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Chapter 12: The Morning after

"So Cornelia promised she wouldn't say anything about you being here?" Milly asked as she and Lelouch stood outside of the clubroom

"Yeah, so we can stay here in Area Eleven, and not have to worry about returning to the homeland." Lelouch said

"Well i'm glad to hear it. I was worried when you told me about what happened. So what do you think is going to happen now? I mean will she allow you to continue staying here?" Milly asked with a worried expression on her face

"She gave me her word that she won't tell the emperor or anyone else in the royal family about us being here. Who knows, Maybe I will get to graduate with everyone else." Lelouch said chuckling

"Well, i'll be sure to get a front row seat." Milly said as the dull roar of an engine became clear to the two friends. After a minute fellow student council member Rivalz Cardemonde came onto the scene, riding his blue motorbike with matching side coach.

"Hey Lelouch, i've been looking for you. I still got a whole bunch of people who are just lining up waiting to take away your undefeated chess title, Mr LL." Rivalz said taking a helmet for the side coach and tossing towards Lelouch

"I'm afraid I can't Rivalz, I forgot I made plans already today. Maybe some other time." Lelouch replied as he walked back into the clubhouse, most likely to sneak off campus with one of his secret passageways.

"Dang it, I really need to find a way to get him back into gambling ignorant nobles. My cash flow has become so poor as of late, i've had to go find a part-time job as a waiter. So where is everyone else today?" Rivalz asked

"Well I think Suzaku has military duties, Nina is typing away on her computer as usual, but I don't know where Shirley is. I think we should go look for her." Milly said as she began to walk over to the women's dorm,

"Wait for me Prez!" Rivalz cried as he quickly caught up with the tall blonde. As the two headed for the women's dorm in on the other side of campus, storm clouds were forming on the horizon...

*Later at the Black Knights HQ*

Zero returned to the warehouse where they had been storing their equipment and found Ohgi with Inoue

"Hey Zero, now that your back maybe you can find some way to calm the two girls down." Ohgi said with a tired voice

"What are you talking about?" Zero asked

"Last night Kallen and your green haired friend attacked each other which led to a full on catfight. It took nearly every one in the senior staff to pull the two of them apart." Inoue yelled who was sporting a couple of fresh scratches on her face, most likely from breaking up the catfight

"Alright, i'll see if I can grab CC, you find Kallen and we'll get this taken care of." Zero said as he left the two to find the resident red head. After making his way through the base and being saluted by a couple of newbies, the masked leader of the Black Knights finally made it through the mobile trailer and up to his room where the immortal witch was watching tv.

"So your finally back. Now that you've had your little dinner party are you ready to command the Black Knights?" CC asked not taking her eyes off the commercial for pizza

"First we need to take care of a couple things, starting with what happened last night. What caused that major fight I heard about?" Lelouch asked as he took off his helmet

"I was hanging out here eating the pizza you got me. Kallen and Ohgi came up here to see if you came back, and i decided to tease Kallen a bit. She flew off the handle and ruined a perfectly good combination pizza, so I attacked her." CC said as she began to slightly chuckle

"You really are a cheeky witch. Look I'm going to have to get the two of you together and force you to squash this whole thing." Lelouch replied

"And just why should I apologize to that baka anyway?" CC said defiantly

"I need you to be the bigger person here CC. Also, if you don't help me with this, i'll cancel my credit card so you won't be able to buy any more pizzas." Lelouch said calmly. He knew this would force CC's hand, he knew she could never go one day without ever her favorite food. As he watched the expression on his green haired companion's face change, he knew he had her.

"Fine, but she's still a big red-headed baka." CC said as she turned off the tv and followed Lelouch with his helmet now back on downstairs. In front of the Guren MK2 stood all the members of the senior staff of the Black Knights, as well as quite a few younger officers. It seems that stories of the catfight between Kallen and CC spread through the entire the ranks, and many guys were placing bets on whether the two vicious vixens were going to go at it again.

