Death Note- grey matter

Summary: L was bored. He needed a change of pace. Strolling through the streets a man bumped into him. Sun-bronzed skin and auburn bangs turned his way. "Oh please excuse me," a brilliant white smile. There it was, barely hidden by concealer, a thick scar traced from the corner of his mouth to his Adam's apple, then disappeared beneath his shirt.
"Ah, yeah...sure."

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A/N well hiyas my dear readers, a big thank you for choosing to read my story it really means a lot :) this is the second story I've posted and I've decided to go a little AWOL fufufufu please enjoy this AU heh heh

Obsidian eyes glazed over as they stared at the flickering TV set, never blinking, never fazed. Just concentrating on his game, ignoring the outside world. "L," a voice grazed his ears but he took no notice. "Fuckit L, move this shit sometime," the voice said gruffly, wading through the mess that littered L's floor. L glanced over briefly eyeing who was addressing him. "Ah, hey Kazuki, my favourite landlord," he uttered in monotone and stared at the tv again. Punch, punch, roundhouse kick. Uppercut, jump, grab, smash. "L, pay fuckin' attention when I talk to you." L politely removed his headphones and spun around in his spinning chair. Evidently, he completed 4 full turns before stopping and looking at Kazuki.
"Yes?" He said creating eye contact. Kazuki took a step closer and looked down on L.
"I'm sick of you and your shit. This is your eviction notice," he hissed thrusting a piece of paper in L's face. He brushed it to the side gently.
"So how long do I have?" He stated calmly. Kazuki puffed up in annoyance but breathed out and smirked.
"3 days to find a new home, but u have to be packed up by tonight." He smiled sweetly and dropped it on the floor in front of L. He turned and left the room slamming the door behind him. "Fucktard," L smirked before turning and playing his game again.

L was bored. Chucking the ps3 remote to the floor he stood up and stretched, cracking his back and elbows all the while. "Time to go outside again," he mumbled ruffling his jetblack hair as he looked towards the empty cupboard. L seldom went outside, only when he needed the bare necessities. He didn't fancy the sunlight burning his skin crisp, as such, he'd even made sure to get a night job. Directing traffic and working parking lots mainly. Crap pay but totally worth it.
He changed from his musty black skivvy to a white and fresh-ish sweater and pulled on a fresh pair of blue jeans. He took the keys of the hook and locked the door behind him in a lazy manner.
He chose to take the stairs rather than the elevator cause it was pretty much the only exercise he would get. Once at the bottom he pulled a lollipop from his pocket, unsheathed it and stuck it his mouth, punctuating the action by placing his hands in his pockets. The door slid open automatically as he stepped outside, only to be greeted by a gust of hot air. "I fucking hate summer," he hissed as he trotted down the two steps to the street.
It was always so crowded here and sometimes moving around was difficult however L for some reason was generally avoided by the public. Perhaps it was the winter suit in summer, or the black rings around his eyes and contrasting pale Snow White skin that made them weary. 'But who cares?' It wasn't their business or anything. L grabbed his phone from his pocket and checked the maps. Although he came out once a week he still wasn't entirely sure where exactly the convenience store was or how to get there. After confirming his route he strolled along briskly, dodging the people that littered the streets.
He turned a corner and saw the store up ahead. Suddenly he purged forward slightly and saw a man had bumped into his back. Sun-bronzed skin and auburn bangs turned to face him. "Oh, please excuse me," he said flashing a dazzlingly brilliant white smile. L took a moment to take in the sight of this strange person. He had golden brown hair with not a strand out of place, evenly tanned skin, amber pools for eyes and perfectly shaped features. He had a shoulder bag that seemed to be filled with clothes. His pants were black and shoes shined till they sparkled, and a black vest with faux fur lining the hood with a long sleeved shirt beneath it and leather gloves. But there it was. Barely hidden by concealer, a thick scar ran from the corner of his mouth to his Adam's apple, then disappeared beneath his shirt. Any other person wouldn't have noticed, but L was insanely observational. "Uh, yeah...sure," he mumbled attempting to brush the person away. Said man, frowned, perfectly one might add, but shrugged and continued a quick pace towards the shop. 'The shop...' L thought as he watched him enter. "Wait, he's going to the shop. Judging by the possible items he was carrying I would think he worked there...damn," he hissed under his breath, but forced himself to continue into the shop.
He pushed the door open and heard the little bell ring to show someone had entered. "Good morning!" A voice shouted from behind a box of good product. L ignored the person and went to get everything he might need. After all, he was being evicted. Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, brush, gel, chocolate, cupcakes, muffins, cake, icing sugar, ice cream, watermelon and other sweet fruits. L had ended up with a trolley full of random stuff he may or may not need. He shuffled over to the checkout and unloaded his pre-purchases. "So how's your day been?" A cheery voice greeted him. L mumbled a small, yeah whatever, and kept putting things on the conveyor. "Well, that voice sounds familiar," the cashier stated and poked his head around L's shopping and flashed a smile that would have melted a young girls heart. It was the guy from before who had bumped into him. "Ha I thought it might the guy I bumped into earlier," his smile never wavered and he still managed to keep scanning. L was almost affected by his cheerfulness but caught himself just in time.
"Are you always this friendly to random people you pass on a street?" He hissed with ice as he got out his wallet. The man smiled in an almost passive-aggressive manner, "mostly," he said a little too satisfyingly. L huffed and got out his credit card. "Hey, why don't you meet me after work at the Juusen Cafe?" He beamed at L and L shrugged.
"We'll see," he said paying then loading his purchases into the trolley and leaving the store.
"Thanks for coming!" He shouted and served the next customer with yet another brilliant smile.

