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They had barely passed by the night to deal with two Gryffindors who wanted to spend quality time with their best friend's 'son'. It was merely a start, but these two were exhausted to raise Voldemort's son as their own. Hermione was rather surprised to the boy's intelligent when he knew most of basic spells, history of Hogwarts, several creatures, and some potions. After that, he has full of knowledge inside of him. Severus covered it up proudly to educate him early and Harry had to act out to blame the man that their child isn't getting some fun in his life.

Ron was stump by a child who was highly advanced in reading, but chess as well. They played and this left one of them speechless who is an adult himself. Ron had to admit he lost the chess game to a child! Deus made the game seems like nothing, but Harry and Severus realized how…Voldemort was raising him. This child has lust for blood and that was something they had to work on, make it seem like he's a Slytherin like his 'mother'.

The light brown hair sleeps on the bed, while Harry and Severus stayed up on the other bed, and having their tea in the silence's charm. They were too worn out and knowing their consequences. At least the tea was calming, yet, gave them some intensifying energy to keep them up for another day and a half. They couldn't sleep, not daring to waste a chance to talk alone, and knowing what they were in for.

However, Severus knew better of himself now. A Potter male who dominates their mate would do everything in their power to claim their love. He knew this too well…Lily resisted him as strong as she could and failed to continue longer. James won and she accepted her role as a wife and a mother. After Severus saw the way they spent time together after graduation, Lily was rather happy in a relationship. He knew too well that James was patience, the wedding took three years to happen. Two years after the marriage, they bore their son to settle it all. Unfortunately, they died to save their heir out of love. Now, he is like Lily, only knowing the risk of pushing away and the consequences. Harry has no control of being a Potter, it comes naturally in the genetic form in the DNA.

Harry has been observing his freshly new 'lover'. He recognized the deep thoughts in the man, but he realized they were in this together for Deus to have a family. So, they both could have a chance to have a reverse in the evil genetic for an innocent child. He had to realize his biological child is coming in nine months, while raising a six years old boy and having a lover at the same time. It was overwhelming, several sense of directions for many things, and grasping the idea of this 'family' around his mind. He questioned himself if he could handle it, even if he has a partner on this mission. The savior knew he did well to make his friends believe their story and nothing could be change. There wasn't a chance to turn back now.

"Po-Harry, I…am afraid we must discuss about possessiveness of yours." Severus decided to break their silence.

The green eyes lifted up at the man, "I'm sorry about that. I don't know what-" His head shook, "-got into me. I hope I didn't hurt you too badly." He sheepishly smiled.

Severus' fingers smoothed the teacup, "Clearly, you do not understand your inheritance background. For being a Potter, it is known greatly for their domination for love. Once a Potter claims their lover, is theirs forever…no matter how badly the resistance is. A Potter wins all they want. I should know, your mother attempted to avoid being your father's lover." He snorted, "She failed to realize his purpose of the name and given in to him before their graduation."

The emerald eyes widened, "You mean she was forced into it without a choice! Honestly, I get it! My dad is a bastard!"

As much as this amused the potion master, this wasn't getting to the point he wanted to make.

"Not entirely. Your father turned out to be a good lover for your mother. She's quite happy with him, even if she does not have much control over the relationship. She managed to manipulates him…I swear, she's meant to be a Slytherin." Severus joked, but this didn't exactly give his lover to be able to tell it was a tease.

"Oh," Harry blinked, "So…you're like what my mum went through. So, what happens…erm, that I won't let this happen?"

The man rolled his eyes, "I have no idea. You will have to find the Potter history book in your family vault."

The savior certainly had no idea of his family vault before nor took interests to see anything else. It was always focus on his own life and now, he's able to live a free life…almost that is. If one counts a life to be chase by ridiculous fans because he took the dark lord down.

"Alright, but I will say that you do have a choice to walk away. I don't…do possessiveness thing."

Severus snorted once more, "Obviously you foolish boy, I can't walk away. I do not have a choice." It merely sounded out of depression.

