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"You are my most loyal follower, Severus. Thank you, but I am afraid only I can live." The hissing has spoken its warning.

The crooked nose was shaken in fear, stricken ill by the idea, and fear was easy to smell. His black iris followed the wand in the evil's hand…the unforgivable curse would be coming to him. He could almost flee away, but this would fail its purpose for all. He shook his head to expose his emotions.

"N-n-no-no!" Severus begged.

The red eyes lit up and smirked, "Say good bye, potion master." He turned to the snake and hissed a command.

The snake was ready for the attack within a second, but frozen in its pace. Voldemort jerked his head to direct the magic source and witnessed his precious pet destroyed. His eyes flared and pleased for the result. Severus collapsed by force due to the explosion of the snake and he did not dare to test moving away. He stayed and witness the oncoming scene.

"Well, well, Harry Potter…the boy-who-lived has come to serve for his death." The Dark Lord commented.

Harry walked up, furious at the man who held no moral compassion, and gripped tightly to his wand. This amused the man to see an open weakness revealed…anger could have been so easily to be use and manipulated. However, the boy is remained quiet and stood there willingly without a fear. Voldemort lifted up his wand without need a rush, yet the boy did not bother to pay attention. He knew what was going to happen and prepared for the action. After all…this may be the final battle to the war and he knew his work would succeed.

"You shall perish Harry Potter!" He lifted up his wand with the lust for murdering, "Avada Kedavra!"

Harry was quick to react and prepared his spell, "Arvadek adava!" He barked out.

This led the dark man to be confused to the unknown spell, he watched how the spell played out, and seeing how things were leveling out between them. Harry's spell captured every single magic through the wand of his enemy and it transformed differently. Severus did not understand this or recognize anything. Harry smiled to see the spell at work and allowing the evil magic backfired to the point of hitting Voldemort's chest.

He screamed and instantly dropped the wand of Potion Master's, but failed to stay alive. His last breathing gasped and his body collapsed within a matter. The spell Harry has chanted out was not over and it surrounded the enemy. It swirled around him like a tornado, causing the whips of the wind to the dead body, and the power was breaking him into pieces like paper being destroyed in a fast speed fan. The screaming echoed out to set out the fears for everyone, not knowing who it could have been, and trying to stay strong for their hopes. The tornado magic has vanished the body and suddenly! It slammed against to Harry, removing the final Horcrux without the need to kill him, and the boy…

He simply smiled in his side of the victory. The green eyes shifted over to the man and hurried over to meet his needs. Here, this man, who became speechless to see the powerful spell behind his life and he could not understand this. He fought him with one spell as if it was a mere lumos spell! His mouth began to open, but everything went out the light before he could speak.

Harry took him to the med-wing immediately, after seeing his professor passed out, and he hasn't left the man's side. He was curious to what he had to say. Right now, everyone was fixing up the school, helping to get back on their feet, and tends to each other for other reasons. There were several deaths, but they would all be honored for their bravery. The enemies were being chased and a few has been arrested. No one had the time to celebrate to his or her victory other than a short cheer.

For now, Harry had to help Madame Pomfrey and meeting all patients to their needs. He would provide them medical attention, healing potions, spell diagnostics, and emotional support. He was relieved after he found out the Weasely family made it all out alive, Remus and Tonk were still safe, and most of all, Severus. Of course, there wasn't much to what he could have done to save Draco's former friends…but they had to go out and save themselves at the best they could do.

Harry often checked by Professor Snape's bed, check to see how well he has been healing, and cast a pain-free spell. The man has a broken wrist, but that was just about it. He knew he had other people to meet up with and decided to head over to the next private section.

"-Potter." Someone barked his attention.

Harry froze with a shock appearing on his face and he spun around. The man was struggling to sit up, but his left hand couldn't help due to the cast on. The boy rushed over happily to see the man was alright and he knew to keep his distance.

"Professor! I-"

"-How long have I been out for?"

"Two days, sir, I-"

"What?" Severus' head snapped at him, "You are coming with me, young man!"

Severus was quick to adapt to get out of bed, used a wandless spell to appear his robe on him immediately, and his free hand grabbed the savior's wrist.

"Professor! You need to be in bed! You haven't received-" Before he knew it, the side apparition interrupted his chance to finish what he had to say.

Once they had landed, they rushed over to a familiar building and Harry had to somehow stumbled along with the man who's holding him together. He did not understand anything of this behavior. Why did this man panic over two days for being out of this?

Suddenly, he recognized the people here…he wasn't exactly in any mood to return him this soon. Gringotts probably hates him for busting out their dragon and nearly damaging the place. At least…he hasn't accidentally killed anyone with the dragon, so that had to be a good sign. One of them met up Severus and they stopped walking.

"Permission to seek out Lord Voldemort's vault." Severus did not bother to waste his time at all.