L loaded his supplies onto his Kombi and breathed a belated sigh. Why should he meet this strange person at his favourite cafe? But, there was something about the man that intrigued him, and perhaps if they became close he could learn about the strange scar that ran along the boy's face. L decided against better judgement, to go and meet this person and find out all about him. He trudged up the stairs, unlocked his apartment and fumbled around in the closet for something to wear. Shrugging, he chose a simple black t-shirt and skinny black jeans. No socks of course, but he would wear shoes today.
He checked the clock and slapped himself. 'He's a guy, who gives a fuck what I wear?' He set out again, ignoring all the taunting eviction notices Kazuki had left around his room.

L entered the cafe and scanned the room searching for the mysterious person. A hand latched onto his shoulder suddenly and L flinched. "I wondered if you would show up," the voice said smooth and casually as it guided them towards a table, his grip never faltering. They sat across from each other. "I never got to introduce myself sorry, my name is Yagami, and yours?" He held his hand out and L noticed he had the gloves on and a red long sleeved dress shirt. L took his hand and lightly shook it.
"You may call me L," he said in monotone. Yagami lent back in his chair and put his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling. "Well, L, you really seem to be a strange person, but there's something mysterious about you that I want to find out about." L nearly choked on his coffee, how could he be so blunt.
"Erhem, I do find this feeling to be mutuel Yagami," he said awkwardly as he sipped on coffee.
"Then," Yagami lent forwards and rested on his elbows on the table like a girl. "Tell me about yourself," he stated smiling as he looked at L. Those swirling amber pools searching his soul and looking through him. L almost felt naked under a glare like his, but acted untaxed. Placing the coffee gently on the table L cleared his throat and met his gaze.
"Well, I don't normally come out during the day, I work night shifts. I spend my days playing video games and sleeping, I don't clean my apartment and I'm being evicted in 3 days actually. More like 2 I should say since its nearly nighttime."
Yagami raised his eyebrows in a concerned expression and to L it felt genuine. "Do you want to know a bit about me L?" The tone in his voice said he was going to tell him anyway, but really, L wanted to know all about him. Why did he have that scar or wear such hot clothes during summer? He simply nodded and continued drinking his coffee. "I work part time at the convenience store, play tennis, love apples. I like this style of fashion so I wear it all the time, lucky I don't get flustered from the heat," he laughed showing L his long clothes. "I have a few friends but lately they've been busy with work and family so I stay home at night and play games with the serve te, like blackjack, go fish, twister, stuff like that hahaha," he laughed gently and left L wondering, 'what kind of person is he if he has servants?'
"Yagami?" L started. "Do you live in a big home? How come you have servants?" L couldn't stop asking even if he tried.
Yagami smiled. "Yes L, I do live in a big house. Sometimes it gets lonely but I think it's better for me to be alone," he sipped some tea and L noticed a slight look of dejection that was quickly replaced with a bubbly feeling. "L," Yagami said advancing a little further towards him. "Why don't you come and live in my house?" This time L spluttered on his coffee, taking a napkin and mopping up the liquid on his lap.
"Um pardon?" He wasn't sure if he had heard right. If Yagami had invited him to live there, he could move away and shove it in kazuki's face, but if he hasn't then It would be awkward.
"I said, if you need to you can come live in my house. It's massive and if your not comfortable then you can sleep on the other side of the house from me," if Yagami was a puppy his tail would have been wagging happily.
"I wouldn't be imposing? And the servants wouldn't mind?" Yagami shrugged.
"They would probably enjoy not having to entertain me all the time, and it's not like there's anyone else in the house to disagree. C'mon L, please?" Light pulled a puppy face at L and L coughed.
"Well, I might need some help moving my stuff," Yagami jumped up and for a moment L thought he was going to hug him but Yagami simply offered a handshake. They shuffled out of the cafe after paying and L led Yagami to his house.
'My goodness, what have I gotten myself into?'