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Delaney POV:

I'm out of my body, looking down at Oakley. She strokes my face then lays my head on the soft grass. She picks up the bag of berries and my dart gun. Then walks back to me. She kisses my forehead. She runs off into the forest.

I then realize I don't know anything about her. All I know is what happened in the arena and in training. I don't know who her family is. I don't know who her friends are. Who is she? Will Oakley go home? The hovercraft comes to take my body.

I'm not in the arena, but I'm stuck here. I watch the days go by. I watch Stewart die. I watch Alabaster surrender himself to the careers, because he "can't go on without his baby sister." Even though Alabaster's death is horrible, Oakley's death is the worst. I can't explain why. She was filling the water bottles at a stream they had found. Coily was fishing a little down the stream. Coily and Oakley were the only two left in the alliance. Shimmer came up behind Oakley and cut her arm. Xander and Pepper pushed into the stream and held her there while Shimmer cut her in one thousand different places. Coily started to help, but the cannon fired, so she ran. The hovercraft came. I couldn't follow her anymore. She was gone. I couldn't ever see her or talk to her ever again. It dawned on me that neither of us killed anyone in that arena. I walked along the stream bed. Well, in spirit form. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around, startled. I was dead. How could this happen? Oakley was there, in spirit form. We wandered the arena together. There was no way out. Coily won. She left. The forcefield around the arena held our spirits in.

In about a year, we knew everything about one another. That's when they started building a resort. Capital citizens would come watch our games. They would watch it on TV and see reenactments. They visited our death places and explored the arena. Little did they know, we were still here. I think the rest of our spirits were too. But I think Oakley and I were the only ones who could see each other. There was some kind of bond that couldn't be severed. About forty years later, people came and destroyed the forcefield and the arena. We went back to Panem where the districts and the capital lived together in harmony. There were no more Hunger Games and a woman named Katniss Everdeen was famous. Her face was everywhere. We and our people were finally free. Thanks to the Mockingjay, we were finally free.

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