Harry frowned, "We don't have to make it the worst thing. Erm, I'll still leave you in charge of the relationship."

The black eyes narrowed at the young man, "Clearly, you misunderstood. Potter dominates their mate. Get that through your thick skull of yours."

Harry stared at him as a frozen statue. The words chanted and echoed throughout his mind to drill it through his brain. He knows he is a Potter and the family information he recently gained. This meant Severus is his' to begin with. When he kissed this man, he felt its passion and urged to hold onto him forever and make sure no one can have Severus, but him. It was a strange feeling, yet, he loved it to no ends.

His shoulders dropped, "Oh," Harry understood now.

"Now you got that through." Severus pitched his nose bridge out of his annoyance.

"Well, I'll read it into more later. You mentioned of spy?"

Severus paused and realized the boy wasn't stupid, "Yes," He sighed, "I was a double spy between Dark Lord and Albus. However, I served for Albus."

The green eyes narrowed at him, "Served for him? You betrayed him! You even murdered him!" He was beginning to recall that very day when the headmaster had fallen to his death because of his 'loyal' servant killed him to protect Draco.

He couldn't believe it that he had nearly forgotten about this. Here, he's in love with the enemy. A betrayer. Now, he was doomed. Severus knew what most people would have thought of him, but that was only because no one knew the truth behind it. The war was pretty much based on for Harry's escape from Hogwarts and to hunt those Horcruxes. The savior stared at the so-called 'enemy'.

"Trust me, I did not wish to harm the headmaster. It was his request for me to kill him to keep the plans going. He knew Draco would be forced to kill the headmaster and it was my promise of the oath to keep my godson alive." Severus sighed and shivered a bit to the boy's anger, "Albus chose his faith so you can go hunt those pieces of his' souls." Severus vanished the teacup, "I did not betray him, P-Harry. I went by his direct orders. I begged him to think of other ideas and he said this was the only way to keep you safe."

The savior's ears tuned in to each of those words and he grasp the understanding of the man's true potential as a spy. His anger slowly faded away into curiosity to the best of him. He followed the same habit of sending away his teacup to sink in the honest words. There was one thing he knew of and that was the fact this potion master only tells the truth. His insight on everything he has been involved of the school years weren't to what he had expected. He's seeing the man for who he is now.

"Wow," Harry shook his head, "How the hell did you face Voldemort?"

The black eyes greeted the emerald eyes, "I hid my emotions, blocked him from my mind, and obeyed him in his perspective. I manipulated my words to allow him to believe what he wished to hear. Other than that, I feared deeply for my life around him."

The savior bowed his head, "I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, Severus…I…you're the bravest man I have ever known to face someone like him."

Severus blinked and surprised at the young man's words. He was beginning to see the truth of this former student he had never thought to view. He was wrong for so long and regretted how badly he treated him. No one has the heart to apologize to him. No one has thanked him for being the war hero or any other nonsense. They sat here to breathe in the truth among themselves and knowing their lives had made sense of it. The emerald eyes checked on the sleeping child and desperate to smile, but he could not bring himself to do so.

"…thank…you." Severus spoken up slowly.

Harry noticed it took him some time to reply with such…gentle respect. He understood what it was like to be a hero, but he never tuned into the attention span. His hero complex has gotten the better of him and he couldn't help it. The savior and the war hero were both drag into the mess of the war and they struggled to meddle their way out by ending it for good. It was the way they viewed the war. Or, what they had suspected its outcome, but the nightmare was just its beginning. Here they were, facing the new starting form of life from a man who brought an innocent into a world to be raise to be some sort of plans. Severus doubted that Dark Lord tells his child the purpose of his existence. Harry suspected that Voldemort might have been telling stories for the little boy to know and drilled it through his memories to make a perfection of his true servant. However, they weren't too sure if the man wanted a child or a pawn at his dismay.

