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I nodded.
Reese gave me a raunchy smile as he slid his fingertips slowly down my stomach, underneath my boxers.
I hissed when he grabbed the base of my cock, giving it rough, dry tugs. I moaned in protest/pleasure and he chuckled.
Reese removed his hand for a second to take my hand and guide it down between his legs.
I took the hint and started rubbing him through his boxers. He was almost completely hard, and it was making me nervous on account of how big he was.
"Remember that time you came when I was holding you down on the floor," Reese whispered.
Oh God that was embarrassing!
I nodded against him.
"I wanted to fuck you right then and there. You looked so cute when you creamed your pants."
"Shut up!"
"Hehehe. It's true." Reese climbed on top of me, pulling his boxers halfway down, under his balls.
He lied on top of me and grabbed our dicks in his hand, bucking our pelvises together.
"Mmmm!...Reeese," I moaned, spreading my legs further apart.
"I love when you say my name like that."
He stopped and moved down, between my legs and took off my boxers.
I got up on my elbows to get a better view.
I watched as he lewdly ran his tongue up the thick vein under my cock, up to the head, where he flicked his tongue repeatedly, never breaking eye contact.
I pursed my lips, trying not to come then and there.
"Say it again." He engulfed me down completely, relaxing his throat until I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of his throat.
"Ungh! Reese!" I threaded my hand into his locks.
He let me slip out of his mouth, then shimmied further down the bed and grabbed the back of my thighs, lifting them up so I was completely exposed to him.
"Wait.." I felt embarrassed being like this.
"Maybe we should do it differently..."
"Doggy style?"
That's one way to put it.
"Yeah..." I nodded.
Reese sat back and waited as I assumed the position. I turned around and knelt on the bed, facing away from him.
"Take off your shirt," he directed, pulling the shirt off me. "Bend over," he went on to instruct, pushing my face into the pillow.
At this point my ass was in the air for him to see completely and my face was burning into the pillow.
"Hurry up," I urged.
"I have to prepare you."
I buried my face further into the pillow when I heard Reese suckle around the fingers in his mouth.
I felt him press a cold wet finger between my asscheeks, making me realize I was clutching the pillow so hard my nails were digging through the pillow, making crescent-shaped dents in my palm.
I think this is the part where it paid off that I started regularly fingering myself when I was in the shower or masturbated. By the fourth time I had done it, it started feeling pleasurable.
Reese pushed a finger inside and I momentarily forgot how to breathe.
He slowly worked his finger in and out at a punishable pace, gripping my thigh with his other hand.
I hated to admit it, but I wanted more.
Behind me, Reese took off his own shirt and started sucking on his fingers again.
This time I felt the finger tips of two finger prodding at me. They easily went in.
I had already worked up to three fingers when I was alone, but Reese's fingers were bigger than mine.
Reese twisted his wrist and turned his finger tips up inside me, hitting a spot that made me cry out.
"Shhh! Don't be noisy."
Easy for him to say.
"I'm trying, okay?"
Reese did it again and I was fast enough to muffle the wail into the pillow this time.
He snickered, working his fingers faster now.
It started to feel really good and I was moaning softly, rocking my hips back in rhythm to his hand.
I listened as Reese took the one hand off my hip and clumsily tried to push it past the waistband of his own boxers. His own pace on the hand he was working on me faltered as I could hear him touching himself due to the small pants he was breathing.
My dick started gaining interest, getting hard again, and I took the opportunity to reach past my stomach to touch myself.
"Okay," he answered breathlessly.
He retrieved his fingers only to return with another; he impatiently started fucking them into me.
I attempted to work my hand in sync with him but it was too hard.
"Malcolm, are you ready?" Like he read my mind.
I nodded, but then remembered he couldn't see it so I replied: yes.
Reese removed his fingers and shifted the mattress around as he struggled to take off his boxers. Once he did, he flung them away.
As he did that, I turned around and lied on my back.
"What are you doing?"
"I changed my mind. I want it like this."
"Okay," he answered, settling himself between my legs.
"You ready," he questioned again, sounding somewhat more excited than I wish he would.
I nodded.
Reese spit into his hand until he formed a small puddle of spit in his palm.
"Gross," I remarked upon seeing the shiny, bubbly secretion in his hand.
"Don't be such a girl," he countered.
He slathered the spit on his cock, spilling most on the bed. He ran a hand over his shaft, admiring his handiwork: his cock shiny with spit.
