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Chapter 1: Sleep Well

He doesn't know what it is about this man that draws him in, his bright blue eyes lighting up with the connection of clues behind his glasses as he works on a case, the lithe body that is currently bent over the corpse, analyzing the cause of death or the masculine cologne mixed in with the specific scent that only this man can possess as they sit in the car together. Hannibal licks his lips; his hunger for this man's flesh and his attention had only grown greater ever since they had first met. Will Graham. That was his name. He was smart, knowledgeable beyond his peers and if he could say so he was almost as good, almost as smart as himself.

"What do you think?" Will was asking him now as they peered at the body of the woman, naked, her corpse left to rot, her body cut open, lungs removed. The lungs were the best part of this woman that and her liver and Hannibal was careful to keep all that under wraps, because he was the killer. The killer that no one knew.

"About?" he asked Will, feigning his lack of knowledge. He loved to see Will explain everything to him, loved to see the man recount his deeds on the victim. It made Hannibal feel that Will was like him, that Will understood him.

"Her death. From what I've seen before, the killer's getting tired, getting bored. He doesn't want to leave trails anymore he wants something more than just the bodies and organs of these women," Will explains to him, his expression pained over the death of the woman, "He's done with playing games. He's got a goal now and that's why the killings are getting sloppy, the precise cuttings gone. He's doing this just to toy with us because he thinks it's fun and to occupy his otherwise boring time on earth. Because he's unable to get what he wants…"

"And what does he want?" Hannibal asked as he stoops to Will's level looking into the detective's eyes and fixing him with an intense stare.

Will shakes his head, "I don't know. I can't say for sure but it's definitely not these women anymore," he says and Hannibal sees him shudder at the thoughts, "He's not satisfied with killing these women anymore."

"Maybe you should take a rest you've been at it for hours," Hannibal says, concern in his voice.

"What if the killer strikes again?" Will asks his eyes wide and worried, he fears more for the women than for himself. He's with the killer and he doesn't even know it.

"Then let it be," Hannibal says resting his hand on Will's shoulder, acting as though he cares, "you need to take a rest Will."

The haunted blue eyes look from him then back to the corpse and once more lock with his again, "Okay…you're right…I think I've had enough of rotting corpses for the day," Will murmurs and Hannibal gives him a reassuring smile as he helps him to stand.

Will tells the deputy in charge that he is leaving before they head to his car and before he can touch the door on the driver's side, Hannibal stops him, "Get in on the passenger's seat, I'll drive and you can sleep." Will is rather reluctant, it's his car he wants to drive but he knows his energy is running low and it will be best if he let Hannibal drive. So he obediently takes out the car keys and hands them to Hannibal and walks around to the other side, opens the car door and slips into the passenger seat. It doesn't take him long to fall asleep.

Hannibal looks over at the sleeping form of Will Graham, so serene, so vulnerable. Keeping one hand on the wheel he let's the other caress Will's stubbled cheek, "If only you knew," he murmured a wicked grin on his lips as he sped through a red traffic light. He was headed into another district now, not the one leading to Will's home but the one leading to his own home.

As he pulled up the driveway and turned off the engine, Will stirred in his seat but didn't wake up. "We're home," Hannibal whispered as he leaned over to Will's seat and unbuckled the seatbelt. As quietly as possible he exited the car and came around to Will's side opening the door, he slipped his arms around the other's sleeping form and carried him bridal style up the porch steps. Will seemed to snuggle closer to him as he carried him. Upon reaching the front doors he bent to unlock them before he kicked the doors open. He was home, on safe ground, this was his territory. Will was now in his territory now and he could do whatever he wanted with him.

Oh the things he had planned in mind for Will Graham, the things he wanted to do to him, he thought with a sly smirk as he kicked the door shut and took the grand stairs up to the bedrooms. He headed down the hallway to his room and once more opening the door, he walked in and lay the sleeping form of Will down on the bed, his bed. He ran his hand through Will's hair, smoothing it back from his face now as he lifted the sheets to cover his sleeping form.

"Sleep well Will Graham, for we have a game to play when you awaken," he whispered in his ear, trailing his lips over Will's skin as he pulled away. He couldn't wait to see what Will had to say when he awoke.

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