The Gryffindor savior nodded to return the thank you for the man and decided to observe the sleeping child. He imagined how beautiful this one is and wondered how long…just how long he could see a lovely smile. A happy smile upon this one. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he appeared to make it in his thoughts. He tried to be mentally prepared, but to be emotionally prepared can be a dangerous thing.

Yet, he isn't alone. His lover is with him and they're doing this as a team. Harry was used to relying on his friends for several things, yet, he can't this time. This would be between his lover and himself alone. At least, if he has relationship issue, he can come to his friends for some help or advice.

"If we're going to be raising him, we'll need to-"

"-Raise him in my home." Severus filled in.

Harry blinked, "Well, that and shop for things he will need."

"True." Severus snapped his finger loudly, "Tilly, arrange the spare room for an appropriate seven years old boy. Feel free to shop for clothes, toys, books, decorations. Plus, sort my room with Harry's things." He announced.

Harry heard the man arranged the setting without going anywhere to provide.

"Okay. That's taken care of. Now, all we need is Hermione and Ron mentioning Deus and of our relationship as lovers." The savior added on more.

"Simple." Severus scoffed, "Since Granger is fond of reading, I would ask Deus if he would like to go to the library with me and you would insist that he'd have some fun and done enough education studying during the war. That and summer vacation."

"I can throw in that now I can move in and raise Deus."

The potion master nodded, "That will make the argument convincing."

The young man smiled, "Good." Then something dawned on him, "Erm, how are you feeling so far? Not that I know much of pregnancy with wizards or how it works."

The elder shrugged, "I do not feel much of anything. I believe the changes will happen within a few weeks or so. Symptoms are often varied to each wizards and witches."

The Gryffindor nodded and grasps the understanding a bit better. He knew they're having a baby to protect Deus and prevent people to accuse them from covering.

"Alright then. Just let me know if there is anything I can do."

Severus sighed, "Unfortunately, I am afraid I may have to ask you to make potions. After all, some potions will harm the baby or affect it. I will help you on what to do."

The memory drew back when he was making potions with the help of a half blood prince, he was able to do so well, and it dawned on him. His lover is that man, he learned it from the day the headmaster died, and it hurts him. The savior regretted treating him like that day, but he should have known better. Professor Dumbledore was only guiding everyone in order to keep the plans going and survive the war at hand.

"The book you had back then helped me passed Professor Slughorn's class."

Severus nodded, "I realized that…I am," He hummed, "Rather surprised you're able to learn through the book."

Harry shrugged, "It was…helpful. I guess it make sense when you write it out step by step. But, it's bugging me now, why did you call yourself the half blood Prince?" His head tilted.

The eyes rolled, "One, I am a half blood. Two, I was not proud to be a Snape due to my father. I was more loyal to my mother and her side of the family as a Prince. Thus, her surname was Prince."

This made much more sense to the Gryffindor.

"Right," Harry was about to move his hand, but he felt uncertain to give affection due to his fears.

Severus almost shivered at the emotions he could feel within him. He recognized the signs of being a submissive mate of Potter's and he could not exactly ignore him. The black iris glanced over and picked up on clues to see his struggle on holding back on something. How Harry's fingers curled up to prevent any freedom for such movement, the pulling and moving back and forth for such temptation needs, and the expression fighting against himself.

It took the potion master to recognize the behavior and he understood where this headed. He did not need to know more than anything else and realized his lover is seeking touch of an affection. He hated what he was feeling from his dominate and decided to lay out his right hand in between them. Slowly, Harry noticed his hand and did not move at all. This puzzled the elder and trying to view things differently. Unfortunately, he could not pinpoint the reasons first.

"Harry, why are you afraid?" Severus forced himself to ask.

The man looked at his lover, "I'm not afraid," He denied.

Quickly, he closed his eyes and focused on his strength of his patience, "I can feel your strong emotion. Do not bother pretend when I can assist you or guide you. After all, I am yours." As much as he hated to admit whom he belongs to, he knew it might help him out.

Harry looked up and shielded his true emotion away. He knew how that works after working to clear his mind from the Dark Lord. Severus no longer sensed his feelings and pleased to see his grip to control them better, however, he can't let this to be ignoring at all.

