Blaaaaah! This is like, my first multi-chapter fanfic. I'm really new, so don't expect it to be any good :3

I just have to warn you, this idea is probably already in use where Izaya has some sort of split personality with Psyche, Roppi, and Hibiya. I haven't seen many with Sakuraya, so he may be OOC. I tried to do his personality as best as I could. Oh, and the idea was also used with help from Sukisho where the split personalities are in love and taking control over the bodies and Inu x Boku SS where they share the same traits as their ancestors and shizz.

And I apologize for the short first chapter. That wasn't my intention but that's how it turned out.


Onto the story...

Izaya clawed at the darkness surrounding him. It seems the shade of black didn't like to be held onto. He figured that because his soul was as black- if not a darker shade- it would not allow itself to support him. The only thing that stood out in this curtain of the night was any visible patch of his almost snow-white skin. And his bright red eyes, which no longer gleamed with mischief and emotion, were a big target to any predator lurking unnoticed.

The informant- or now ex-informant- tried to speak, but no words came out of his desiccated throat. It was had only a scratchy, sandpaper like texture.

Please, please someone help me, he wanted to scream. Such an out-of-character phrase for someone who did things in his own little isolated world. Shizu-chan. I need Shizu-chan.

Another choice of words he would normally scoff at. But he figured the tall artificial blonde could pull him out with his monstrous strength- but knowing him, he is probably dancing on top of Izaya's grave right now.

If someone actually cared enough to put my body in a grave.

Or was he even dead? Did anyone even know he was unconscious at this moment?

"Iza- chan, you're so cute with your negative thoughts~" said a childish- like voice that echoed through the never ending darkness.

The raven turned his head to see four heads staring back at him. One clad in a white jacket with pink trimmings and head phones, one with a black jacket to match Izaya's- only this time the color scheme was red instead of beige, another dawned in a pink flower-patterned kimono, and the last with a golden crown and a matching cape. They each had a different eye color, but each had the same circumference. Dark pink, blood red, magenta, and gold.

The strangest thing was that they all looked like Izaya.

"Who are you?" said informant croaked.

"We're you, silly!"

"No, seriously."

"Just as he said, Izaya-san," this time it was the one with the kimono, his voice was calm and he held a small, proud smirk. "We are you. Every one-hundred years, a new Orihara is born with The Gift. You just so happen to be the one. And with The Gift, you have the same physical traits as each family member before you. I just so happen to be the eldest one here."

"Iza-chan, you look so funny with that clueless face!" the one in pink and white chirped up again, laughing in an airhead- like fashion.

Izaya blinked a few times, looking at all four of the familiar faces. The supposed eldest looked the part, his expression had the motherly touch to it, the peppy one was smiling like he had no problem in the world, the one who looked the most like the informant with red eyes and the matching coat held a scowl, and the golden "prince" was looking down on Izaya.

Tch, like he could get away with that.

"I can hear you, peasant. We share with body whether you like it or not."

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm confused."

The eldest took this as a sign to continue explaining. "The Gift is passed down every one-hundred years-as I've said before. Each time, we all look exactly he same and the past ancestors' souls are sent down from our 'waiting room' where we are kept. We are stuck inside of you, Izaya, until you die. And you will be our new addition to the next Orihara in the next century."

Izaya tried to take all of this information in. So he was stuck with four other souls inside of him.

Just fantastic.

"We wouldn't have bothered you about this before; you could have lived your whole life without knowing this. But each of us is looking for someone- and we know where they are."

"Who are you looking for?" Izaya commented, suddenly curious.

The golden prince took his turn in voicing the breaking news, blushing slightly. "A-a lost love… and each of them are the same as us- hosted in a one body with The Gift. Each of our loves is stuck inside of the same person."

Oh even more interesting~

"And who may this 'special host' be?"

The three who spoke gave each other nervous glances, and the look-alike who stayed silent smirked to himself.



There was a pause that seemed like forever.

"Shizuo Heiwajima."