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Chapter 7: Keep Me Entertained

'A cannibal eats human flesh Will…didn't you know?'

Will opens his eyes, the remnants of his dream fading away now as he comes back to reality, his body is aching just slightly from last night. The graphic images of their animalistic sex comes back to his mind and Will moves to sit, the sheets tangled around his legs now as he runs a hand through his hair, surveying the mess. Hannibal still has his arms around his waist now as he sits and Will's panic rises. He'd just had sex with the killer.

Slowly his tries to lift Hannibal's arm off him but it doesn't work for the doctor awakens and in a flash has him on his back once more, staring up at him.

"Will…" Hannibal rasps as he pins him down, his hunter's instinct tuned in now.

"D-Don't…" Will murmurs staring up into Hannibal's eyes, he fears the doctor now, just a little. "I don't want to turn out like them…"

"You won't. I assure you. Doing that to you…to your body…it would be a total waste," Hannibal whispers, his grip loosening on Will's hands.

"What? Why?" Will asked more conscious of how they were there in bed, both still naked.

A smirk played on Hannibal's lips now as he replied, "You are special Will Graham," he says as he caresses the detective's cheek, slowly moving down to his chest as he twirls his finger around Will's hardening nipple, watching Will's lips part as his eyes close, a shudder running through his body.

"S-special how?" Will asked as he lay beneath Hannibal, his body getting stimulated again, he feels Hannibal's fingers slip into his hand linking their fingers now as the other continues to toy with his nipple.

"I want you not to eat you…I want you for more than that," he rasps his lips by Will's ear now, "I want your body because you're so alive," he says grinding his hips to Will's, "so energetic," he murmurs his lips ghosting over the mark he had left on Will's shoulder the day before, " so responsive," Hannibal whispers letting his lips clamp down on Will's erect nipple.

Will gasps at the sudden feeling of Hannibal's lips on his nipple, "W-Why do you eat them?" he asks. He mustn't be drawn in by Hannibal once again. He cannot…but he likes it so much, he likes what Hannibal does to him.

Hannibal pulls back now at the question as though shocked that Will didn't understand him, "Why do you think?" he asked.

Will's eyes look to the doctor's and he answers him, "Because you…want to dominate them…you like when you're in control…" Will whispers and he knows now exactly why Hannibal wouldn't eat him. Because the doctor had finally found someone he'd thought was compatible with him. Someone that would understand him and submit to him in a way that the other girls hadn't, someone that would entertain him...and fulfill his needs. It was for those reasons and perhaps maybe more that Hannibal wouldn't kill him…for now.

"Why you? Is that what you're wondering?" Hannibal asks now as he moves drawing Will into his arms instead as they lie back in his bed, he can feel the beat of the detective's heart against his side and he knows that Will though appearing calm was anxious to leave.

"Y-yes…" he replies, Will doesn't know if he should fear Hannibal or not. With what they had shared and Hannibal's assurance that he wouldn't kill him he thought it best if he just stayed on guard for now.

"They bored me, the women. But you," he paused now raising Will's head so that he could stare into the detective's eyes, "not you. You intrigue me Will. We have a connection don't you see? Both physically and mentally. You gave in to me that first night, in fact you were the one who started it off with that kiss and you understood me all the reasons for my killings unraveling them like the good detective you are. It was wonderful to watch you," Hannibal murmured as he trailed his fingers down Will's back. "You mean more to me than those women Will Graham you need to know that."

The detective felt the gooseflesh rise on his skin as Hannibal's nails ghosted over his bare flesh. He could remember just barely the first night where he had come to the doctor's house, offered dinner and forced into drinking. He'd pulled Hannibal into a kiss. Will still didn't know what had made him do that though. Maybe it was a combination of intoxication and his repressed feelings for the doctor. For surely, over the time that they had spent together, he knew that their relationship had deepened, had grown into something more than just partners. But could he define that as love? Could he even bring himself to love this man? This…cannibal?

"From what I've seen I doubt that…" Will murmured, "you're just going to use me for your sexual gratification and it doesn't mean that you will stop killing on a whole. Serial killers like you, you won't stop just because you find someone in your life whom you have something in common with or whom you think you've found a connection to."

"It's not just sexual gratification on my side Will. You liked it just as much as I did," Hannibal answered, then more softly, "…you just might be the person that would stop the monster in me."

"You'll kill me when you get bored of me," Will stated, for he knew killers would get bored of their toys and sooner or later he would be the one dead. It was only a matter of time.

The doctor laughed, "Then you'll just have to keep entertaining me won't you Will?"


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