Hi! (´∇ノ`*)ノ I know this is really long and I'm annoying but I wanna explain some things about his fiction.
1) This is an AU (alternate universe). Reese and Malcolm are step brothers. Even though I dislike when authors make incest couples into unrelated people for moral purposes, I did it only for entertainment purposes. 2) If you have familiarized yourself with my other fics, you probably know that I love porny fics. But (for the first time) this story will be rated M for porn in later chapters. Gotta wine and dine em' first, ya know? But this is a slash story between Reese/Malcolm 3) This story was not inspired by, but has some aspects of the manga 'Marmalade Boy' and movie 'Step-Brothers', which I both love. 4) This chapter is an intro. And I'll…I mean Malcolm, will explain the circumstances.
I hope you like it \(^O^)/

All this fucked up shit started approximately a month ago. Yeah I cussed; I said 'fucked' and 'shit' but in my situation it's perfectly reasonable!
I mean I have it bad! Horrible! And it all began when I was five.
I had the perfect life until I was five. Ok, I don't remember much about when I was five, but I'm almost positive it must have been perfect!
See I had this perfect family: my dad, my mom and me. But my mom got sick and passed away when I had just turned the ripe age of five.
Things weren't so bad after that. Sure, it was my dad and me, in the house that was too big for us, but everything was okay.

But now everything is rotten. Let me tell you why-my dad is getting married! To a total crazy control freak of a woman!
And like that wasn't bad enough, that means she's going to be moving in into this house, with us!
But wait, it gets worse: her son is also coming to live with us! I know! I hate it, it's like my dad wants me to be miserable!

But I guess I should start at the beginning:
I never stopped to think if my dad was lonely. I guess I never cared.
Then my father came home one day, different. He was smiling, and practically dancing around the kitchen. I just thought he was being his usual crazy self.
Then I noticed how he always was trying to make excuses to go to the store. The second we ran out of anything! even if it was something we sparingly used, like cotton swabs, he would grab his keys and return back, way later than-a trip to the drug store to pick something up-takes.
He would constantly badger me, asking if I need pencils or other school supplies. Dad stopped using that excuse after I pointed out the abundant supplies of toiletries and school supplies that were still in the bags they came in, crammed behind the dining room table.
All that was peculiar enough, but one day he actually came back with nothing, and this time we actually needed it!
"Where's the shampoo," I asked as he walked in empty handed. He just muttered a number of acknowledgements incoherently and went to his room.
It was the last straw. I had to figure out what was going on.

The next day, as sure as the sun rose, there was another excuse to visit the drug store. This time I asked to come along. He kind of hesitated but finally agreed with a vexed expression.
We pulled up at the store. Nothing unusual about it, yet.
We went inside and my dad suggested I go peruse the candy aisle, promising me he'll buy me whatever I want.
Obviously, he was trying to get rid of me. Maybe he had to meet some special agents, like he was secretly in the FBI or something? Man, if my dad did that it would be so cool!
But I went around an aisle and peeked out at him. He didn't do anything interesting though. He hung around the cash registers, pretending to be interesting in the limited supplies of snacks and tabloid magazines that were there.
I didn't get it. Maybe he's going insane. A mid-life crisis?
I shrugged and went to look down the candy aisle, but nothing really interested me. I turned into the magazine aisle, scanning for anything that wasn't totally boring and not about how to 'please your man' or 'lose those last 10 pounds'. I musn't have been paying attention because I ran into someone, making them drop a dirt bike magazine they were reading in the process.
I quickly apologized, but stopped when I saw who it was. Reese.
"What are you doing here, krelboyne?" Reese's tone was harsh but his smile said different.

Reese went to my school. I never talked to him, though. He was bad, or so I heard. Well I kinda did know. He was always beating up kids; mostly tormenting the other boys that were in my class.
He never was totally mean to me, though. He mostly pushed me and tripped me, on occasion, but that's as good as it's gonna get when you mix a krelboyne and a bully. Reese always smiled when he saw me. Not like he was happy, more like he was mocking/laughing at me. I hardly saw him in school, because he was always in detention, or running around alone. Still, I wasn't really scared of him…he was just…weird.

