Right then quick note before the preview, I started this story with the understanding that I would not invest all of my time to it, I have tons of other stories lined up that people are waiting for so do keep that in mind because this generally means a few time skips though not too many and hopefully not completely obvious. Also some of the scenes that occur in The House might not be to your tastes, there will be no bloody whipping scenes which I made a point of in a few of my other stories mainly because I was challenging myself to write from the POV of a masochist. This story is primarily focused on life inside The House, and Harry's training and the trials he goes through. Keep in mind that in this story I don't portray Harry as the cocky arrogant man you see in the Vitruvian man, rather he is a very lost young man who is discovers that his lost love isn't as lost as he'd thought and that he is willing to do whatever it takes now that he has a second chance. Fortunately as Harry grows into his role as a submissive he comes to realize that it isn't exactly as hard as he had assumed it would be. It is a story of self discovery, and hopefully an insight to a world that many people have misconceptions about. Now I know that there will be quite a few people who would have better training on the subject so I would appreciate some feedback. Love you all tata!

Mistress Slytherin






Not for the eyes of the young!

Scene from: The House

Harry trembled as the door slipped open. His thighs twitched as he felt the familiar cool gaze assessing him, watching his reactions, claiming him with just the slide of eyes down his body. Harry panted softly and grit his teeth trying to hide his reaction to the man's presence. It was no good though, not when Lucius came in looking like that. He was wearing his uniform, pressed, starched and immaculate making his already commanding form completely and utterly powerful. Harry's eyes lingered on the man's hat, the slope of it, the crest in the front- and the very fact that Lucius hadn't even removed it.

"You have five minutes to make your case before I put your mouth to better use." Lucius drawled as he stepped into the room. His shoes shone as they clicked across the tile floor and Harry moaned around the gag in his mouth tugging at the cuffs around his wrists uselessly. Lucius didn't even bother to remove his gloves as he slid a hand down his displayed crack and tugged the dildo sharply drawing a whimper from him. "Of course I never really have any interest in your petty little excuses any way do I?" He hissed a dangerous glint in his eyes as he unzipped the front of his trousers. Harry whimpered around the ball gag and swallowed as the dildo was shoved in roughly again causing him to arch his back and cry out. He gasped around the gag when the head of Lucius' prick pressed against the side of the dildo before pushing in forcefully. "That's it Harry, take it in, take us both in…" And he was, pushing back on the length sucking it in greedily despite the stretch and the pain. "Yessss…" Harry whimpered as Lucius hit home before toying briefly with the base of the dildo and with a click causing it to vibrate. Harry threw his head back as white flashed before his eyes but relief was painfully not found as the cage around his own arousal kept him from falling yet again. Merlin he'd been strung up like this all day! He couldn't take much more! He begged incoherently around the gag and whimpered and cried out when Lucius groaned and pulled out before pushing back in all the way hammering into his prostate and forcing the dildo to slide deliciously. Lucius continued to rock back and forth making it impossible to think as Harry whimpered taken to the brink again and again but never allowed to come over the edge. He twitched restlessly earning himself a slap across his already reddened cheeks and drawing a sob from him as he was used but not brought relief until Lucius thrust forward forcefully one last time burying himself deeply inside of him and coming in thick satisfying spurts that made Harry sob. Harry shook violently as Lucius held him there, still bound and still unable to cum. Slowly a gloved hand reached around and Harry let out a pleased sob as the gag was removed. "Speak." Lucius said lazily as he pulled out with a lazy smack across his arse. Harry whimpered as the sensation shot fire through his veins.

"I-Why am I? What did I do wrong sir?" He begged once he could get his sore jaw to move. Lucius came around smirking the front of his trousers open displaying his now flaccid prick as he leaned back and casually retrieved a rolled cigarette from a small metal case. Silver eyes watched Harry as he lit it and inhaled deeply.

"House rules state that I can do whatever the fuck I want to you pet, what makes you think that there was an ulterior motive for this?" Lucius drawled looking down at him as he blew out a cloud of smoke. Harry relaxed minutely.

"I thought I'd done something wrong sir." He said surprising himself when he began trembling his eyes watering despite himself. Lucius stilled a frown slipping across his lips.

"If you had done something to merit true punishment then your punishment that the reasoning for it would have been explained to you first hand, those are the rules." He stated calmly. Harry bit his bottom lip feeling shaken and distressed.

"Then why…?" he flushed and looked down. Lucius let out a hiss before dropping his cigarette and crushing it with his heel.

"Punishments in the house are not made sexual, fucking you isn't a punishment, its a game." He said crossing the space between them. "You're like a piece of artwork like this Potter." He said reaching out and tugging briefly on the black satin ropes that held him. "Displayed and willing for anyone to come in and fuck you but not just anyone can which makes you all the more desirable." He said crooking his finger and grasping Harry's chin lifting it. "This was not meant to shame you at all, this was meant to show the others what they can't have." He breathed across Harry's lips. Harry for the first time since he'd been dragged out of his little cot that morning and tied up in this room felt himself relax as Lucius closed the distance between them and kissed him deeply his fingers caressing his cheek the way he most needed them to. Harry immediately felt one hundred times better. Lucius pulled away slowly and caressed his cheek once more before pulling back. "I apologize for any feelings of hardship you might have felt pet, that was not our intention." Lucius said with a frown. "I had been assured that you-" His eyes narrowed and Harry swallowed as a truly terrifying expression crossed the man's face. "That little…" And suddenly the man was striding out of the room at a furious pace. Harry swallowed as he hung there and blushed when he felt a telltale slick feeling of the dildo slipping free and vibrating lewdly across the floor. Harry wished he could burry his face in his hands.