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Well here's a new fic, inspired by The Hollow's Shinigami by DragonGirl9897X2! :3 I love a hypnotized Ichi, so this idea burst into my head! Also, I have some news I wanna share, but it'll wait until the chappie's over! So enjoy~!

Chapter 1

"Come to me..." A voice called him in the darkness, sweet, alluring and deep. "Come to me..."


"Come to me, my beautiful one..." The voice cooed and he found himself lifting a tan hand into the shadows, reaching for the sweet voice. "Answer my calls..."

"Who...who are you?" He called, pulling his hand back cautiously. Suddenly, a pale white being melted from the shadows, golden eyes glowing, beckoning him, making him want to look. The being was cloaked in a white sheet only, billowing around him by an invisible and unfelt wind. He smiled, a wide, handsom grin showing sharp fangs.

"I am your-"


A loud beeping noise sounded in the background and brown eyes shot open as he tumbled out of his bed. "Shit!" He cried out as he collided with the hard wood floor. "Goddamnit all..." He groaned and rubbed his head, making orange locks ruffle and spike out. Again...the same dream... He thought. He remembered the handsom being in his dream and smiled a bit. He's so beautiful... He sighed and stood up. There has to be meaning in these dreams...except what Renji believes, that it's pent up sexual frustration... He grabbed his school clothes and slipped into them as he heard calls from his window.

"Hurry up Kurosaki! We got thirty fucking minutes!" He rolled his eyes at Grimmjow's calls.

"Coming!" He yelled back as he rushed out the door. He smirked as he ran outside joining his gropu of friends. "Your such a dick Grimmjow."

"And yer slow." He laughed. As they walked together, Renji looked at him and smirked.

"You look a little dazed again today Ichigo." He said. "Your dream boy visit again?"

"Sh-shut up!" Ichigo's face turned bright red and he looked away. "I'm telling ya renji, he's gotta be real."

"Yeah, just as real as the monkey with a snake tail nightmare I had last week." Renji laughed. "Ichigo, don't let it get to your head alright?"

"Yeah, we already got one dumbass, heaven forbid ya kill yer brain cells and become one too." Grimmjow chuckled and ducked his head when Renji took a swing at him. Ichigo laughed as he watched them, but couldn't help but think about his dreams.

I know they don't believe me...but there has to be a reason...

Whisperes spread around about a new transfer student joining in Class 3-T, and Ichigo was listening. "I hear he's beautiful and forgein too!" One girl sighed.

"Yeah, but someone said he's gay. I heard Mika approached him and he ignored and denied her." Another said. Ichigo watched the teacher walk in and the students rush to their seats eagerly.

"Class, we have a new student today, so please make him feel welcome!" The teacher smiled and turned to the door. Ichigo's breath caught in his throat as a young man walked in, snowy skin and moonlight hair tied in a ponytail traling behind him. The boy looked directly at Ichigo and he found himself enraptured by the golden gaze.

It''s him! From my dreams...I knew he was real! Ichigo thought, although he felt a bit lightheaded as he gazed into golden orbs.

"My name is Shirosaki Ogichi. It is a pleasure to meet your aquantince." He smiled and bowed politely, yet never losing eye contact with Ichigo. Ichigo continued to stare, oblivious to his friends whistles and jeers. The boy smiled his way and he felt his lower regions twitch suddenly.

What...what's the matter with me? ! He thought, blinking and breaking eye contact. I feel like some love sick girl! He rubbed his face with his hand.

'...Look at me...' Ichigo's hand dropped from his face as that same, sweet voice whispered in his head. 'Meet me in the bathroom...during lunch...' He looked at Shirosaki, who gave him a knowing smirk. 'Do this for me...I wish to meet you...'

Now Ichigo wasn't a stranger to odd stuff, being able to sense ghosts as a child. But this...this was different. Although he knew he should feel catious, he actually felt excited, even a bit turned on. The pale boy sat next to him. "Hello. You're a pretty thing, aren't ya? Ya can call me Shiro." He said, his voice like honey to Ichigo. Ichigo blushed and looked away. "Might I ask yer name?"

"K-Kurosaki I-I-Ichig-go..." Ichigo stuttered, trying not to show embarrasment. And failing horribly at it. Shiro smiled and placed a cool hand on Ichigo's making his nervous shaking cease instantly.