"I don't know how to be a lover properly. I…don't want to mess up." He sighed, finally admitting his reasons.

The black hair nodded, "I see. However, I have trouble seeing why you cannot give affection if you grew up spoiled rotten at your home of yours."

The man gritted at the thoughts of them, "No," He loosen up a bit, "…they neglected me, ignored me, insulted me, name calling, and enslaved to their work." He scoffed, "That man and woman has no interests for me or never shown me…any sorts of an affection other than hatred, disappointment, and bitterness around me." Harry shook his head and brushed his hair back, "Unless you considered being spoiled rotten with being alone."

From the professor's judgment, he had no idea and began to relate to the man's behavior towards touching his lover. His shoulders dropped and felt somewhat disappointed in his expectation to the boy's childhood. If he had known, Severus would have turned around and damn Albus to find a new home for Potter – even without being the start of lovers. He had felt terrible as it is, but now that was going to change.

He slid down and placed his hand around his lover's fist to demonstrate gentle touch. His fingers smoothed the back of Potter's hand and made him leaned towards desire. Harry felt pleased and satisfied for a willing lover without causing trouble. Severus was able to tell this had made him happy and he was heading into the correct directions for them in a relationship. This was entirely new to start working on and they have to be a team. It was brought up on them so suddenly, they hadn't had the time to wait and start right into before one could bail out of this idea.

"Harry, you were abused in your home. If I had known, Albus would and should have changed it. He would probably have his share of the money or someone to live with you. Least of all, move you into a suitable home." Severus shook his head, "However, it is too late. Perhaps, we should take this slowly and I…can try to show some form of love. Bear in mind, I am not used to it myself since I have been a spy for too long since you were three months."

Harry gave a soft smile. He was glad to be heard about his awful family. At least, the man hasn't-

"-However, I do wonder of your cousin. I do recall your aunt's pregnancy before your mother's marriage."

Harry shrugged, "What about him?"

"How does he treat you?"

Harry sighed. To him, it was complicated. Dudley was different from his parents, but he still caused trouble for him. Yet, the last day he saw him was entirely different.

"He used…to bully me. To remain on his parents' side, a few years ago, after saving him from Dementors. He had changed and become to make his own sense of identity. Even the last day, he hugged me for the first time."

"You do realize at least one biological family member must attend to either marriage or bond, right?" Severus thought to bring this up.

Harry groaned, "No. I hadn't thought I'd live after the war was over." His head shook, "I never want to see them again in my life…"

"With an exception of your cousin?"

The savior jerked his head, "You're kidding right? Did you forget what it is like to be bullied?"

Severus muttered, "No…however, I will be forced to do the same. That is my bastard father," He scoffed, "He's nothing but a murderer. I knew what he has done, but no one could prove it. The ministry refused to find out and failed their system for me. My mother was buried where my father could drag me to remind me that I am to do as he is to tell me or I'll be with her next."

Harry frowned, "I better hope we're allowed to have the substitute family or something. I'd hate it if we're forced to bring just the awful people in the world."

The war hero agreed and they couldn't exactly meddle their way out when their time to unite permanently. The chances are high due to the fact he's a Potter and he's his submissive mate. However, they chose to view each other as lovers.

The man jerked his head up and smirked at the elder pleased with the imaginary light bulb popping up. Severus was confused to sudden reaction and waited for a momentarily.

"We could use my fame to get out of our horrible family members. You always say people will do anything for the boy-who-lived and won the war." Harry's eyes bright up so huge, that anyone would almost assumed his emerald eyes were actual gemstones.

The Potion master stared right at the lover of his and waited to process down those words. Here he had thought this boy would be calm and going with the flow, however, he was too attempts to try to see. Severus never witnessed Harry wanting to use his fame to get out of anything and it proved him wrong.

"We will look into it when we can. For now, we need to focus on the child and the incoming one." Severus suggested, not exactly ready for either of the two.

