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Set after the MOA

Nobody's POV

Piper sat with her arms wrapped around her legs, staring at the wall.

How could I be so stupid? Did I really think that a pretty voice could solve all my problems? Why did I even agree to go on the quest? They would have been better off with someone stronger, better at fighting. Like Clarisse from the Ares cabin, or Will from the Apollo cabin. Piper thought to herself.

Jason's POV

I walked into Piper's cabin, to find her sitting in the same position that she was in an hour ago when I left to go to lunch.

"Hey, Pipes!" I tried, but she didn't even acknowledge me. "Guess what Chiron found?" I asked, but she ignored me again. "It's a book on Percy Jackson."

Her head turned up at me, and I saw her dull, sad eyes. They used to be so pretty, like a kaleidoscope, but all I see in them now is pain and despair. I can't stand to see her like this.

It started when Annabeth and Percy fell into Tartarus. She took it so personally because she and Annabeth had gotten really close. She began acting like it was her fault. We came back so Leo could fix our ship, the Argo II, and to warn the camp of the incoming fight from the Romans.

"I'm assuming, because of the title, that these are all about Percy," her eyes stayed blank, "but I'm also assuming that if it involves Percy, it will also involve Annabeth."

That got her attention

"Really?" she asked, getting super excited. "I've always wanted to know about her past, but she never wanted to go into it because it involved Percy, and that was too painful for her to talk about."

Piper's POV

I was super excited. I couldn't wait to start reading, but Chiron said that we had to wait until the campfire, when everyone would be present.

"Okay, everyone," Chiron started. "We have a book here, courtesy of the gods. They are about Percy's best moments. This book is called, obviously, Percy Jackson's Best Moments. We also have some friends here to read with us; Thalia, daughter of Zeus, her hunters, Nico, son of Hades, our new Roman friends, Frank, son of Mars, or Ares, and Hazel, daughter of Pluto, or Hades, and the gods are also here, to read these moments with us. Now, let's begin. Who will read first?"

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