When he was content he propped my legs on his shoulders, then leaned forward, practically bending me in half.
"WAIT! No...not like that."
"Okay. Shhhh. Sorry." He let me drop my legs down before he shoved them open and pressed them down against the bed.
"Wait, Im cold," I announced. I'm not stalling, I swear.
Reese rolled his eyes and pulled the blanket that was half on the floor over his shoulders then laid down on top of me, covering us both.
"I'm sorry, I.."
Reese successfully shut me up with a kiss.
I wrapped my legs around him and Reese shifted onto his knees and reached down between us to grab his cock and lead it to my entrance.
When I felt the tip of his cock trying to enter, I pulled back from the kiss, gasping; but Reese didn't stop.
The blunt head slipped inside me. Reese groaned as he pushed himself completely inside me.
I panted, trying to adjust to the feeling. Reese felt bigger than any of my three fingers ever did.
Reese rested his forehead on my shoulder.
"Move," I begged. I hoped that would ease some of the pain.
I felt him nod on my shoulder before getting up to rest on his forearms that framed my head.
I looked up into his eyes as I felt every inch of him pull out and slam back in, then immediately broke eye contact again when I let my head back loll back against the pillow and my mouth fall open in a silent yelp.
I tried to open my legs impossible further around Reese, hooking my arms under his, to grab his shoulders and pull him closer.
My heart was beating so fast in my chest and vision was spotty.
I leaned up and kissed Reese, licking into his mouth urgently.
He kissed back just as desperately, slamming his hips repeatedly against me in an easy rhythm.
Reese tossed his head back, closing his eyes as he bucked harder.
"Maalcoolmm," moaned Reese, resting his forehead on mine.
"It's hot," I mumbled, pulling the blankets off of us and tossing it to the floor. "Please don't stop," I added, pathetically.
Reese smiled, stopping.
"Yeah? I didn't know you were such a whore, Malcolm. Well, yeah, I guess I did," he sneered. He snapped his hips, once, fast and hard, making me cry out.
"Shh" he reminded me. He forced his tongue into my mouth, sloppily kissing me so I couldn't cry out.
He fucked into me with sharp snaps of his hips, hitting my prostate every time.
"Fuck, Malcolm, you feel so good,' he drawled, shaking his head.
"Please touch me," I implored.
"Turn around," he proclaimed.
"Do it," he said.
When I didn't, he pulled out and manhandled me over onto my stomach, then grabbed my hips and moved me to my hands and knees.
He pushed his cock back inside me, which easily slid in.
"Its easier like this," he asserted, leaning down on me, pressing his chest to my back.
I lowered myself down on bracketed elbows while Reese balanced himself on his palms, pistoning in and out of my ass.
"Please touch me," I begged, again.
Finally, Reese reached down and started jacking me quickly in heated strokes.
I churred unabashedly into my pillow. "Hurry," I whined. I could feel my orgasm building up.
"Are you gonna come," asked Reese.
I nodded, not caring if he caught it or not.
"No. I want to see you."
"Want to see me...nngh..what?"
"No, I wanna..."
He squeezed the base of my cock, stopping my orgasm.
"Ow! Reese!"
"Please," he asked, kissing my neck.
"Okay, hurry." All this shifting around was making me impatient.
He pulled out and moved around again until he was on his back and he had me straddling him.
"No. I don't like it like this," I insisted.
"Yes, you do." He grabbed my hips and pushed into me.
I held myself up by putting his hands on his chest, as he fucked my hips down on his dick.
"Fuck yourself on me," he urged.
I raised and lowered myself on Reese as he jerked me off.
"Malcolm, can I come inside you?"
Reese pulled me down to lie on him before I could answer. He hugged me around my waist and held me tight until I couldn't move. Instead, he fucked his cock up into me hastily.
"Fuck. Fuck. Malcolm."
I felt his squirts of hot cum fill me up as I watched his eyebrows furrow and his mouth drop open. He let go of my waist and moved his hands down to my hips to rock them on himself at his disposal, ensuring he milked every drop inside me.
"C'mere," he breathed, pushing me back, to sit up on his dick.
He sat up and propped himself up on one extended hand as he jerked me with the other.
"Shit!" At this angle he was completely sheathed inside me.
I leaned forward, and wrapped my arms around his neck. "I'm coming," I sobbed to him.
He kissed me forcefully as I came all over his hand and both our stomachs.
I waited, catching my breath, leaning on him.
"Here." Reese reached over and picked up my shirt, using it to wipe us both off.
Reese tittered.
I tore the shirt from his hand and tossed it to the other side of the bed. Why did he always use my shirt?
We both laid back down on the bed next to each other, as Reese grabbed the blanket off the floor and pulled it over us.
We fell asleep quickly after that.

