safely, she heard Piper's scream, and turned to find Dylan and Piper next to the railing; only Piper was on the wrong side of it.

As Piper gripped the railing for dear life, Reyna watched Dylan as he turned into a swirling mist.

"Venti," she muttered under her breath.

"PIPER!" Leo yelled, "NO!"

Coach Hedge came galloping up, swinging his baseball bat madly. Other storm spirits appeared beside Dylan, and Dylan screamed "STOP OR THE GIRL DIES!" his stormy hand was held over Piper's, ready to push her hands over the railing. Leo and the coach froze.

The venti looked at Reyna gleefully. "You must be the one the mistress talked about," they breathed. "She only wanted you, the rest are useless."

Suddenly, Reyna realized he was going to push Piper off the edge. With one quick motion, she drew a knitting needle from her bag and threw it at the ventus's arm. As it flew, it transformed into a dagger.

Dylan screeched, and recoiled from the side of the bridge. It gave Reyna just enough time to leap onto the railing and catch Piper's hand as she fell, but as she pulled Piper up, the venti had swarmed back together. Reyna had only one dagger left, and she didn't feel like throwing it at a cloud again.

Suddenly she felt a prickle in the air. She knew that feeling from somewhere. She pushed Piper away and ducked as a lighting bolt hit the railing post beside her. Piper screamed as the explosion blew Reyna off the edge of the bridge.

She caught a glimpse of the building behind her as she fell. One of the doors was blown off, and half the bridge was missing, but Piper and Leo were safely inside, although Piper's lip was bleeding. Coach Hedge was yelling things, and waving a tree branch at the venti, but Reyna knew they wouldn't be able to hold off for long.

Reyna fell toward the river, she realized she had failed. Piper and Leo would be taken by the venti, and she would have died in vain.

Author's Notes: CLIFFHANGER! I hate cliffhangers, but I am afraid I will have to give you one. It's just a good place to stop. Now, to give you a heads up on what is to come:

Reyna has random memories from nowhere, so if you think you found a hint on her past, you probably did. To tell you right up front, yes, she knew about the lighting by working with Jason.

Reyna is much much different than Jason. By writing this story, I see why Hera chose Percy and Jason instead of Reyna and Annabeth. Percy and Jason are a lot more powerful, if not smarter, and they both had plenty of experience. Since Reyna cannot fly, zap things with lightning, or find a long lost sister in the mountains, the story will be a lot different.

Leo has a crush on Reyna, but Reyna just thinks Leo is crazy. Not much Leyna in here, except from Leo's perspective. As the Lost Hero pointed out, Leo likes going after girls who will never love him back. No Jasper, since Jason is not introduced yet. Jeyna? Well, Reyna did have a crush on Jason in the books, but it was bigger than the crush he had on her.

I promise I will not abandon this, but I will need to have about a week between updates. Maybe two. Two in a half at the most. I might publish stories in between chapters, but remember, I'm not going to abandon this!

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