"I came with my dad," I answered meekly, taking a step back.
I'm not scared of him, I swear! I just didn't want trouble, really!
Before he could say anything else in his booming voice, I quickly asked "what are you doing here?"
He picked up the magazine from the floor and put it back in its proper place on the shelf.
I didn't think someone as stupid as Reese was capable of that.
"My mom works here," he replied. His voice was low, almost like he might have been embarrassed.
I was impressed to be having such a civilized conversation with the school bully, but I tried to keep it that way.
"Cool," I said, shrugging and smiling.
Okay I probably looked like a total dork doing that, but…wait what do I care what he thinks of me anyways?
Reese averted his eyes, as if the passing moment of awkwardness got to him.
"Well, I should go," I said, returning my stupid smile, and pointing over my shoulder.
He didn't say anything after that. Not like I expected him to…it was better that way.
I hurried past him, trying to not make it too obvious how much I wanted to get away from him. I went to the cash register my dad was previously hanging around. But I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it. It: the whole reason my dad had been acting like a complete idiot these past few days.
I didn't notice Reese appear next to me until he spoke up. Upon seeing what my attention was directed at, he said "I hate that guy. He's always hanging around my mom, and the worst part is, I think my mom likes him. She's been acting all girly and stuff; it's gross."
"Wait, what?" I couldn't believe it!
Reese pointed at my dad again. "That loser. He's always in here, sniffing around my mom."
"That loser is my dad," I exclaimed, turning to him.
Reese smiled again, looking me up and down before looking back at my dad. "Guess being a loser runs in the family," he sneered.
"Shut up!"
I left before Reese could beat me up. I waited for my dad outside by the car. He emerged a while later, with a goofy smile on his face. It was sickening.
"Dad, who was that lady," I asked on the drive back home.
Dad glanced nervously at me, and then replied "just a friend."
"Is that who you've been coming to see all the time?"
"No, Malcolm. Mind your own business," he snapped.
I totally knew it was.

One day dad called a babysitter. He usually let me stay home alone unless he was going to be gone for a long time.
I didn't mind being babysat, mostly because my baby sitter was our neighbor from down the street. He's really cool. His name is Francis. He's like the older brother I never had.
Usually Francis let me get away with a lot of things-like staying up late. Some nights he would invite his girlfriend, Patty, over. She's really pretty and nice, I like her too. But they usually end up making out and never notice if I sneak out of the house or something.
But dad hadn't called a babysitter for me in a while. I concluded that he was probably going on a date. (Ok so he was all dressed up and stinking of cologne.) And of course, I knew all too well with whom he was going.
I fell asleep before dad returned home.

From that day on, his outings became more frequent. On the days I would help with the laundry I found lipstick stains on his clothes. I even found some on his underwear. What the hell?

I think Reese knew what was happening, too, because he came up to me one day during school. "You better tell your dad to stay away from my mom!"
"Shut up! You want everyone to know," I said glancing around.
"I'm serious, nerd!"
"It's not like I like my dad dating your mom, either! What am I supposed to do about it?"
"Figure it out," he barked, pushing me before he left.

I rue the day that my dad said he wanted to 'talk to me'. He sat me down and explained to me that 'that nice lady from the drug store' was coming over for dinner. He said how they were good friends.
"Dad, I'm not stupid! I know she's your girlfriend." I rolled my eyes but mostly I felt disgusted with the thought that my dad had a girlfriend. Yuck.
"Yes, well she's coming over for dinner. I expect you to be on your best behavior."
I was about to protest, when he added: "Oh yeah, she's bringing her son."

