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Chapter 3

Ichigo was slightly worried when Shiro came to school with bags under his eyes. "Were you up all night?"

"Mmm? Oh yes. I was looking up stuff..." Shiro replied, placing a hand on his chest. The heart had stopped its beating,but he had a feeling it wasn't for good. So strange...is it simply because of this human?

"Was it because you were in my dreams last night?"

"You truly believe me still eh?" He chuckled. "No sane human would so easily accept that from which they are told is false."

"Well you have a weird way of speaking...I can only assume you're either telling me the truth or an eccentric role player in real life." Ichigo joked. "Do you...wanna hang out after school...King?" He knew Shiro wouldn't refuse. Shiro smirked and gave Ichigo a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Absolutely my Horse. We have much to talk about." He smirked before walking off to his first class. Ichigo stood there with a light pink blush on his cheeks. Rukia then walked up and tapped his shoulders.

"Admiring the ass of that new transfer student?"

"R-Rukia! You really need to quit popping up like a damned rabbit..." Ichigo grumbled. She just shrugged and stood in front of him. "He just...wanted to hang out after school."

"Oooo alone~?" Ichigo's blush deepened and she laughed. "Ok ok but do me a favor and...be careful. He feels...off." She said.

"Why because he looks different? That's not fair Rukia." Ichigo said defensively. He felt an odd rush of anger in him. How dare she say something like that off hand? He squashed the anger out quickly there. "I hung out with him some yesterday...he's a really great guy."

"Ok...just please be careful..." She said quietly before they headed to class in silence.

What is she my fucking nanny?

Shiro yawned as he stood next to the school gate. He still calls me King and doesn't react negatively when I call him Horse...at least those commands have stayed. He thought with a slight smirk. However...my heart beating is still a problem I will need to adresse sooner or later...

"Hey." Shiro jolted as Ichigo popped up and he laughed. "Didn't think a demon would be so easy to sneak up on." He chuckled. He needed Ichigo alone.

"Umm...I dunno-"

"Please Ichigo?" Shiro purred, his eyes flashing gold as he gazed into Ichigo's brown orbs. "You can always claim you're staying with a friend..."

"A...friend..." Ichigo muttered before nodding. "Ok...but just this once alright?" Shiro grinned and kissed Ichigo gently on the lips. He was pleased to hear Ichigo sigh and relinquish control as he shoved his tongue in his mouth. He felt hands grip his hair and he purred. He continued to kiss until he suddenly felt Ichigo's tongue brush back and he moved away almost immediately. His own face had a pale pink tint to it. "You...didn't like it King?"

"No no...it's not something you did...it was me." He stated, his heart beating fast. He reacted...so what? Then why is my heart beating? !

"C'mon...I wanna see your home." Ichigo smiled and grabbed Shiro's shivering hand. "Cold?"

"No...just tired." He admitted. "Let us go." He said, walking down the street hand in hand with his soon to be thrall.

"Wow you're house has a nice, antique quality to it." Ichigo sighed happily. The home had oak furnishings, and a large canopy bed in Shiro's room. "This place is breathtaking..."

"You're breathtaking..." Ichigo turned to see Shiro's glowing golden orbs and he fell into them. "Ichigo...you like it here don't you."

"Y...yes..." Ichigo responded, his breath coming out in light pants. Shiro trailed a hand down his sides, a smirk on his lips. "Mmm...King..."

"No Ichigo...here, I am your Master." He smiled, teeth nipping at Ichigo's bottom lip.


"That's right, good boy." He said, licking Ichigo's lips. Ichigo had a happy smile on his face. "You will always come here if I say." Ichigo nodded, then gasped as Shiro touched his throbbing dick. He left it alone and Ichigo whined. "Ichigo...can you dance?"

"N...no Master..." He shook his head slowly.

"Well...then I will help you." He turned on some music and began dancing a slow waltz with Ichigo. "This is merely a dream Ichigo, but you will remember these steps."

"I...will..." Ichigo sighed, his eyes clearing just a little. "Master? Is this for the school dance coming?" Ichigo asked, his voice light and breathy, a dreamy smile on his lips.

"Mmm yes. It's best for you to remember that you'll be asked by me, and you will accept yes?"

"Of...of course. No one else is good enough..." Ichigo blushed, his eyes still distant. "This isn't a dream is it?"

"Mmm...yes and no. When you wake, you'll be home, and you will have believed I walked you there, understand?" Ichigo nodded and as the song ended, Shiro kissed him. "Now sleep and dream Ichigo..." He felt Ichigo slump against him and he pet Ichigo softly. "Good little thrall...good." He ran to Ichigo's home, sneaking him through the window and laying him in bed. He kissed his forehead gently and saw a peaceful smile on his lips. "This is so strange...how can one mere human make my heart race?" He left, unaware if eyes watching him from below.

"He's gotten to Ichigo to quickly...perhaps they're hearts are bound?" One figure said.

"Impossible, demons don't have hearts."

"All demons were human once..." They looked at each other before leaving the scene.

Chapter 3 end

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