(Still working on 'My Mighty Thor', so don't worry! I'm still continuing it. But I had the urge to write something else of Thor, too!)

Chapter One

He was no fan of the Metal Man. The man held great respect for Midgard, but little to the thought of others or whatever he spoke. But Thor was a man of honor and he would handle anything with respect—he would try.

"I must go, my friends. Asgard is in need of me."

It was as if he lived in two worlds. He went from one to the other, fighting battles in both galaxies. Midgard was under his protection. Earth needed him—so he was here. Asgard needed him, his Home. He would be in two places at once if he but could.

He had committed himself to the Avengers and he was a man of his word. When the time arose that they were in need, he would come.

His Father did not fully understand his need to be a part of this. Midgard was under full protection of the Avengers without him. But his Father did not understand how dangerous Midgard could be—Midguardians ruled the planet, yes, but his presence there had drawn many a foes.

With or without his presence, Midgard was always at war with something that was not an easy feat for the humans to demolish.

"Midgard is under my protection, Father." He had once said and still stood by that.

And Jane resided here. Jane, a woman of many wonders. It wasn't Midgard that had changed him upon his exile—it was Jane.

The Bi-Frost had regenerated itself. It had taken time, but the bridge was now whole. Heimdall guarded it as he had before, always ever watchful.

Traveling between the worlds, Thor wished Jane could see the beauty of Asgard. Someday, she would. He didn't know how, his Father had yet to approve of his liking for a mortal, but Jane would walk the streets of Asgard one day. Not only that, but his Father, as well as Heimdall, was not sure how the energy would affect a mortals body upon transfer.

No mortal had ever passed into the world of Asgard.

He would find a way.

"Off to see your little scientist, eh, Thunder Boy?" The man who wore the metal suit spoke.

He was referred to as Anthony Stark—Tony—Thor reminded himself. "Have care how you speak to me." Was it so blatantly obvious that he missed Jane? "But yes, I wish to see Jane before I return to Asgard. I am not sure when I shall return, unless you have need of me."

Asgard was in need of him—he was in line to be King and while he knew his Father saw him fit to be King, Thor knew he had much to learn of ruling. No King was ever wise enough.

He would have thought that with the Bi-Frost repaired, there would be no more separation between Jane and himself. But he was ever wrong. Jane was working for S.H.E.I.L.D and they kept her ever busy, not to mention the woman kept herself busy with her search of other galaxies and what she called "science".

While on Midgard, he always found himself given directions by Nick Fury.

Their 'relationship' was strained, given how little they saw of each other.

But he always found time to see Jane, even if only for a moment. He wished to see her now, to spend a few precious moments with her. "I wish to see her. Where is she?"

"I do believe she is in New Mexico in that tiny box of a trailer she calls 'home'." Stark commented. "I offered her a place here, but she was dead set the desert because she could see the sky more clear. Really—"

"Thank you, Anthony Stark." Thor said. New Mexico was a greater distance than he would have wished, but see Jane he would. He stepped out onto the balcony and lifted Mjolnir into the air and then took off into the air.

He arrived in record time, the sky still dark with stars and no moon. How beautiful Midgards galaxy was, even without the luster of Asgard. Dirt and rocks flew as he landed in front of the trailer that Jane called a home. It was very small and while he did not understand why Jane would chose this over the luxury of Anthony Starks offer, whatever made Jane happy, he was fine with.

And he much preferred the solitude of the desert as well.

He had not seen Jane in a full seven days, a week in Midgards terms. He missed her sorely. Their time was short lived. He contemplated knocking but instead pulled the door open and stepped into the dim interior, ducking his head at the entrance.

Never would he have thought he'd be so enamored of a mortal. "Jane?"

He stepped into the narrow space. Jane Foster was not an organized person, with papers scattered and books lining the one counter. He was met with silence before he saw her slumped over the small table in the corner. He felt a moments disappointment that she was asleep but he smiled.

He walked over, careful to keep his steps light. While he wished nothing more than to hear Jane's voice and see her hazel eyes, he wouldn't awaken her. He smiled at the soft snore he heard coming from her lips and then sank down, watching as she slept.

"I will find a way, Jane." He murmured softly.

Seeing the haphazardly thrown papers on the table and the way she was sleeping over them, not to mention the hardness of the table, he couldn't leave her to lie there so uncomfortably. He knew that when Jane was wore out, she would sleep where she was.

He reached around her and then carefully lifted her from the side booth and into his arms. She was a light weight in his arms, small and petite, much smaller than a Goddess of Asgard. He laid her down gently in the middle of her small bed and then stood. He half turned to leave and then paused, turning back to her once again.

He didn't want her to think that he had forgotten her—never that. He had indeed come to see her. He did not blame her for needing sleep. His Jane worked hard. Slowly, he released the clasp of each shoulder until the red cape at his shoulders was free. He tucked it around her slender body and then leaned down, kissing her softly.

"Sleep well, Jane Foster. I will return as soon as I am able."

With those whispered words and kiss, he made his way back out into desert of New Mexico. He lifted his head towards the sky. "Open the Bi-Frost, Heimdall." He said to no one before he was enveloped in a white light, gone in an instant.