"Reese! Malcolm!"
In the morning we were both assaulted awake by Lois calling us.
I reached out of bed to grab my clothes and slipped them on under the covers while Reese scrambled out of the bed faster than I had ever seen him move and ran to the other bed and got under its covers, a little too late.
I had the blanket covering me completely, but Lois walked into the room too fast and caught sight of Reese being disrobed under the blankets.
"Why are you naked," asked Lois, looking at Reese, then at his boxers tossed across the room.
"I was hot," he answered.
"Jesus Christ, Reese. What is your problem? Flinging your clothes off like that- Malcolm's probably terrified."
I tried to suppress my laughter as Lois lectured Reese.

"So," started my dad over breakfast. "How about we all go out, today?"
"Let's go to the movies! There's this really cool movie I want to watch," chirped Reese.
"What is it called," asked Lois.
"Monster truck of death 3: the revenge."
"Well, maybe Hal and I will watch a different one..."
"What? I don't want to watch that," I protested, but no one heard me.

Later, after lunch, I was in the shower, getting ready to go to the movies, when suddenly the shower curtain was pulled back.
"Wah!" I screamed, crossing my arms over my chest, I don't know why. I don't have any breasts.
A naked Reese snickered, looking me up and down.
"What are you doing?!"
"I need to shower, too." He stepped into the shower and closed the curtain behind him.
"No! Lois or my dad will find us."
"Not if you're quiet."
"Don't try anything! I'm still sore from last night." Like it wasn't bad enough having to walk and sit down normally in front of our parents.
"Relax. I won't."
I jumped when he reached for the soap, and jolted when he got some shampoo, but he actually behaved.
By the end of the shower, he didn't even kiss me, and I started worrying.
Reese behaving? What if he didn't like how we had sex? Maybe that's why he hasn't done anything, he gave up on our sex life!
So I pushed aside my embarrassment and kissed him.
"I thought you said no." He looked at me, confused.
"Well if you don't want to..."
"No. I do." He kissed me again, pulling me into his arms. "So that means you liked last night?"
I nodded, nosing down his clavicle.
"Good, me too."
I chose a spot on his chest and started alternating between sucking and biting him there.
"If you get to leave me a hickey I get to do one on you, too."
After the first one I made another one on the side of his neck, low enough to be covered by a shirt.
He moved a hand down my back, and I tensed.
"I'll be gentle," he assured, somewhat mockingly.
I buried my face in his neck as he pushed two water-slicked fingers into me.
It hurt a little at first, but soon the familiar feeling of pleasure came rushing back as he began working his digits in and out.
"Touch me," I pleaded, clinging to him.
He worked his other hand on my cock, and I gritted my teeth in response.
"Think you can bend over," asked Reese.
"No! It's..."
"Malcolm?" My dad peeked into the bathroom and we both froze.
"Dad?" I hope our shower curtains aren't see-through.
"Malcolm is that you?"
Reese motioned at me frantically to reply.
"Yeah, d..dad?"
"Are you in here?"
"I was gonna ask you if you'd help me with something later on-"
Reese thrust his finger into me suddenly, making me run out of breath.
"Gnnrgh! Uh yeah dad!"
"Are you okay, son?"
Then it was Lois's turn to poke into the bathroom. "Malcolm, have you seen Reese?"
Reese chuckled, keeping a constant motion with his hand.
"Oh cuz' I can't find him anywhere."
"Did you look in the garage," asked my dad.
"Can you people get out of here? I'm showering!"
"Don't have to be rude, Malcolm. We just asked you a question," murmured my dad as he and Lois exited.
"Jerk!" I propelled Reese away.
"Did you just call me a jerk, mister?" My dad poked his head back into the bathroom.
"Uh, no dad! I sneezed," I lied.
Reese slapped a hand over his mouth just as he was about to guffaw.
I waited till I heard the door close.
"Showers over!" I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, ignoring the fact that Reese got to see my ass.
I got a towel and left to the room to change.

Reese gave me his version of an apology and I accepted in the end.
"After the movie, come straight back here," warned my dad once we were at the movie theatre.
"Wanna share something," I asked, perusing the theatre food and their prices.
"No. That's gay."