Harry blinked, "Why does he have a vault?"

The goblin nodded, "Of course…seeing that he never seems to miss a day to come here. I shall lead you there, however, since he is no longer the owner of this Lordship. Harry Potter is now one of the Lord Riddles."

"Why am I the Lord Riddles? I have no use for his money!" Harry cried out, confused why he was being drag into this!

They both ignored him and headed over the way. Severus still held the boy's wrist, refusing to let this go by, and knowing something had to be done. For once, Harry chose to give up on this escape mission with his professor…but he didn't grasp the concept of this importance. They took a long ride, longer than it would be, and several turns and deeper it went. Harry couldn't keep the map in his head, seeing how much of lost trail going on here. He was glad these goblins knowing where to go without a trouble to arrive there.

The boat finally stopped, arriving to the fine silver door with an engraving of Riddles' Vault. The goblin walked up and unlocked it while the others came out of the boat.

"Sir? Why am I here? I don't understand." Harry had to know…he couldn't get it.

Severus sighed, "Look, I believe…he held something too important in there. There's this door inside the vault. No one knows why he goes into this vault every day, but I have witnessed the look he had." His head shook, "He was raising something, but I cannot solve it. Anyone who attempts to enter into that room would have difficulty. It was starting around your first year, but this was the closet I can get."

This had made sense to the boy. If Voldemort was coming here for a reason every day, then there were no doubt of something else was planning. He figured he might have better access than others might since he's now the Lord Riddles…oh, how he wish to remove that title. He held no use for it and wished not to carry the filthy names of an enemy. Severus followed him behind, but he couldn't walk within ten feet from the black door. Harry noted it was much different than his vault, but there were still a lot of money here. It was double than what he has. But, he didn't care…they were blood money by the evil man who had went insane to be immortal.

The boy's hand touched the knob, noting the fact there wasn't any attack or backfired, and he was still safe. He opened it softly, uncertain what may happen, and revealed to its opening. He was seeing a bedroom.

There was a small four posters bed in green and silver color, a fine carpet material in deep green with black pattern of snakes, there were several books, papers, and quills, and a desk. However, there was something else…Harry wasn't believing himself too much, but this was real. In the green eyes' perspective, he was seeing a boy standing in front of him. A child, who held no smile, a bright pair of red eyes, and dashing brown hair, and knowing the fact it was a boy. He wore the fine darkest blue jeans, a pair of black shoes, a grey shirt, and dark green sweater vest. He had to be no more than five or six years old.

"Who are you," The child spat out the question aggressively.

This child has to be blood related to one specific person and this was not good. A spawn of his enemy is standing in front of him.

"I'm-" Harry wasn't too sure what this child has been told about him, but he had to risk it, "-Harry Potter. Who are you," He asked, doing the same for the proper greeting.

"I am Deus Voldemort."

This pretty much answered it all for Harry. He wasn't too sure how the child would respond to a smile, but he knew Severus would be wondering what is in the room. However, he wasn't too sure how this one will respond to the fact the man is dead. The red eyes were reading him carefully and certainly not pleased.

"Where is my father?" Deus has begun to ask.

"Um…" Great, how does he tell a child that his father is killed?

"Clearly you do not know. Are you the follower or the enemy?"

If Harry thought being peer down by Draco was the worse…he had it coming, this child was full of raised evil within him. He was taught this way by the man, who wanted to be rid of muggleborn and half-blood, and not by moral rights and beliefs.

"I…" Harry had to use truth in this, "…came to retrieve you by your father's order. For safety reason, that is. Come with me and I will take you to a safer place." Harry offered his hand, hoping this would work.

Deus looked up at him and understood. As if he expected this may happen someday, he walked over to the bed and grabbed a dark green blanket – clearly, Voldemort enjoys the Slytherin color a bit too much. Deus walked up to Harry and slowly accepted his hand. They walked out of the strange bedroom and Severus saw them coming out. He was chalked up to see the sight of a child! He kept quiet, choosing not speaks something in front of a child, and they headed out of the vault.

Now, his conclusion was correct…yet, he did not suspect a child would be to be raising. Yet, he feared this child may not be easy to raise differently and exposed into a new environment. Right now, this child is observing him as if he is the adult. It sent the shiver down his spine and struggled to keep hidden of his emotion. They walked out of the vault and the goblin titled his head to see Deus. He chose to keep his business out of this affair…there were stranger things here anyway. A child in the vault would not make any less strange.

Severus stepped into the boat, the goblin was preparing the returning direction, and here, the child had never seen such thing. His ruby eyes glanced up at the collector curiously, but there wasn't any innocent smile to see. Just a straight line of lips. Harry looked at him without breaking eye contact.

"May I lift you up and hold you until we get off this boat?" The savior chose to ask first before assuming…he did not wish to have difficulty.

