Ok, I know that lots of people write fanfics about their adventures within the world of chaotic, but I think that there should be more about spasific creatures themselves. So I will be writing about an OC danian creature, and his life within the hive. However, if there is something that you absilutely want to read, such as a serton fight sean or a spasific creture, just say and I may put it in if I pget the inseration. I also don't own chaotic or anything frome chaotic, such as the creatures, lokations, and objects.

I had just hatched frome my egg a moment ago and the queen has called for me and my brothers that were crawling with me inside the hatchery. Although most of us looked like any other 4-foot danian, some of us had four arms, some had extra legs, some, like me had wings, and straingely enough some actually had clothes. I had four legs and to arms, like most danians. I had two entena, what seamed like gontlets with razer sharp blades on my rists, a set of mandibles, and three fingers/ toes on my hands and feat. When we entered the throne room the gards split us up into several groups. When my group had entered the queens chambers, we had to stand in a strate line infront of Queen Aszil and bow to her, in order to show our respect and loyalty. For some reason however one of us didn't. When the queen saw this she ordered one of the gards to take him somewhere. I felt a little bad for him. I may not have known him, but he was still one of my kin. The queen then asked each of us what our names were. one-by-one my brothers told her there names. When she got to me I instinktivly said the first thing that poped in my mind. "My name's Zoreal!" For some reason she smiled for a second before reterning to my other brothers. I know she's my queen, but she sort of scares me for some reason. Once every group had seen her, Aszil asked a few of us to stay while some mandiblores took the others to there 'jobs' within the hive. She then took out a strainge object that i later learned was a mugic. then this spirit like thing came out of Aszil and into the mugic. I then heard what seamed to be music frome a melidy of some sort. I don't remember anything else that happened that day, nor do I remember a few days after that. All I knew was that I would do anything to protect my hive and my queen, even if it ment my own life.

Ok so this may not be the best start to a story, and it might not make to much sense at the moment, but trust me things will become clearer, and better in the futer. Also several people do this, and it might be fun, ask qusetions to the charicters and the will answer, maybe, if they have an answer. Bye, and thanks for reading.