Severus could not blame him, but he was rather surprised to see how willing this boy…no, young man is willing to accept. A responsibility he is willing to take in. However, this child was raise by Voldemort and it would be unknown what he will face.

"Then, you will need a cover story." Severus suggested.

The Gryffindor blinked, "Okay. Do you have an idea?"

"A few…" The black iris glanced over the child.

"I'm all ears. I don't want him to live a life where he's forced to be known evil or believes he's turning evil based on genetic." He insisted.

Severus nodded and he saw his reason. He couldn't blame him. They both grew up to be judged, expected of them, and enforced the expectation of its outcome. However, the ideas wouldn't be less of what the boy can be thinking of.

"As you can see, the magic core of ours can choose to do whatever it wishes to do. One of them is producing a magical pregnancy, especially under wizards. Yes, wizards can be pregnant." He sighed when he saw Harry's eyes lit up so widely, "So, we can say that we accidentally met a year before you started school in the muggle town of yours. I would be the one to carry since I am older and become the boy's mother. I kept him quiet until the fourth year and confessed to you about the child. You wanted to be a part of this child's life immediately and…" His head shook, "…we fell in love. We had to display our hatred to the people to keep them out of this. Considering the fact you had several detention, people will not suspect less of possibility of our story. You wanted to keep Deus out of their eyes and ears because of you-know-who would have killed him until now."

Harry sunk in the idea slowly and it would make sense for other people, even for himself. He looked over to Deus, who is very much out of everything and worn out from today's event and fully fed from lack of food for two days. He knew one thing for sure is to keep this one without the law trying to lock a child up for being the dark lord's spawn. It wasn't right, surely, and he knew it was for protections.

"You do realize…" Harry shook his head, "…no, I'm being silly."

"I doubt that, right now, Potter. However, it is either orphan or we raise him."

The savior glanced up at his professor, "Then I better start calling you as my lover, but we need to prove them that we're actually in love. Do you think…you'd…erm, be carrying one?"

Severus thought this might change the boy's mind, but he was in greater chance of helping Deus. Somehow, he blamed the hero's complex issues here. Then again, Albus had pestered him to have a family and enjoy life. The old man knew what he was doing and this might be for a chance.

"I suppose you have a point. Even providing a sibling for Deus may help him forget his biological father and accepts us as his parents." The Slytherin agreed…proving he was right for once.

"So, erm, do you know a spell that will prevent him seeing us doing it?"

The potion master smirked, "I do. However, I am curious of that spell you did to him. I'm afraid I am not familiar with it."

Harry blinked and he realized the meaning of this. He chuckled and Severus' brow rose to the best of him.

"Oh, it was something Hermione and I came up with during our Horcrux hunts. You see, we were busy trying to lighten up by playing some muggle games we used to play during our childhood time. It was this to…try to pronounce words backward without trying to write it out." He shrugged, "Then, I asked her what if we pronounce words backward during the spell. She was stump for the first time in her life. So, we tested it out with Lumos to Somul. It would come out to be the opposite, but you can manipulate the spell to how you want it as long you think clearly towards the spell and its purpose." He sheepishly smiled.

This had surprised Professor Snape the most. He had never suspected any like this and seeing this wasn't anything with the likes of typical students or advance students to be this creative. He should know! He created his own spell as well! This was more than he had seen its purpose now.

"So we have ultimate canceling the killing curse?" He had to be sure.

He shrugged, "More like the ultimate reverse of killing curse. Like a backfired spell." Harry never really cared for doing something this good, he wanted nothing dangerous yet powerful, "It works, didn't it?"

Severus was rather impressed, but he couldn't add on to the brat's ego right now.

"To answer your question, yes, there is a spell where we are alerted when the child will wake up within ten minutes is given."

Harry nodded, "So…are you…willing to be erm, knocked up in the duff?"

"For Deus's sake, yes. Let us hurry, but I will have to lend you some lubrication."

Harry nodded, he knew much about this due to the fact of his 'brothers' loved to embarrass him about sex. At least he knew what to do beforehand. Severus performed the spell wandlessly to bring the lube, handed it the savior, and he went onto the spared bed. Harry was fidgeting a bit, but he was doing this for a child's life in his hand. He shed his coat and kicked off his sneakers. He joined in the bed with the man, but he was too nervous about this. Their eyes met and the savior decided to do one thing first.

"We'll need to do this as a habit towards people, professor."

