Camomile's Ginjinka Wish 10

lol right now I bet you're wondering "LOL WTF isn't it over?!" but like any harem, there's alternate endings if you did not like the real one! Well, here goes!

Alternate Ending 1: Silence Speaks Volumes

"'re safe." His shiny, white hair matched that of the moon. His light smile could warm any heart from this cold rain. Though...a gray hoodie really doesn't look like something he would wear.

"Absol...!" Yeah...the quiet one that would really open up to me. Before, I was happy enough just to get a blush or smile out of his face, but now, he's captivated me: always trying to protect from getting hurt when Flygon and Arcanine are arguing or Lucario's doing something stupid. Oh yeah...I remembered what he said to me quite a while ago: the "book," which is not an actual book, but metaphorically, yeah. He said he had trouble reading the pages. He was almost certain he wouldn't be able to read the conclusion. I want to tell him this: no, I HAVE to tell him this!

"Hey...Absol?" I say, breaking the silence as he (while carrying me) is walking down the street towards the city district. I wonder where we're going... He looks down at me. "Yes...what is it?" that I got his should I say this? Goodness...that never even occurred to me just then, didn't it? I'll...just say it like this:

"You...You did it!" that the best I can do? It doesn't help that he gives me a puzzled look as if I said something very weird or nonsensable at all. We were inside the city, now. The rain's calmed down to the point of being very light drizzles, the areas were empty- oh, that's right, I should specify to him what I really mean, right? "Ahn..I mean, you know...the conclusion! past it!"

He stopped walking as soon as I said that. We were near the library. that's where he wanted to take us...but at this time of hour? "Hey, why did you sto..." He brought his head down to mine, pressing his lips against mine. He pulls away instantly. I didn't want him to, though. "But..but..." He put his finger to my mouth.

"Don't worry...we're almost there..." The library was dark with nobody inside of it. Are we even allowed inside here? He carried me upstairs and sat me down on an armchair. Then, he put his up on it, bringing his body close to mine until our foreheads touched. "We shall...finish what we started." He began by pulling down my skirt. I have to admit, I'm actually kind of nervous: this will be the first time that I experience...this. Absol can sense the fear in my eyes. He rubbed my head. "I understand that you worry, Camo, but I promise you, I will do this only if you feel you are ready." I...I am, but...I'm just nervous. Still...I don't want to wait. I'll get over it and go along.

"No...I'm ready for this. Just gentle." He lowered my skirt down to my ankles. I stood up, and tried to slide down my panties, but my hands were trembling too much to do it. "Hah...!" I felt his hands pull them down instead. "H-Hey, don't just..." He pressed his back against the bookcase, with his hands on my hips, making my back press against his body. "Ah...!" He lifted both my legs up, making me held in the air. I refused to look down in the embarrassing position I was in.

"Like with a story that has the elements of happiness and will pain from the tragedy. you go on, you will feel good from the happiness that has unexpectedly overcame the other."

"! ! !" Tha pain...this must be a deep tragedy. One covered in blood, like what drips out of me right now. Like with any tragedy, I just simply tear up, bit not cry. "Hur...(sniff) Hurry up and...get away from the tragic part already!" He starts to move inside me. How is experiencing such pain even be possible? I shake my head: no, it's only hurting this bad because I'm thinking too much into it. If I relax, and just try to endure won't be so bad in the end. Absol placed his head on my shoulder.

"Camp, I'm so proud of you. You're not letting this pain get to you, as if you refused to break down during a very sad scene. So, where are you now?"

"...I...I feel..." My voice, it's starting to let out right now. I think that slowly and slowly, I'm getting through the pain and eventually, I'll feel the desired pleasure. "I'm...getting by. Hah...I think I may ha-have...reached the good part." Yeah...I have. I no longer feel pain, but rather...I feel pleasure. It seems that I have got past the tragic part of this story, and reached the happy part? Heh heh heh...there's no way I could say something so corny to him. For now, I'm letting my moans and feelings of pleasure overtake me while I grip his arms. He's going at a noticeably fast pace.

"C-Camo...Hah, hah..." Oh my...he's even moaning, now. "I-It seems that I...feel it, too." He rests his rest on top of my shoulder. I start rubbing his hair; it's so soft. "Hah...I...I'm cumming, Camo...!" Hey, wh-why does he say this now?! I wriggle my mouth as I feel the whiteness stream inside me. Umm...I won't get pregnant, will I? I certainly don't think I'm ready to bear a child, yet.

"Haah...hah..." Absol puts me down to sit on the floor. Luckily, I brought some tissues to clean myself up. "..." I still can't believe what just happened. I guess the thought of us doing this never exactly crossed our minds. Well...I'm glad: I was able to give the one I love my virginity. Nobody else would have worked out in the end. "!" I blushed when he made sit on his lap. I pressed my head against his chest while he rubbed my head.

"I love you...Camo." He didn't have to say it to let me know that, but it still made my heart skip a beat just by hearing it. "For a very long time, I always have." Oh, stop heart's going to explode if he keeps saying such heartwarming words. makes me so happy to the point that I want him to keep saying it.

"I-I love you, too!" I blurt out. It would not be right if he was the only one saying that. I want him to make sure that I love him just as much as he loves me.



He hugged me extra tightly. "It...makes me so happy to hear you say that! Ah hah hah hah!" ?! O-Oh my goodness! He's laughing?! This is a very rare case indeed...the case of where Absol shows expressive emotion. I can only imagine how the others would react to hearing that. Hm hm hm...I guess I'm the only one who can bring out that side of him: the side that expresses, the side that shows...

"Hey...let's borrow a few books and go home."

" about we write a book on our own? It can be our special memento. You and I...putting our thoughts and imagery in one hardcase...I think it would make a lovely memory. Though...let's not show it to Arcanine for the sake of it getting ripped to shreds."

I giggled: it looks like something he would totally do. "Yeah...let's do that!" I put my hand on top of his. "It will be our special item that nobody else can have! wouldn't hurt to show a few people, right?" He nodded.

"Yeah..." We both looked outside from the large window. The stars and moon looks so beautiful. We both look at each other, then kiss. A nice, little book. I wonder what we will write inside of it. Will it be good? Bad? It doesn't matter. It's written by the both of us, to be treasured by us to the very end.

So, how did you guys like that? I'll make 2 more endings for two other guys. Hoped you liked this one. Bye!