"It is a beautiful suits you..." He smiled sweetly. "I love it, Ichigo..." He whispered, kissing Ichigo's hand gently. Ichigo's face grew even redder and he snatched his hand away as Renji and Grimmjow snickered from behind. Ichigo felt like his head was going to heat up and blow, and there was little he could do about it.

"D-d-do you wanna meet somewhere during school?" He asked.

" to. Private preferebly."

"The bathroom?"

"Kinky, sure. I have so many questions ta ask ya." He whispered as class continued. As class droned on, Ichigo could barely conceal his excitement.

These dreams point to him, they must! Maybe he knows what they are... He thought.

When the lunchbell rang, both boys headed to the abandoned restroom down the hall. Ichigo walked in first, feeling a bit nervous. "So uhh...I have a question for you." He froze when he heard a soft 'click' and realized that Shiro had locked them in. "Shiro?"

"I'll answer them Ichigo...but ya gotta answer me first." He smiled, leaning in close and gazing into Ichigo's wide brown eyes with swirling golden ones. Ichigo watched as they glowed and he couldn't help but feel drawn in them...lost in them. As he stared, his surroundings slipped his mind, as did everything else, save for the pale being in front of him and his hypnotic eyes. "You will answer, yes?"

"Yes..." Ichigo's voice whispered, monotone and breathy. "I..I will..."

"Good. You will never lie to me Ichigo, understand?" Shiro watched the boy nod and he smiled. He slowly ran a hand through orange hair and his grin widened when he heard Ichigo moan. "Do I turn ya on?"


"Good. I will be the only one who does, right?" Ichigo nodded again, the nods slow and robotic. "That's right Ichigo...the only one. Repeat it."

"The...the only one..."

"Good good little human." He cooed, licking Ichigo's ear and feeling him shiver. "You may not know it yet, but you belong ta me...and only me. I am yer King, you my faithful Horse, understand?"

" King..." He replied quietly, voice now quivering as Shiro licked his cheek.

"Whenever we are alone, you will call me King, you will remember these words, but not meeting here, understand my Horse?" Ichigo nodded, his eyes glazed, gold shining slightly in them like a hazy fog. "The next time we meet will be in your sleep, during which you will be completly obedient and believe everything I say to you, understand?" One more nod and he smiled. "Now awaken and remember nothing, my Horse." He watched as Ichigo's eyes cleared and sighed. "Ya ok? Ya zoned there..."

"Y-yeah I'm fine..." He said and looked at the pale being. "King..." He whispered and blinked. Wait...what?

"Yes my sweet?" He felt Shiro's breath close to his lips and he found himself staring at them, white and smooth looking. Ichigo didn't know why he called him that, but it felt...right, like their little secret.

'It is because we are lovers...' Shiro's voice echoed in his head and Ichigo blinked, a bit uncertain.

"Lovers?" He was about to ask why when Shiro kissed him full on the lips. Ichigo melted instantly, moaning as a tongue slipped past his lips easily. He looked at Shiro's eyes, which flashed briefly, but went unnoticed.

"We are lovers, Ichigo. Surely ya know this. We get along perfectly. I am your King, you are my loyal, devouted Horse." Ichigo found everything Shiro was telling him to be right, at least it felt right.

"Of course my King..." He smirked and received another kiss as a reward. The bell rang and he sighed, not wanting to leave. "Will I see you tomorrow?" He asked.

"Of course my Horse." He grinned as he opened the lock on the door and they left. Or sooner than that...He grinned.

As Shiro watched him walk away, he felt a sense of triumph overcome him. "Finally, I can rise to power. This world, and the Underworld, shall be mine." He smirked. "After all, a demon is nothing without the proper Mate, and Ichigo is perfect." He walked down the street to the home he had purchased for his 'visit'. "Hypnotizing him was simple, but my commands were not lasting, at least most were not. He is still too strong willed...I must whittle away at his defenses, get close to him..." He grinned at the thought. "Oh yes...very close, my Horse, my Pet."

Any demon with common sense knows that a strong willed human was hard to control. But Shiro had big plans, and for them, he needed an obedient, powerful mate, loyal only to him. And this boy is perfect for me... He smiled. He set his school bag down and looked out the window at the sun setting in the sky. He summoned a tome from midair and flipped through the pages, smirking as he began speaking in an unknown language. The first true step, direct hypnosis, is for the fun part... He smirked as he vanished into thin air.

Chapter 1 end

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