We ended up sharing a large popcorn and a large red slushie because Reese wanted a cherry slushie and not a soda.
"Lets sit in the back," prompted Reese, tossing popcorn into his mouth, from the tub he was holding.
"Why," I asked, opening the theatre door.
"So we can make out."
A man escorting an elderly woman walked by just as he said that. I awkwardly smiled and waved them off.
"Idiot!" I smacked him on the back of the head.
"Oh don't act like you don't want to, Malcolm. You act all innocent but you're just a big of a perv as I am."
"Whatever." As we walked past rows of seats, I noticed only one overweight man, alone, in the theatre.
No wonder no one was here; who would wanna see this movie?
Just as he said, Reese guided me to the back row.
I don't really mind sitting in the back, I suppose.
"Whoa look! It's a seat for a fat person!" Reese pointed at the two seats where the arm rest between them was lifted up.
"No." I lowered the arm rest.
"Oh," said Reese, disappointed.
I sat down, putting the slushie in the cup holder to my left.
Reese sat on my right and propped the tub of popcorn on the empty seat next to him before he lifted the arm rest between us, then pulled me close to him.
"Wait, stop." I pushed him away, making sure no one saw. "Don't do that! Wait until the movie starts- like decent people!"
"Nobody's watching! Besides, you owe me for the shower."
"We're not gonna do it on the movie theatre..."
"It'll be fun."
"I was just kidding. Relax." He picked the popcorn up and started eating it before reaching over and taking the slushie.
"Don't eat it all just yet. Wait till the movie starts," I reminded him.
"Aww...I wanted extra butter!" Reese looked into the tub of popcorn.
"Okay, go get some."
"Come with me."
"Fine." I don't think we'll risk losing our seats.

"Be careful," I prompted at Reese.
Reese decided to get a cup and fill it with liquid butter, for dipping I guess, even after he put butter on the popcorn.
"It's hot," he said, holding it with his fingertips.
"Here, let me hold it." I'm sure he would end up spilling it, so I took it from him and gave him the popcorn to hold instead.
"Stop eating it," I snapped, looking over my shoulder.
I ran right into someone, spilling the cup in my hand, partially on her shirt.
"I'm really sorry!" I handed some of the napkins I took to the girl, because I figured wiping the butter right of her blouse was inappropriate.
She wiped her blouse but then caught sight of Reese. "Uh, Reese?"
"Allison," he replied, somewhat startled.
Who's Allison?
Reese looked like he was just caught with his hand down his pants by his mom.
This so-called Allison was a pretty little blonde.
"Hi, Reese. How have you been," she questioned.
"Uh fine...!"
"Who are you," she asked me, politely.
"I'm, uh, Reese's brother," I answered.
"You never told me you had a brother," she said, looking very confused.
"STEP-brother. I'm Reese's step brother," I corrected. "I'm sorry about your shirt."
"Oh." She nodded, smiling but still looking confused. "It's okay, I guess." She inspected her shirt.
A blond boy holding a tub of popcorn and balancing two sodas on his other arm came up behind her.
"Oh! This is my date, Josh," she said to us, grabbing one of the sodas. "This is Reese..and what's your name again," she directed at me, after she took a sip of soda.
"I'm Malcolm," I said, giving a curt wave at Josh.
Josh gave me a once over and then gave me a bawdy smile.
I averted my eyes.
"So what movie are you guys watching," asked Allison.
"That monster truck one," I reported, rolling my eyes.
"Oh, we're going to see that one too! We should sit together," suggested Allison.
Suddenly the thought of being alone with Reese and dodging his salacious suggestions throughout the movie seemed great.
The four of us walked back to the theatre but once we reached the doors I let Allison and Josh go first so I could pull Reese aside.
"I swear nothing happened!" Reese waved around his hands in defense.
"What are you talking about? Who is she?"
"I used to go out...with her..."
"But we never did anything, I swear!"
"Alright, calm down. It's not a big deal. Just act normal."
Well it wasn't, okay? I mean, she was with her own date so everything should be okay...
We went back inside and found them already seated. However, they sitting a seat away from the edge.
"Here, Reese, you can sit next to me." Allison motioned to the seat next to her, which was the last in the row.
Reese threw me a glance, but I didn't really say anything because why would two step-brothers be intent on sitting next to each other? So I sat next to Josh, with Allison and Josh between Reese and I.
Reese and Allison were busy discussing the movie, and that just left an awkward silence between Josh and I.
"So, did Allison pick the movie," I asked Josh.
"Yeah, I'm guessing you also got dragged to this, too?"
I nodded.
"So are you and Reese...a thing?" He asked, low enough that Allison didn't hear, eating a handful of popcorn.
A thing?
I caught Reese's eye for a second. "No, no. We're step-brothers."
What? It's not like I need to announce to the whole world that we're gay.
"Oh cool." Josh turned back to the screen, seeming uninterested.