"I grant the permission to let you call me Severus…it wouldn't be right anymore since neither of us is a student or a teacher anymore."

Harry nodded and his hands cupped the man's face. He leaned in, lips pressed together, and eyes snapped shut. The electrical has strung through them lively, losing control, and Harry took the domination role. They were natural kissing each other as if they have been lovers for so long.

Hands accidentally explored, soothing through the clothes material, and turning into horny people. The savior broke apart and gasped as their sensation.

"Sir-erm, Severus…you can still say no and I'll understand-"

"Potter! Just get this over with, we'll talk about this after the matter is taken care of." He insisted.

Harry nodded obediently and he was eager. He grabbed his wand and removed both of their clothes to their exposure. Of course, the green eyes had dropped his jaw to his admiration and his fingers trailed down around the beautiful abs on this very man. It caused the man turned on harder, well, both of them. Severus was amused himself as well, seeing an incoming abs on the young man, and knowing how different than he had expected.

"I-I never realized you're this strong, Severus…never have I had imagined. It's so…amazing." Harry whispered, afraid if the spell have had been canceled already, but it touched him personally.

This was the first compliment had anyone said to him and he wasn't too sure how to respond to him other than the next step.

"J-just put the lube in my anal, Potter, and then start fucking me." He told him.

Harry nodded and grabbed the lube. He placed it onto his fingers, only he slipped into him with one finger, and thrust a bit. It was a bit ticklish, but strange feeling to pick up on. Harry added on another finger after thrusting in a bit deeper and causing the elder to gasp. Up until the fourth fingers in his arse, it was getting too much to wait any longer. The savior lifted the man's legs onto his shoulders and began to insert his member into the anal.

The potion master grunted in pain and the boy knew what he was doing. He came in slowly, the pain was ripping him into two, and he screamed with tears.

"S-ir, I mean, Severus, are you alright? Are you hurt? Oh, merlin! Please, I'm sorry!" Harry was a bit frightful.

The man shook his head, "-N-n-no. Keep going, merlin! Shut up, Potter and fuck me already!"

Harry gulped down the guilt and decided to oblige the man's honor. He kept thrusting in slowly and still cringed a bit to his hurting moans. The professor did not care and trying to accept his new role here. The longer he kept scissoring his walls, the screaming turned into moaning which has caused the boy to pick up the pace faster and sped up.

"Oh! YES!" The Slytherin cheered, feeling pleasured, and the body was very much intense.

They were both feeling intense, the pressure grew on, and didn't seem to stop from the feel.

"Fuck faster!" The elder demanded.

"I'm gonna cum!"


Harry did what he wanted him to do and kept going harder than ever, feeling the urge to burst within a manner of seconds, and wanted to release it all. The time seems to go so quickly, yet, slow at the same time. He was able to see the former professor's face in blushing brightly all over him and he admired what he saw. This was more than painful moment, but it was like a beautiful magic being work here.

The huffing, moaning, and groaning were increasing loudly through this man, who can feel more than anything, much more special he could describe, and somehow, free. The urge to kiss him right now, he leaned in closer to the elder while thrusting inside of him, and snatched a kiss like a starving child.

The hot and burning cum has filled the man's arse nicely and it was the best feeling to have in the entire world. After that, Harry broke apart from the kiss.

"-that was-"

Harry bitten the man bottom neck, causing the man to moan and groan to his willing, and marking him as his own.

"Mine," Harry whispered, "Got that?" He hissed.

Severus nodded immediately and he hadn't realized he was willing to obey. The savior returned to biting his neck to mark him well.

"Who do you belong to?"


"Say my name."

"Harry James Potter."

Harry resumed to his marking and wild up like crazy. He wanted to keep thrusting into the man's arse to the point he wouldn't be able to sit or walk easily. He was too much into this and gripping tightly on the man. Severus screamed and allowed this to happen.

"H-h-harry!" His eyes snapped shut.

Harry smirked, "Say my whole name, Severus, say it all!"

"H-h-harry J-j-j-james P-p-po-potter!" He grunted once he was thrusting in hard to the point he could almost see stars.

Harry picked up the speed and went faster than a humming bird could fly. Severus could barely hold himself together and the cum burst so much to the point he pulled out. Harry collapsed onto the man's body happily and hugged the fully abs man tightly.

"Mine!" He cuddled up with him.

