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Tsunade sat behind the large desk in the hokage's office, head in her hands. When her former sensei died fighting her teammate, Orochimaru, she took up his position in honour of him. Today she was regretting that decision as she looked at the three figures in front of her. This really wasn't her fucking day.

The first figure was a spikey, blond haired man. His piercing blue eyes and angular features made for a rather handsome man. He wore the standard blue Konoha uniform with two bands on his sleeves along with a flack-jacket over-top. The most distinguishing thing about his attire was the short-sleeved white trench coat with flames along the bottom that he wore over everything else. The words 'Yondaime Hokage' written on the back left no doubts as to who this man was. He was Namikaze Minato.

Next to him was a stunningly beautiful, red haired woman with attractive purple eyes. She wore a blue sleeveless blouse underneath a green dress. Although she dressed as a civilian, it was easy to tell that she was dangerous. Despite this inherent danger, she exuded a calm and kind demeanor. Yet again, the truth was that she had an incredible temper hidden underneath the exterior. She was Namikaze née Uzumaki Kushina.

Off to the the side of the other woman was a much younger woman. While the other two were clearly adults, she looked to be under twenty. It was easy to tell that she was the daughter of the other two, her features being a mix between the two, although her hair and eyes were clearly from her mother. She wore a grey battle-kimono, with a mesh undershirt. She was Namikaze Narumi.

The very fact that these people stood in front of her was enough to give Tsunade a headache. The first two shouldn't even be alive while the last one wasn't even supposed to exist. Today had been such a promising day as well; she had managed to sneak in a bunch of sake to enjoy. Such much for being blissfully drunk.

"My patience is wearing thin, why exactly are you here?" Easily picking up on her irritability, Minato flashed Tsunade an apologetic smile. He couldn't blame her as the situation was extremely strange.

"As we've already explained, Naruto was never really the jinchuriki for the Kyuubi, Narumi-chan was. So we fled Konoha, faking our deaths, to take her away and train her in the shinobi arts. She needed all the training she could get, as hers is a special condition." Instead of letting him continue, Tsunade cut him off.

"Why the hell did you leave your other child then?" It was something that was really bugging her. These two seemed saddened at the fact that they had left their other child to the mercy of Konoha, but were entirely unrepentant. Naruto was a really unfortunate kid that could have used two loving parents and a sister to support him. As it was, he was left to fend for himself and Tsunade didn't think anything could fully justify that.

"Don't think we made the decision lightly, it pained us to think of what we were doing. However, it was clear that there was a very real threat to not only the jinchuriki, but the entire shinobi world!" Kushina's angry tone clearly displayed her discontent with the situation. Deciding to once more take over the conversation so his wife didn't do anything drastic, Minato tried to better explain.

"There is an active and very real threat that plans to use the power of the bijuu for an unknown purpose. It was they who struck on that fateful night to steal the Kyuubi. They hold immense power and the village was in massive danger of being overwhelmed after the Kyuubi's rampage. I might have killed the masked man who was behind the attack, but who knew how many others were allied with him. For that reason it was decided that it would be best to hide the real jinchuriki and train her." Tsunade nodded, having already heard of this threat through her other teammate, Jiraiya. They were called the Akatsuki and they were certainly the real deal.

"That explains why you left, but not why you left your son. Are you going to answer my question or continue to dance around the topic?" Obviously Minato felt uncomfortable with his decision to leave his child behind. If he didn't, then he wouldn't be trying so hard to avoid the real answer, instead setting up the circumstances so Tsunade could appreciate the full gravity of his choice.

"Please, I'm trying to give you the full story so that you can understand our choice. Konoha was one well-planned strike away from defeat, either by an enemy village or the group that was responsible for the attack. So we made a plan that would deal with both problems at once and we went through with it despite our personal feelings!" A small feeling of pity rose up in Tsunade. Kushina wasn't even able to look at her now, preferring to keep her head lowered towards the grounds in shame.

"If we stayed with everyone, the Akatsuki would have wiped Konoha off the face of the planet in an all attack on us. After all, we were dangerous enough to earn the attention of and destroy the one who claimed to be their leader and had under our protection the greatest of the bijuu. They would have struck us before we could recover and killed both our children and destroyed Konoha. If we ran, they would've hunted us down every step of the way, preventing us from properly training Narumi-chan. Not only that, but there are those who would have obliterated Konoha in its weakened state. The only remaining choice was to fake our death, run away with the real jinchuriki, and leave Naruto, pretending he was the real one. This way the Akatsuki would stay away from Konoha, thinking it to be better to retain anonymity and capture the bijuu at a later date. They wouldn't chase us because they wouldn't even know we were still alive. Any who would attack Konoha would be afraid of the recently made jinchuriki; the possibility of the Kyuubi breaking free a powerful deterrent. The choice we made protected our family and our village as best as could be hoped!"

Tsunade had to admit, there were some valid points brought up. In the end, it seemed as if they had been forced into making a decision that couldn't end positively with any choice. As much as she hated to admit it, she respected them for their ability to put the well-being of the village above their own family and happiness. She only wished that Naruto wasn't the one who had to pay the heaviest price for it.