Deus nodded and Harry accepted this. He picked up the child carefully and carried him onto the boat. He set him down on his lap and curled his arms around the boy's waists. Severus made eye contact with the little one and noted the resemblances easily.

"Who are you," Deus spoke the same way he did to Harry.

Severus' brow rose, surprised this child held nasty attitude, and Harry hoped the man wouldn't act differently.

"I am Severus Snape. What is your name, child?" He held back his bitterness, but showing politeness.

He held up his head, "I am Deus Voldemort."

The goblin flinched, but he kept going. He was trying to ignore the conversation. Severus nodded and understood why Harry took the child out now. Of course, ignoring this would not lessen the truth of the Dark lord's purpose. Everything had made sense, yet the question is why does Voldemort have a child? They had no idea what to expect and the child has no clue who would they are. It gave them a chance to reach the child without difficulty.

For now, they had to deal with the matter at hand before anyone could find out. They had no clue what to expect this time. Could they still learn Voldemort's purpose or was this something he always wanted?

They were free to leave the place and Severus apparate them all to Hogwarts, without alerting anyone inside the med-wing. Harry blinked and realized they were gone for about an hour. He knew the medi-witch would be on his arse for abandoning the worse time for her needs on help. However, the child is still in his arms and he couldn't exactly avoid this either.

"Professor, I-erm, I was supposed to be helping Madame Pomfrey and I-"

"-I will take over. You take him to your former dormitory. It was left alone when you dropped out, but just in case of your return." Severus interrupted, "I'll assist her. You get him out of here before others could question."

Harry nodded and held Deus closely in his arms. He headed out by taking a secret shortcut. He knew how to get to the med-wing without dragging people's attention and this helped him out several times in his life. Deus has no clue what to expect from Harry, but he went along with this. He was taught to not question more than who are you and what they want from him. If he had asked, he would be punishing. He feared they would know the same and refused to show that emotion to anyone.

Harry finally made it to the Gryffindor's tower and saw the bedroom he used to have with Ron. Nothing had changed and he noted the details he recognized with the red and gold to represent his house color. At least he knew a few house elves here to help him to remain secrecy. He looked at the boy curiously and noted he was observing the place on his own.

"Are you hungry, Deus?" He shouldn't have asked, it was obvious!

Deus nodded and Harry accepted that. He set the child down on the bed, but he wouldn't let him.

"May I set you down on the bed?" Harry decided to see if that works.

"No." He responded flatly.

Harry sighed and decided to sit down with the child in his lap as he did in the boat. The child leaned back a bit onto Harry and took some form of comforts. He accepted the boy's doing and assumed it was mainly a child's way to have some sort of affection. The savior had no clued how Voldemort raised him. For now, food is the first priority.

"Pocky! Bring a large dinner meal please!" Harry announced.

The house elf appeared, she held a large tray filled with food, and set it down on the end of the bed.

"Does Master Potter want anything else from Pocky, sir?" She greeted by his eyes.

"No, nothing for now. Thank you, Pocky."

She nodded popped away. Harry turned a bit and appeared a table in front of them. He lowered it for the child to reach.

"Please, help yourself, Deus." Harry gestured towards the food that have had been laid out.

Deus nodded and ate silently. He was well mannered and he used fork and spoon as if he was eight years old. Now, Harry had wondered if Voldemort trying to raise a prince or an heir? For now, he had to take this slowly and watched him eat his food in a slow pace. He ate all the food that was there and cleaned his entire plate.

The savior couldn't blame Severus' curious to rush them over to him. However, the truth to tell the child about his father is dead isn't a pleasant way to speak of. He wondered if he could have the child forget him without oblivation charm.

Eventually, the child yawned and snuggled up with his green blanket. His eyelids dripping down, trying to fight to stay awake, and failed to keep it up for longer than a minute. Harry was fascinated to the way this one is and seeing how innocent this one might be. Pocky has already vanished with the emptied tray and took the table with her. The savior stood up with the child in his arm and put him on the bed to sleep. Harry's hand brushed back the boy's brown hair and noticed it was so soft. The face reminded him when Voldemort was eleven years old in Dumbledore's memory, much of the softer feature. He wondered if he could see a smile upon this little one.

"Potter," A whisper had asked for him.

The green eyes directed to the door, "Come in, Professor," He whispered along.

Severus walked in and saw the sleeping child. He shook his head and decided to charm their conversation to allow the child to sleep in soundlessly from their conversation.

"I will be taking him to an orphan and leave his parentage behind. If others learned of his biological-"

"-I'll raise him." Harry interrupted.

Severus' brow rose, "Potter, don't be an idiot. You are still a child and you raising a child wouldn't-"

The savior frowned, "I'm a legal wizard adult. Besides, I don't think Deus will trust anyone else to raise him. I…" His green eyes drew in to the innocent face of the sleeping child, "…I want a family."

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