"Okay you two, I know that happened last night. As leader of the Black Knights, I will not allow such behavior." Zero announced to everyone present

"Hey, your little mistress started it Zero. The last thing I want to do is put up with her!" Kallen yelled pointing at her green haired rival

"Well the feelings mutual here Baka. However, I'm only sticking around because Zero made a promise to me, and i'm sticking around until he fulfills his end of the bargain." CC said without even glancing at Kallen

"Who wants to see this Baka rip out the green haired chicks hair out!" Kallen called out to everyone present. Many of the guys smiled wide with glee, expecting to see another round of fighting. When it looked like things were about to come to blows, the masked leader Zero stepped in and took control

"Thats enough, I will not allow fighting among our own ranks. Now right here and and now I want both of you to apologize and forgive each other." Zero ordered as he looked down upon the two ladies.

CC who was being forced by Lelouch turned to Kallen and said meekly "Okay, i'm sorry Kallen." as she held her hand

The ace of the Black Knights took CC's hand briefly and shook it while saying "I'm sorry too."

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it? How about a little hug?" Zero asked as he silently got a couple chuckles behind his mask. A moment later Kallen and CC rolled their eyes at the masked leader, both thinking this was overkill. However none the less the two opened their arms wide and embraced each other. A couple of the people were finally glad to see things were finally starting to settle down, even members of the senior staff were glad to see the two fighting females had finally put aside their differences and were on the same page

"Okay, now how bout a deep tongue kiss." Tamaki arrogantly said who was swinging an empty bottle of sake and was clearly drunk. Both girls lept forward and delivered devastating kicks to the shins of the resident loudmouth. As Tamaki rolled around in pain Kallen and CC glanced at each other and began to laugh

"Well now that one earth shattering crisis had been averted, lets change topics and move onto this message we received from Kyoto. According to reports, the Japan Liberation Front will be leaving the country from Port Yokosuka, and be making for the safety of the west China sea." Ohgi said as he stepped over Tamaki

"I see, so Kyoto expects us to play decoy for the JLF and help them leave the country?" Zero asked

"It appears that way, we received this information not only from Kyoto, but also the britannian journalist who told us about Narita. It seems to me that this intel is accurate." Ohgi said as he read papers he had in his hands

"Well then, if Kyoto wants us to lend a hand to our friends in the Japan Liberation Front, then we should. Also Ohgi, I would like for you to reach out and have that journalist join us." Zero said

"You want to bring a filthy britannian into our ranks?" Tamaki yelled as he began to stand up, only for CC to slyly deliver another light kick to the loud moron's legs.

"I don't intend to bring him into our organization, I merely wish to meet with him at the port. Being a journalist, he just wants to be where the big story is going to be." Zero said

"And what better story then the infamous Zero?" Kallen said finishing the masked leader's train of thought.

"Alright, I want the Black Knights to prepare for the battle of Port Yokosuka. We will assist the JLF in escaping the country." Zero said as he and CC walked away

As everyone dispersed everybody had forgotten Tamaki was again lying on the ground in pain. He looked around the building and yelled "Are you kidding me!?"

*Back at Ashford Academy*

"Excellent, now the Black Knights shall operate as I envisioned." Lelouch said quietly as he walked through the campus with a large black umbrella over his head. over the past few hours a large rain storm had swept over the Tokyo settlement. As the leader of the Black Knights walked he thought he wouldn't see anybody crazy enough to be out in this weather; until he saw a student standing under a streetlight, one with familiar long orange hair

"Shirley, what are you doing in this weather? Cmon, lets get out of this rain." Lelouch said walking over the the girl and holding the umbrella over the girls head.

Shirley said stared vacantly at the ground "Lulu, tell me something. Zero, he fights for the weak, doesn't he?"

"Wha.. yeah, thats what he says." Lelouch said confused with his classmate

"Then... then why did he kill my father?" Shirley muttered as she looked up into Lelouch's face, her greenish eyes staring deeply into his Violet eyes. With tears mixed together with the rain on her face she cried "You know my father... was so gentle, he never ever hurt me. He didn't do anything wrong. But he was buried alive... he couldn't... breathe." as she broke down as she threw herself at Lelouch, crying in his chest.

"Please Lulu, help me." Shirley said as she leaned in and pressed her lips against his. As the rain continued to fall, the umbrella that had fallen to the ground began to roll away...

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