Severus gulped in slowly, knowing that Potter is very stubborn….especially when it runs in the family. There was no way he could escape, once a person falls in love with the Potter member, there is no way out. Right now, he should be grateful that Harry inherited his mother's genes as well. The boy is innocent as hers, but stubborn as a Potter Heir. If Sirius were much alive, he'd be murder for allowing Harry to come in his arse. At least he knows he was helping, the way is over, and the Dark Lord is gone. Perhaps, people can see the real him now. Just adding in the overall detail that 'Severus' and 'Harry' are in love with each other for 'years'. However, they had only begun to recognize their passion for each other.

Right now…they're having a baby.

A baby. That had echoed in Potion Master's mind, knowing it was to save Deus from the Ministry's hands, and prevent suspicious among others. Just on how in the name of Merlin's are they going to convince Deus that he's their child?

Speaking of…the child would be waking up soon. Severus knew they needed to hurry up before this one wakes up.

"P-Harry, wake up." He shakes him up, "Deus will wake up soon and we need to figure out some sort way to tell him we're his parents and-"

"-I-" Harry yawns and sits up, "-have an idea. Just play along…erm, sorry about the possessiveness there."

"Don't apologize that is genetic inherited." He sighed, "As they say back then, once you're sold to them, you're their property. So in a way, I am yours since you marked me."

Harry sheepishly smiled, "Sorry…at least, I won't stop you wanting a divorce."

"Clearly, you need a history of Potter family." His eyes rolled.

Harry didn't understand why it was such a big deal, but right now, they had to get ready. They got dress with their own magic, removed the bed's sex, and trying to walk off on what they felt. Once it was all cleaned, they had to return onto the bed and…cuddle up. This way, the child can see it in his own view.

Severus removed the silence spell and they began to whisper.

"Are you absolutely sure?" Severus wondered.

"Yes," Harry sighed, "I'm sure about all of this. Besides, we did feel something, so we won't be lying."

The child softly moaned to alert them that he's waking up. Harry watched him wake up and saw the red eyes opened up. He located them in front of them and watched curiously. He remember them and aware of his situation. He climbed out of the bed and walked up to Harry.

"Hold me." Deus said.

Harry nodded and lifted him up onto his lap, "How is your sleep, Deus?"

"Well. Do I have permission to ask?"

"You have the permission to speak freely, Deus," He softly smiled.

Severus nodded along, giving a slight curl to his lips, and waited patiently. Deus looked at both of them, knowing he was free to say anything he wishes to say without trouble, and he trusted them so far.

"Where is father? When is he coming?" Deus insisted, more like demanded.

Harry sighed, "Listen, he cannot come near you right now and he wants to keep you safe," At least it was the truth, "So, he requested Severus and me to play as your parents. Severus is to be your mum and I am to be your dad. Severus and I are in love with each other and we're having a baby coming in."

Severus understood where this was heading now. He could easily see where this might head out and changes Deus' point of view. Once he is older, they may tell him the truth to understand why they did this for him. For now, he watches the child listen.

"For how long?" His head tilted.

Severus looked at him, "We do not know. However, we are happy to look out for you and count you as our own."

"Do I have to call you mumsy and daddy?"

Harry knew this might a bit complicated, "Only if we are surrounded with other people. You can call us Harry and Severus in private."

Deus nodded and took a while to understand this. He wasn't going to be seeing his father in a long while and these people are going to care for him. Of course, his father had rarely held him and Harry was letting him on his command, well, request.

"Okay. Is there more rules?" The ruby eyes checked between them.

Harry and Severus almost flinched in front of him because they weren't sure of the rules he was set on to follow.

"Well, whatever rules your father had does not apply to being with us." Severus chipped in, "All we can expect is you to be yourself, call us mum and dad in public or with people, and if they ask, we are your biological parents."

Harry nodded, "So, we will work this together and explain how things should be." He smiled.

Deus blinked, he never saw this expression before, and found it novelty for him. His mind is trying to adjust to the idea, knowing he will not see his father for a while, and he does not like being starved. It was too different. He likes being fed well and care for. So far, he knew he would trust them a little.

"Am I allowed to read?"

Severus smiled, "Of course, I have plenty of them back at home. What do you enjoy to read?"

The savior noticed how happier the man is. Was it because of the child's interests of reading? It could be very well and he wondered how much in common they all have, maybe they will have a family together eventually.

"History and some Dark Art spells. Father says that someday, he would be proud of me to see me using the powerful Dark Art spells." Deus explained.