The movie was the most insipid thing I have ever seen.
Apparently, the protagonist, a brown monster truck named Dirk wanted to go and smash a family of cars that were responsible for the motor-removing of his dad, which was a car as well...
I have no idea how someone could even make this.
Josh absent-mindedly tossed popcorn kernels into his mouth as Reese and Allison both watched the movie in amazement, laughing at all the stupid jokes in the movie that were supposed to be funny.
"I'm going to the bathroom," I announced, not really making sure anyone heard because no one probably cared.

I splashed water on my face. I'm not jealous. This just sucks. I'm sure Reese doesn't like her...
but they do seem to make a good couple...
The bathroom door opened and my heart half-jumped expecting it to be Reese, but it was Josh instead.
"Oh...! Hey." I smiled, unconvincingly.
"Sorry about your boyfriend," stated Josh, coming over to the sink next to me and washing his hands.
"Reese. He's your boyfriend, huh?"
"I'm not stupid, Malcolm. I saw how you were constantly looking over at them. And you should have seen your face when Allison suggested we sit together. And what's funniest is that you lied about it when I asked you, even though it's totally obvious. Allison is probably the only person in the whole theatre that didn't realize it, because she's dumb as a post."
I was speechless. I wondered if there was still a chance for me to deny it. Innocent till proven guilty, right?
"And what's worst is that you actually believe Reese is gay. The minute you left they started making out."
"...Reese wouldn't do that..."
"Go see for yourself," Josh pointed over his shoulder.
I tried not to run, but quickly paced to the theatre. Once I was inside, I peeked in and saw that Reese and Allison were both missing from their seats.
"Probably took it to the backseat of a car," suggested Josh, appearing behind me.
I started to get that familiar knot in my stomach that I get when I get nervous.
Reese wouldn't do that. I know he wouldn't.
"Don't worry Malcolm, just forget them. You're too good for an idiot like Reese anyway." Josh put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed it.
"Are you hitting on me?" I tried to shake him off but he had a tight grip.
"Me? Please. No, I'm not gay," Josh laughed, but pushed me against a wall. He kicked my legs apart, grinding his hips down against my own.
"Get off...!"
"That's what I plan on doing," chuckled Josh.
"What are you doing?"
We both turned to see Allison walking into the theatre.
"Oh Allison, I was just teaching Malcolm some fighting techniques," explained Josh.
That filthy little liar.
"Where's Reese," I asked, noticing Reese wasn't with her.
"Well he went to go find you," conceded Allison.
"But I never left..?"
"Oh yeah. Well Josh said you left because you were mad or something so Reese ran after you. To find you. But wait, why are you here then..."
"I don't know, but he looked very worried..." noted Allison.
I ran past them to go look for Reese. Where could Reese have gone? I can't believe I ever believed anything that jerk Josh said. I knew Reese would never do that to me.
I went back to check the bathrooms and even some other screening rooms, but to no avail. I tried looking in the arcade by the movie theatre, but he wasn't there either.
I looked around on the street, but the only other thing around was the zoo across the street.
It's worth a try.

Who was I kidding, maybe Reese did go off with Allison, and they just set that whole thing up to get rid of me, I mean they were obviously acting; no one could be that stupid.
I should just give up and go back to find my dad.

