I sat there, my arms and legs bound I was chained to the ground. But they didn't obscure my vision. Bad move. I could only move my head slightly but I could see where I was. It was dark, but I've been here a while ,my eyes had already adjusted.

Someone opened a window? No it was a door. A dark figure slowly moved closer. They were holding a flashlight, and it was pointed at me.

"Abigail Monro?" said the shadow.

"Depends on who's asking." I wiggled my fingers behind my back and the person started to scream; they dropped the flashlight and it landed at my feet. They moved inhumanly towards me as I twisted my wrist. I didn't really want to hurt them but I needed to get out. Now. The person dropped to their knees unnaturally and unbound me. I smiled.

"Stop, Abigail, please," He choked. I could tell he was male. He sounded oddly familiar. I sighed and let my wrist fall to my side as I stood up.

"Who are you?" I asked, picking up the flashlight, still lying at my feet.

"I am Loki formerly of Asgard, frost giant, ruler of this wor-"

I stopped him mid sentence, as I didn't have time for this, a guard would probably be here any second. "Ok I get it, what I meant to say is why are you here? And isn't that a greek god or something? I'm sorry but this isn't Comic Con."

"Well I need an ally, someone I can, how do you say trust." Loki said smoothly, I suppose he was trying to smolder me. "Also I am the NORSE God Loki !"

"Sure, sorry to burst your bubble mr. I think I'm a God just because I have a long cape and moose antlers, but I have to get out of here." I said walking towards the door. I have no time for this, I need to leave, now!

"Do I seem to be in a playing mood child?" Loki swiftly grabbed my left wrist, I reversed the hold and kicked him in the shin, he released me and fell down.

"Creepy perv..." I walked past him and out the door. "Hmmm." I locked the huge door behind me and started looking for the exit. I had no clue where I was or how I got here.

"Puppet Master? Who's that?" asked Tony as he spun around in a big green swirly chair.

"I've never heard of it. But whatever it is I don't think we should be hacking into shields files, it's it's just wrong!" I replied.

It was a rainy day in Manhattan and a Sunday never the less so that basically left only myself, and Tony at the Avengers tower.

"I wasn't talking to you cap-sickle, I was speaking to the Al." He asked in an annoyed tone.

"Well then be more specific, and either way Fury's not going to be happy when he finds out."

"Thats the thing that you don't understand Steve, he won't find out." Tony spoke slowly to me as if I were a child, which I practically was in this new day and age. "Jarvis, look up the puppet master, tell me anything you find, actually filter out anything useless, like birthday party entertainment or scary movies."

"Yes sir." Said the Al in his creepy british accent. "The only thing that seems to be of interest listed is a news article from three years ago, should I load it on the wall?"

"Yes. See old man Rodgers, easy as pie and no hacking involved so Patchy the pirate won't even be upset." Tony rambled on as the article loaded.

The lights dimmed as the image appeared on the huge white wall across from me. At the top of the page there was a picture, A little girl about eleven years old, her eyes were an almost transparent grey and her hair so blonde it was almost white.

"Young Abigail Monro, has been missing for six months. She has blonde hair very light grey eyes, is about 10 as of today August 27, 2008. Please if found call 1917-525-3391." Jarvis read carefully out loud.

"Is that the only thing there? A missing girl? What does she have to do with the "puppet master" Who is apparently a bigger possible threat that Loki." asked Stark who slowly stood up and walked over to the wall. I watched curiously not knowing what to say. "If google won't help us then we got to dig deeper than the average search engine."

I sighed slowly as I was supposed to make sure Tony didn't get himself into trouble. "So you're hacking into shield after all?"
"Well no da, but if the worlds best and most secret agency is this easy to get into, than they obviously want it to be hacked!" I shook my head.

"Knowing about shield these past few months I realized there's both good, and bad things going on in there and its not my job to know about them. Until something's obviously a threat to the world it's Shields business, not mine."

"But don't you see Steve, shield likes to drag things out, wait till the last minute. Fury waited until Loki got his hands on the tesserate to actually do the avengers initiative." replied Tony as his fingers typed away.

"Maybe Furry didn't know that Loki would take it, I mean how could he?" I got up to leave, there was no point in arguing with Tony, he was just as stubborn as I was. We would get nowhere.

"Abigail Monroe, apart of the original avengers initiative... Also seventh most powerful mutant known to Shield, aka the world. I slowly back tracked and stopped leaning over Tony's shoulder.

"Then where was she during the attack in New York?"

Tony turned to me with wide eyes. "I don't think even Fury knows."

A/N: Hehe I told you I had a lot up my sleeve, I remember watching avatar the last airbender as a little kid and In this episode Katara had to do bloodbending to save Aang and Sokka. Well that's sorta what this is, Bloodbending. Hope you follow along and see where this goes, because honestly at this point. I really don't know. Feel free to give me ideas!