This would be complicated, especially when they're dealing a child who is highly advanced in intelligent form. Severus knew what it was like in his state, but no one would put it pass Severus to be the biological parent. Harry knew this couldn't be good, people would look at him strangely, and wondered why encourage something so 'evil' like. He had to redirect this one way or another.

"Interesting, Deus." Harry smiled, "There is something we need to add in is that people can't know who is your father. If they learn, they…will do things cruelly." He had to warn at least.

"I don't want anyone to hurt him!" Deus insisted that the reality.

It twisted the savior's stomach and he felt guilty. He murdered a father, but there wasn't a thing he could have done. Voldemort had to be stop eventually or no one would be happy in this world anymore. Rebels' lives would have to be sacrifice and the rest would do whatever it takes to survive, especially muggleborns and half-blood. A world that is filled with horrid and monstrous life under the Dark Lord.

"Then, only use me to cover it and tell them it's a silly game we play." Harry added in, to ensure some sense of security.

"We best be prepared, I can sense your friends are on the way." Severus turned to look at the savior.

Harry nodded, "Alright, Deus, my friends don't know I have been in love with Severus. So, can you pretend to be our son?"

Deus nodded anyway, doing this to protect his father, and understood. Severus stood up, shaking his head, and focused on the damage of his wrist and the war.

"I can't believe you, Harry, you thought I would simply lie down after what had recurred two days ago?" Severus snipped at him.

Harry knew this was more of to play the world, "But, Severus! You were in so much pain and you didn't wake up for two days, I was worried! Honestly!"

"You're lucky that people hadn't suspected-"

"-both of you are yelling at each other with your first names address?" The nosy witch interrupted them.

"Harry! Get away from the greasy git!" The red hair wizard cried out.

Harry pretended to tense up, "H-ho-how did you guys find me?" He gulped in for the character, desperately hoping they would believe him.

Hermione walked in with Ron side by side. Deus was watching everyone and he was learning as much as he can. The witch noted there is a child within her best friend's arms and she looked at between them.

"Harry, why is there a boy in your arms?" She asked.

Deus lifted up his chin, "I am daddy's son."

Harry's friends' eyes broke out wider than they could have in their entire lives. Harry couldn't blame them, he would have done the same if this were all real…unfortunately, this was a play along until Deus forgets about his biological father. Severus sighed, becoming into his character, and shook his head.

"I told you, Harry, they would catch us one day." He scowled at him.

Harry shook his head, "I know, I know for the millionth time! At least we're safe now…" He hugged the boy, "Hermione, Ron, this is our son, Deus Snape-Potter." He sheepishly smiled.

The professor rolled his eyes, "Before you two Gryffindors get your heads chopped off, it was one of those moments where we accidentally met each other a year before you started in first year and I was the one who ended up pregnant. Harry did not know until his fourth years and I explained that I did not want certain people to know of our son or we'd lose him. We spent our time raising him together in my dungeons." He made himself proud of this.

Hermione and Ron exchanged glances at each other, accepting the story, and nodded to make sense of things. Harry knew how his friends behaved and accepted how they're taking it. Deus was curious when it came to meeting people outside of his room. His father never let him see other people or come out of that bedroom for once. He likes the different scenery here.

"But, while raising our son here together, we sort of fell in love. We had to hide our love in hatred to keep people out of this. Even Professor Dumbledore doesn't know about him and it was best he didn't. Now, Severus is pregnant and we're happy to give Deus a brother or a sister this time." Harry happily announced.

Their eyes could almost popped out to find out their best friend is expecting a baby now…with their professor. They wondered how they were able to keep this a secret for so long, but there wasn't anything that they could have done.

"Talk about weird magic meeting to bring your kids here, huh?" Ron snorted.

Hermione slapped his arm, "Ronald!" Her head shook, "Um, congratulations." She smiled, uncertain how to respond to this appropriately.

"But, how the heck is this kid related to either of you guys?" Ron remarked on this.

Severus huffed, "Genetic wise, Mr. Weasely. As you can see, Deus inherited through my father, grandfather, and great-great grandfather. Oh, as well as Harry's mother's aunt's eyes." He spoke highly for Deus, "So, I suggest you take your comments elsewhere before you insult or hurt my son." His black eyes narrowed at the Gryffindor.

Ron shuts up and realized this man is powerful as Harry, only wandless powerful. Hermione smirked to see there's something about the man and now, she understood the protective in her professor and it was the motherly action and do-whatever-it-takes-to-save-the-father type.

