Hi! This is my first story, rated T for violence (if you've read The Hunger Games, you'll be fine). Disclaimer: I don't own anything about the Hunger Games. Don't be afraid to comment!

Delany Meadows POV:

I woke up the morning of the Reaping feeling completely confident. I went downstairs to eat breakfast, passing my brother's, Alabaster's, room. Snoring away, as usual.

When I got to the kitchen, my mom greeted me with a hug. "I laid out a beautiful dress for you!" She said. "Thanks Mom," I said, settling into the chair next to the window.

Just then, Alabaster tramped into the kitchen. "Good morning world!" He yelled, " It's a beautiful day for the reaping!" "Alabaster!" I groaned, "Why do you have to remind me?" "Chill out baby sister, you've only got two slips in, you'll be fine!"

"Very reassuring Mr. Four slips."

"C'mon, don't be worried! We'll be fine! Where's Dad?"

"Getting ready, which is where you should be," Mom scolded. Alabaster and I raced upstairs.

Mom had picked out a pale pink dress with a yellow sash. Of course there were shoes and jewelry to match. You'd think we lived in District 8!

Once we left our house, the mood became grim. As all the District 5 citizens filtered through peacekeepers, I was separated from Alabaster. Oh well, we went in separate sections anyway.

I wasn't worried about myself, but Alabaster... I try to stop my worrying by thinking about the hundreds of thousands of slips in the huge glass bowl.

The district escort, Gemma, walked to the front of the stage. She began the annual speech, then turned the mike over to Mayor Julius who began another long boring speech.

Finally, my nerves became overwhelming.

I turned to my friend, Willa, behind me." Catch me if I faint!" I begged.

"Ladies first!" Gemma proclaimed, like every escort ever. She dug around in the bowl, producing two slips. She hesitated, then put one back. "Hope it's a good one!" She giggled. Only the capital people...

Gemma unfolded it the stepped up to the microphone, "Delany Meadows."

No! No! There must be a mistake! Calm down! You have like four cousins who are older and probably willing to volunteer.

I walked up to the stage, everyone parting as I walked to my death.

Gemma caught me in a one-armed hug. "Any volunteers? Anyone? No I guess not. Boys!" She strode over to the boy bowl. I refused to make eye-contact with Alabaster. She pulled out a slip and read the name clearly. "Alabaster Meadows!" As Alabaster stepped forward, I could see the fear in his eyes. Not at death, but death at the other's hand.

"How wonderful! Siblings!" Gemma said.

Wonderful for you maybe. Wonderful for the horrible people who put us through this, yes. Wonderful for us? How about no.

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