"I understand why you did it." Tsunade admitted grudgingly. "But it almost seems as if the cost was too high. Worst of all is that none of you had to endure the real cost of this decision. As painful as you make it sound to have left your child, it was a thousand times more painful for Naruto to have lived without his parents." None of the three could even meet Tsunade's gaze at this point, the guilt was unbearable.

"The burden he was forced to carry was immense. Did you think it would be a wonderful life for the container of the Kyuubi, fake or not, right after most of the village was destroyed by said monster? The pain of losing a loved one and the unimaginable rage that follows can do terrible things. The abuse of a child is well within the domain of one whose mind is so torn."

The implications of her statement were not lost on any present. Kushina looked as if she were about to cry while her daughter was already doing so, her head buried in her hands. Minato was faring only slightly better than his family, keeping his composure so he could try and learn more, no matter how terrible what he learned was.

"H-how long? How bad?" Tsunade could tell that he didn't really want to hear the answer and she didn't really want to give it to him.

"It took the form of anything from verbal and emotional abuse, to full on beatings. The beatings started later on in his life but everything else was a daily occurrence." Looking at the image of grief before her wasn't something she enjoyed. She had come into this meeting hating them, but she couldn't help but realize that they were humans who had feelings, just the same as Naruto. She was looking at yet another family torn apart by a terrible world.

After the family had finally calmed down, the questions began once more.

"Why wasn't anything done to protect him!?" Kushina's legendary temper was in full effect. An irate mother wasn't something to take lightly.

"The reasoning was the same as yours. With the knowledge of his sealing being released to the public as a deterrent, the village found the scapegoat for their anger. Unfortunately, Sarutobi-sensei couldn't just announce his heritage to the world, or else every village who hated Konoha would trip over each other to kill the son of the famed Yondaime Hokage. The decision was hard, just like yours and once again Naruto suffered so everyone else could benefit."

It was clear that Kushina wanted to say something in response. Tsunade's words hurt, having the same line of reasoning being thrown back into her face was difficult to accept. The choice had seemed so obvious, no matter how hard it was, but now she wanted nothing more than to go back in time and take her son away with her.

"It's not as bad as it sounds, there was certainly never any mobs chasing him down the streets. It was basically one person who beat him. That stopped though as he... stood up for himself one day."

"He stood up for himself? That's... that's good. It's just, why did he have to stand up for himself?" Asked Kushina.

"You know why Kushina; it was hard for people to see the child beneath their pain. Naruto also never talked about it, so no one really knew what was going on. From what I've heard he was a strong child."

"Um, you've met him right? What's he like?" This was what Tsunade dreaded the most. She wasn't quite sure if she should actually tell them the truth, but they deserved to know.

"I've never actually met him myself." That comment was met with dumbfounded silence. How the hell could the Hokage not meet someone as important as the jinchuriki of their village. In fact, Tsunade should have at least met, in passing, every single shinobi of Konoha.

"What the hell do you mean you haven't met him? Bring him here then!" Not only did Kushina have a massive temper, she had a voice to match. Maybe it was a good thing Tsunade wasn't hung-over for once.

"You would certainly think it would be that easy, but it's not going to be." Narumi, who had been quite up until now, decided to join the conversation as she was excited to see her brother. Ever since she had learned of his existence she had been pestering her parents for a reunion. Unfortunately, they had denied all her requests, stating that her training was of great importance. She had a seventeen year old twin brother that she had never met. Even now, there existed some tension between her and her parents over this.

"What do you mean not here? I've been waiting to see my nii-san since I've learned to talk and he's not here!?" As Kushina tried to calm her child down, Tsunade couldn't help but feel once more that she should have never taken the position of hokage. It was simply too stressful and she had never really been one for such responsibility. Perhaps with Minato back she could finally get rid of the job.

"Where is my son Tsunade? Is he on a mission or something?" Tsunade shook her head, confusing Minato. If he wasn't out on a mission, then where was he? Perhaps Tsunade had allowed him to go on a vacation or training trip to get away from the village for a while.

"Unfortunately you've been left out of the loop and so you've missed some rather important developments. I really wish it weren't so, but your son has been missing for the past two years."

"Missing? What the hell do you mean missing?" To say that Kushina was mad would be an understatement. The absentee mother was downright furious. This was supposed to be a reunion, for better or worse she was supposed to have seen the man that her baby boy had grown into. She had known there wouldn't be a tearful and loving reunion, but just seeing him would have been enough.

"I mean he's missing. We haven't been able to locate him since we lost him two years ago."

"And how the fuck do you lose someone!?" Minato had to move to restrain his wife, lest she try and physically release her anger.

"He hasn't been in the village for 4 years, although we had eyes on him for the first two. After those first two he broke out and managed to elude capture." The wording of Tsunade's reply managed to calm Kushina enough for her to speak once more.

"Break out? What did he break out of?" Inwardly sighing, Tsunade prepared herself for the, in all likelihood, violent response. This was the one thing that she had dreaded informing the family about above all others.

"Yes, break out is the usual way of phrasing it. You see, four years ago, your son was arrested and sent to jail."

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