"Anyway, we came here because Madame Pomfrey told us that both of you were gone and didn't take the front entrance. So, we came here instead. Were we interrupting something?" The witch wondered.

Harry sighed, "Severus hasn't lied down or rest him. He's been such a mother lately."

"That's because I am one!" Severus snapped.

Hermione and Ron had that look of they had no idea what they have gotten themselves into this time.

"You were out for two days! You have an injured wrist and still haven't taken care of anything of yourself." Harry argued, "I'll look after Deus when you rest up again and we'll work out the rest of the matter then."

"Oh, yes," The black eyes rolled, "I let myself be lazy because of a mere injury I call is nothing."

Harry huffed and the professor held his chin up high proudly to be strong in his state. His best friends hadn't realized they were stubborn couples to meet, especially when they're having a family right now.

"Um, Harry, you do realize a sprained wrist is supported by a cast and all he has to do is take his potion to mend them." The witch didn't want to hear their arguments any further than necessary.

"See," Severus gestured his hand directly to Granger, "Even a bright girl like her would have figured it out."

"You're just saying that I'm the idiot one here!" Harry frowned.

The man sighed, "How about move on from here and focus on the matter here. Do you think it is wise to expose Deus as well as our relationship?"

Harry glanced over to his friends nervously and down at Deus. Lastly, back at Severus and nodded slowly to answer.

"I don't see any harm at all, but I do not want any war mention to him."

"War?" Deus glanced up.

Harry patted his back gently, "It's over, but it's nothing you need to know."

Deus took that answer and figured it was all he can get. Hermione and Ron were rather surprised to see Harry's protectiveness on the war details. They couldn't blame him, anything that involved the war details can destroy their innocent in a matter of times, and it wouldn't do good.

"So, how old is Deus?" Ron directed the conversation elsewhere.

The boy lifted his head over to the red hair, "I'm six years old. I will be seven in fifty-six days from now."

The weasely jumped back a bit, "Oh no! Not another smart people!"

The witch slapped his arms, "Ron! There is nothing wrong with being smart." She scoffed and looked at the boy, "So, if I am calculating correctly. Your birthday date is June twenty-ninth?"

Deus nodded, "Yes, that's the definite date."

Severus logged the date into his memory, so this way he could act out motherly about the birthday…even though he never had done this before.

"Mr. Weasely, I raised my son and educated him very early. He likes to read, so I cannot deny to the fact. You, on the other hand, need reinforcement to your education studying." His remarked picked up.

Ron gasped and stared at Harry to help him out of this. Yet, the savior chose to stay out of this. This man is to represent as his 'lover', even though they recently began a relationship for the sake of Deus. Hermione was pleased to see she has a proved point in intelligent.

"Besides, Ronald, I want to raise my child with proper and early education as well." She added on, "That is what you'll have to put up with me if you marry me."

Ron groaned miserably and given up on the whole smart people are evil or insane situation. If he loves her, then he'd give up this very importance for them. Deus almost giggled and Harry's ears picked it up. He smiled at the boy's reaction.

"You can laugh at him, Deus." Harry encouraged him, hoping to get more emotional responses.

"Hey!" The red hair snapped up at his best friend, "That's not nice!"

Harry rolled his eyes, "You do realize that Severus rarely express his emotions from time to time?"

"You knew I was a spy, I had to act that way, and especially towards him." The potion master stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Deus wondered how to be a child in this world. He imagined this to be different and he knew he couldn't let 'daddy's' friends know who is the biological father. He could pick up that he had to play along to keep his father safe. Plus, he likes this type of freedom and he wondered…

His arms stretched out and looked up to the eldest, "Mumsy, hold me." He insisted.

Severus could not believe for one second, but he had to act quickly. He nodded and took Deus out of Harry's lap onto his'. He mimics Harry's holding of the child well and patted the brown hair child to show motherly affection. Hermione and Ron believed them more than enough to see this is a family for sure.

"Still, Sev, he needs proper emotions like happiness, laughter, and among others of positive emotions."

"Good luck, you have been trying that for quite a while."

Harry glared at the man, wishing to show him his place, and he caught himself mentally. He knew this was only an act. Severus knew the glare was real and almost shivered it off. This meant Potter owns him…he blames the Potter traditional desire, especially they're the dominate ones in the relationship. For now, they were dealing with the Gryffindors in their presence.