Where would Reese go? Probably to see the monkeys. So I checked there first. Nothing. I tried the tigers, but nothing there, either.
I looked in the humid tropical birds room, the dark reptile room, and the crocodiles.
Maybe I was looking at it in the wrong way- maybe Reese was looking in the places he thought I would go.
Or maybe Reese is Reese and got distracted.
I went into an aquatic exhibit that was dark inside; the only lights came from the illuminated fish tanks. I walked around the exhibit, and stopped at the big fish tank in the middle of the room.
I admired the small paracanthurus hepatus that swam by itself along the tank. Then I rolled my eyes, annoyed at the fact that most idiots would just call it a 'Dory'.
The sun was starting to set and I had probably looked for over an hour by now.
I went to the last place I thought I'd find Reese: the smelly pens where they have goats and sheep.
It was mostly filled with little kids that were feeding the animals.
Maybe Reese wasn't here after all..
"I'm not falling for your goat mind games!"
I found Reese towards the back, arguing with a goat.
"Malcolm! We must go! The goat!" He pulled me from the pen of gaping children and parents.
"Reese I was looking al..."
"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to make you mad. I thought you wanted me to sit next to Allison, you know so we'd seem normal, but then you just left all mad..."
"No I didn't leave because I was mad, I just went to the bathroom."
"...and I looked for you and I thought you might be here but then that goat came after me...So you weren't mad?"
"No! It was Josh! He lied to us both."
"That jerk! I should kick his ass. What did he say to you," Reese asked.
"No nothing, really..." In the end I decided not to tell Reese about Josh hitting on me to avoid further problems.
"...but Allison mentioned you were really worried..." I teased.
"I...I wasn't worried...! I just didn't want you to get all mad, like you always do. It's annoying," he 'complained', crossing his arms.
I raised an eyebrow and Reese averted his gaze.
"Wait! Mom, and your dad; they're gonna be pissed," he exclaimed looking down at his watch.
We ran through the zoo, and out across the street to the movie theatre parking lot.
Luckily, we found them both by the car.
"Where have you been," demanded Lois. "Your movie was over three hours ago!"
"You know you're not supposed to run off," my dad jumped in.
"We got lost.."
"Save it. Get in the car. We spent two hours looking for you!"

By the time we got home, it was already dark outside. And on account that we got lost, we didn't have time to go out for dinner, so it was off to bed hungry as our punishment.

We were both in our rooms getting ready for bed.
I personally think it still felt kinda weird changing in front of each other...a little bit.
"You know, this time lets move it to my bed, okay?" Reese suggested.
"For tonight."
"Oh." I blushed.
"Kids can you come in here?" Lois called us to the kitchen.
We entered the kitchen and looked at them expectantly.
"We have some news: Dewey is moving in with us."
"What, why?" Reese threw his arms out in exclamation.
"Things weren't working out with your father, so he's coming to live with us."
"Where is he going to sleep," questioned Reese.
"With you, in the big bed," answered Lois.
"When is he coming?"
We slinked back to the room, quiet and somewhat confused.
I wouldn't really mind Dewey moving in, I guess. He didn't seem like a bad kid, at least Reese never mentioned it.
"This sucks!" Reese closed the bedroom door then let himself fall down on the smaller bed. "Now that my brother is moving in, we won't even have a chance to...!"
"I don't really mind," I interrupted. "Besides, that give us a chance to be more creative." I smiled, hoping it would give Reese a whole new positive outlook on the situation.
Reese looked up at me, eyebrows furrowed.
"You know..." I explained. I sat down on the bigger bed facing him.
Reese gave a nod and raised an eyebrow, rising from the bed slowly.
"I didn't mean now."
Reese made the bed dip as he placed his knees on either side of my lap, pushing me down on the bed, straddling my hips. "But we are all alone right now." He slipped a hand under my shirt and rubbed a calloused thumb over my nipple.
I cringed at my sensitivity.
Reese dipped down and licked a stripe up my jaw.
I shivered as he reached over and turned off the lamp by the bed.
But he was right, if this was the last night we would have alone, in the room, then might as well make the best of it.
I felt around the dark, trying to find Reese's face. I found his jaw and pulled him down for a kiss.
"We're not going to sleep tonight," Reese whispered sultrily.
"Isn't it kinda weird doing it on the bed you and your little brother are going to be sleeping in," I asked into the dark.
"Oh yeah, I decided you can have the big bed."


I feel like I left a window to perhaps continue the story later on? But it'd have to be a oneshot. (maybe Josh (from the episode New Neighbors) comes back! hahaha)
I have never read any Josh/Malcolm before, but I'd like to.
And of all people Reese was ever with, Allison was the only one I liked~
But I want to finish my Herkabe story first.
Oh but I also really want to write a Reese/Malcolm circa s1. No, I don't find them attractive as 10yr olds...hehehe (-o⌒)
I hope you liked it ヾ(^∇^)
and I hope none of yall exposed yourself to this whole thing in one sitting...no one should be exposed to my tatty writing for more than 3 minutes at a time lol