Camomile's Ginjinka Wish

I think I have quite the obsession with harems. :/ This time though, it's a girl that's loved by a lot of guys! The Amazing Blue Fox requested this lovely harem story and hopefully she, and you all, will love this. Well, enjoy~!

Have you ever wished upon a star? Yeah I know, it's pretty ridiculous if you think your dreams will come true. In anime, these types of things are very often. I love anime... it makes all the impossible things...possible. To express my love for it, I go to school in cosplay instead of the actual uniform. Everyone gave me weird stares and the principle lady would chase me down the hallways to take it off but now, they've pretty much gotten used to it. I love to wish upon a beautiful star. One wish I wish for is to have been born with a different name. Camomile... that is my name. Camomile is a tea, receiving my name from that due to having the similar colors of it; Blondish-Brown hair and bright green eyes and to complete it, having to wear a camomile flower in my hair. That name...oh, how I hate it so. To most, it fits a strange rich girl such as myself. I feel it does not at all. So, I ask everyone to call me Rui. The name is so...lovely.

This night, I wish for one thing in specific: I wish to have my six Pokemon turned into humans. My six Pokemon: Absol, Zorua, Flygon, Lucario, Raichu, and Arcanine. My lovely boys... they are my only friends to me. The others, they only love me for my beauty and intelligence. These six, they love me...for me. If they were to be human, that would be fantastic. " would." I say to myself, staring out of the big white moon as a star shoots by.

It's morning now. My alarm clock is ticking. I don't want to wake up though, not just yet. I just want to... sleep in. School starts way too early; no way I'm getting up. "Rui..." Hm? Who's voice was that? The head butler, who would usually wake me up, sounds nothing like this. This voice is...scrunchy sounding. "Yo, Rui!" Well whatever what the voice is, I want to sleep in. "RUI!" "Gyah!" I sit up in the blink of an eye; so much for sleep. I snarled. "Goodness, was it really necessary to-" I jawdropped. Right infront of my face was a boy with a smug expression. He has red eyes and black dreadlocks. "Lu...cario?" "Yep!" No. No, no, no, no. My dream hasn't really come true...?! I looked around my room to see the other 5; it was true after all!

All of the guys had the shapes of humans! They all looked at theirselves with the same shocked expression I had on my face. They all had clothes on, thankfully. "Rui-chan!" Zorua hopped on my lap. "Look at us! We're humans now! Isn't that amazing?!" "W-Why yes, it is! I actually cannot believe it worked!" Zorua had dark red/black spiky hair and teal eyes. I can see he's still the cheerful little cutie he always is.

"Miss Camomile!" Flygon ran over to me as well, gripping my shoulders. "Surely nothing happened to YOU, right?!" I nodded rapidly, gently taking his hands. "Be calm! I'm fine! I promise!" Flygon had green hair in ponytails in a similar style he had as a Pokemon and black eyes with red-framed glasses. Back as a Pokemon and still, he's very protective of me and has a near heart attack if he sees any sort of pain upon me. He's very mature, but that can drop easily of he sees someone trying to get too close to me, as he's apparently the only one who can.

"W-Wow. Look at us, Ruin..." Raichu stared at himself. He has long multicolored hair (orange toned blonde and brown at end) and brown eyes. As a Pokemon, Raichu and I love to watch anime and read manga together. We also are big airheads together since we daydream so much. I just wish he wasn't awkward around other people and trust that prankster Lucario of mines. Also, why the n at the end of my name? :/

"Oh... we really are humans." Absol said in his dead tone as usual. Anything other than a stoned faced expression is the last thing you'll ever see. It's not because he's cold, but he's just...distant. It will be Judgement Day the day he ever blushes, or pretty show any other expression. He, of course, has long white hair and red eyes.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" All of us (except Absol) shrieked. It was Arcanine. He was the biggest and tallest of them all, sporting spiky white hair and black eyes and also a beard. Yep, still the intimidating big ol grouch, even as a human. Also, like Flygon, he's very protective of me too, but feels violence is the answer sometimes for protecting me.

"Hey!" Flygon shouted at him. "Watch your tone! You scared Miss Camomile, you oversized demoniac twit!" (sigh) Here we go again...

"What did you say?! Besides, why are you all around her like that?!"

"Unlike you, we would not slash anybody just to give her the unnecessary company YOU give her!"

"U-Unnecessary?! She doesn't feel that way at all, I BET!"

"Pah! Such tomfoolery! Even you, you barbarian mutt, know that you are practically a stalker!"

Lucario interjected. "Kind of ironic since you two are kiiiind of the sa-"

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH, you inferior swine! Now as I was saying, keep away from her because I KNOW you will do something horrible to her, you discourteous, dissarayed dog!"

"You know what?! I'll punch you square in the face, you stupid big-words-I-don't-know using geek looking dork!"

Yada, yada, yada. It's always arguing with these two. "Excuse me..." Absol showed me the alarm clock. "I believe it's time for school, Camo." "Oh dear, I completely forgot about school!" I simply threw on shoes and grabbed my suitcase; I'll just claim I cosplayed some girl from an anime who normally wears pajamas.

(Meanwhile with the guys after she leaves, told in my POV)

Flygon and Arcanine eventually stopped fighting after some time. Raichu was reading a manga, Zorua was playing with some toys, Absol was reading a book and Lucario was poking him because, well, he was bored. Pretty much, no one payed attention nor cared about the two that were just fighting just now.

Arcanine: (panting) You... (realization) Wait, where the hell is Rui?!

Flygon: (scoff) You just noticed, witless rouge? I do worry about her going to school in pajamas, though. My, I don't want to think about the number of boys that might stare at her-



Flygon: You over supersized brute! Don't destroy the house and calm down!

Lucario: (still poking Absol) Yeah, I'm with ya, man! Nobody's not gonna touch MY wife like that!

Flygon: Miss Camomile would NEVER want a laughable excuse of a gentleman such as yourself for a husband! I would be much more fitting for her. We are both mature and captivating...unlike a certain malodorous DOG!

Arcanine: Shut your mouth, bitch! I'm a human now and nobody but ME will be romantically close to her! I-I mean, nobody but me will pr-protect her and stuff, yeah!

Lucario: Pffft, it's obvious dude. You so love her.

Raichu: Yeah. In fact, I think he does the most out of all of us.

Arcanine: (blushing) No I don't! YOU do!

Raichu: Of course I do! I love her very much!

Zorua: Me too! Me too!

Lucario: You know I love my wife! In fact, I'll greet her with a bucket full of flour hanging above the door as a welcome home present~!

Absol:...I also love her. Lucario, do not do such a thing also.

Flygon: Though we all love her...does she have somebody else that she loves?


It became quiet that very second. They've never thought about it. As Pokemon, they've still maintained their personalities and the love they have for her. All of them grew up with her even when they were unevolved. 6 mass different personalities yet the same wish of receiving the greatest love from Camomile. The six decided that, they will try their best to win her heart, no matter what it costs!

Endio~! Not bad, am I right? So yeah, le requester, she told me that this is a lot like Ouran Host which I have watched before, but not a lot of, so expect a lot of comedy! Of course, look forward to the OTHER things that'll come soon. ;) Well, see ya!