That night, dad was so nervous. He was running around trying to make everything perfect. Making sure the house was clean; he even had me help him pick something to wear. What are we, girls?
Of course I had to dress up. It was so stupid.
When they arrived dad literally screamed.
But I was kind of nervous too. I don't really know why, though.
Reese's mom (whose name I discovered is Lois) wore a green polka-dotted dress. I had actually heard from some kids at school that she was a total psycho. She seemed…okay?
As dad had mentioned, Reese came, too. He looked annoyed since the moment they arrived. He was dressed nicely, too. He was wearing black slacks with a navy blue button down shirt, with his usual spiked hair. I couldn't help but wanna laugh. Like this he looked like a goody-two-shoes church-going little boy. He saw me looking at him, and then it was harder to keep myself from snickering.
"Shut up," he hissed as he walked by.
I'd rather forget that night.
Lois and my dad sat across from each other, so I had to have a view of Reese the whole time.
First, Lois asked me questions. As if she was really interested in me. She seemed really impressed that I was in krelboyne classes, or as she referred to them my 'genius classes.'
My dad tried to question Reese too, but Reese is such a half-wit, [or more like no-wit] why even bother?
The worst was watching Lois and my dad make goo-goo eyes at each other. They both smiled and laughed at what the other said all the time. I lost my appetite and didn't even bother to finish the store bought lasagna that my dad put into a casserole dish, giving it the appearance of a homemade dinner. I think she figured it out anyway.
After we were done with dinner, Lois announced she brought dessert. It was a chocolate cake with white frosting. It was actually really good!
"Reese made it," she said.
"You cook," I asked, more appalled then I should have sounded. It slipped out.
"Shut up," he gritted.
"Wow, Reese this is amazing," my dad complimented Reese.
Reese murmured a 'thanks' but watched his plate.
My dad didn't have to overdo it. It wasn't that amazing.
"Malcolm, why don't you go play with Reese in your room," asked dad.
I wanted to point out that I am too old to be 'playing' or that the last thing I would be doing with Reese is playing. But I just said 'okay' and guided Reese to my room.
"Nice room, krelboyne," he added as he walked in.
"Shut up. At least I don't cook, like a girl."
Reese punched my arm. "I thought you said you were gonna take care of this."
"I never said that! And what exactly was I supposed to do?"
"I don't know, you're the genius. Figure it out! …what do you think they're doing out there, anyways?"
"I don't wanna know," I said shaking my head.
"One time mom came home with her shirt inside out."
"I found lipstick on my dad's underwear."
"Eww! Dude that's gross."
"I know," I said, shaking my head. "But, I don't know, our parents seem happy, don't they?"
Reese sighed in frustration. "I guess," he said sitting down on my bed. "What happened to your mom, anyways?"
"She died when I was five. What about your dad?"
"He's an ass. But he took my little brother."
"You have a brother?"
"Yeah, his name's Dewey. But my dad got custody."
"Do you miss him?"
"He's kind of annoying. Sometimes." Reese reclined back on my bed. He sat up suddenly. "What if they get married!?"
"It barely occurred to you?!"
Reese kept gaping.
"Maybe not, maybe they'll break up or something."
"You better be right about that! Let's see what they're doing," he suggested.
We both tiptoed out of the room. Dad and Lois were furiously (well that's the only word I could describe it as) making out on the table.
"I'm gonna be sick," said Reese covering his mouth and running back to my room.
Okay so that was really gross.
"You better not throw up on my bed," I warned, following him.

Reese stopped picking on me at school after that. He mostly just avoided me.

My dad came home one afternoon and took me out for icecream. I, being completely stupid, didn't think that he was trying to butter me up. I had just gotten my chocolate chip cookie dough on a cone when he told me: 'I'm getting married.'
I passed out. Or I should have.
"What?! To her? To Reese's mom?! You can't!"
"No, you….you just can't!"
"But dad!"
"Malcolm, you know I loved your mother. But after your mother passed away…I felt so lonely. Then I met Lois. She makes me happy."
I couldn't say anything. I did want my dad to be happy… I sighed, grimacing at my cone.
"It'll be okay, son. You'll like her, too, once you get to know her better."

The next day at school, Reese stopped ignoring me. In fact, he came right up to me during recess and grabbed me by my shirt. I thought he was gonna pull me off the ground. "You are so dead!"
"What did I do?!"
"This is all your fault! My mom is not gonna marry your loser dad."
"Reese, stop it." I pushed his hand away from me. "Just stop thinking about yourself for once. Isn't your mom happy?"
"I don't care about her, I care about me!"
The bell to go back into class rang.
"Look, there's nothing we can do about it, so just forget it."
"Oh, but there is," he said menacingly, before turning away and leaving.

And just yesterday my dad told me Lois and Reese would be moving in.
"I'm going to have to share a room with Reese?!"
"Malcolm that's enough! I don't wanna hear another word out of you! You will make them feel welcome!"
"But, dad! Reese is a bully, he beats kids up."
"I don't care if he's an escaped psycho from the mental hospital! You are going to get along with him, because I want this to work out between Lois and me." He huffed, picking up a box and lugging it away.
We had to spend the rest of the day moving things into the attic and cleaning up the house in silence.

Now we're waiting for them to arrive. I think there still might be time to run away with the circus.

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