This is a Hikaru X Haruhi Because they are my favorite couple THERE SO CUTE , Hope you have fun reading this !

Haruhi sat at a chair in the school library *Bing !* her watch's timer went off time to go to the Host Club she so deeply disliked . *Sigh* Haruhi quickly suffled her things together and put her pencil, law book , and Math homework in her book bag got up and starting walking out of the Library . *Step , step , step* Haruhi walked up the stairs opened the doors to the club *Grab* *Look up* Hikaru saw Haruhi walk into the club room and ran from the couch he was at with some girls and grabbed Haruhi close to him "Hey sweetheart " Hikaru said with a smile . "HEY WHAT THE DEAL HE'S OURS HARUHI !" One of the girls said that had been sitting with Hikaru "Sorry girls but my dear Haruhi is here and want to be with her at the moment " Hikaru said still holding Haruhi close to him . "Hikaru stop it Haruhi is mine !" Tamaki said from the other end of the room .

"Oh calm down prez you know she likes me " Hikaru said as he pulled Haruhi close to his face (At least he notices that I like him) *Kiss* "AWW SO CUTE !" all of the girls in the club room said . Hikaru stopped kissing Haruhi and quickly looked at her face "Haruhi your BLUSHING !" Hikaru said "OF COURSE I AM YOU JUST KISSED ME !" Haruhi said trying to hind her face .

Sorry about the short stories don't really have any good ideas for stories but hope you injoyed !