Harry nodded, "Yeah…" The green picked up a shadow coming in, "…someone is coming in." He commented.

Severus' head turned and both witnessed a headmistress entering in herself. Harry knew she had taken over after Voldemort went down. She held a stone face and he knew why. Her hands folded in front of her to remain calm and rational between the men as she faced them. Her eyes drew over to the child and tried to speak. However, her voice was unheard of due to the charms. Severus removed the spell wandlessly and prepared to accept what she had to speak towards them. At least they were close for her to suspect of their relationship, so it would benefit them.

"-and here you are." She spoke.

Harry sighed, "Professor McGonagall, we had the silence spell on. Could you repeat what you said?"

She nodded, giving a cold emotion, "I said was certainly someone thinks he could escape and here you are."

Severus mentally sighed, knowing the consequences of favoring perspective to win the war, and survive. Harry, on the other hand, did not like the woman's tone and wording at all.

"Professor, sorry, but he is not the man you think he is. He's innocent." He knew Deus would hear their conversation, "I'm going to bring up the silence spell up again." The savior drew his wand and mentally spoken out the spell to his needs, only including the woman within the room.

She nodded and accepted the boy's reason. Yet, she wasn't seeing him past as a student to her. Severus remained quiet and allowed his lover to settle this themselves. His hand still on Harry's hand, only not curled anymore.

"Care to explain why you are defending a man who killed our beloved headmaster?" Her chin lifted up.

The green eyes narrowed at her, "It was obvious to see why Dumbledore trusts him so much, even with the complaint for the first three years. By the fourth year, I learned he's a spy and he carried my son," Harry gritted his teeth, not pleased with the woman's behavior right now…he should suspected her Gryffindor's behavior.

Her light green eyes leveled at him to spot the familiar truth in his voice, "I take it he is yours?"

He nodded, "Yes. Severus is mine to claim."

"What of his action of killing the man? He should not have done such vile act against the laws." Her hand gestured to the elder man within the room.

Harry nodded, "I know, but it was on Dumbledore's act of order in request to keep Voldemort away from me and to keep me safe."

Her brow rose, "Albus requested him to kill?"

Harry nodded, "Yes. It was part of the plans anyway. Of course, he doesn't know anything about our son and did not take that into the calculation."

Minerva nodded and glanced over her shoulder to see the sleeping child on the bed. She noticed the hair almost resembled Harry's hair as he was a child, she couldn't pinpoint where the looks might have come from, and she could tell he was well taken care of.

"I do not recall of him carrying a child or your call of the domination over him over the years," Her eyes turned icy stare at the elder man.

The black eyes couldn't take it with her cold attitude, "Glamour charms, woman! We had to keep this a secret from everyone or Deus would have had been killed or used by that evil who called himself the dark lord!" He hissed.

Minerva jerked her head over to the man and noted that Potter allowed him to speak like this. She had never seen a Potter would let their submissive mate be in control or to speak up. Harry was befuddled with the headmistress' reaction and hasn't realized why.

"Anyway, I didn't want Deus to be found out by Voldemort. I agreed immediately on why with Severus after my lessons with him." Harry eased the anger down, "We managed to raise our son together without help or involving anyone that can risk his' or our lives."

Minerva nodded slowly, "I suppose I accidentally acted on an impulse. Forgive me…" She lessen up her tension, "…however, why did you let Severus here speak out of term? Aren't Potter's submissives known to keep quiet during conversations?"

Severus almost moved, that would have made her suspect something, and thankfully, he didn't. Harry stared at this woman without being dramatic to her questions. He nodded and heard her words thoroughly first.

"Yes, but we haven't exactly…had time to worry about that. I let him speak whatever he wants to say because I want him for who he is." Harry grinned with pride of his lover, "Keep things interesting, you know?" His other hand patted the man's hand.

Minerva nodded, "True. Now, as for your son…" She perked up.

Severus moaned, "I told you, Harry, once they find out…they won't stop wanting our son."

The emerald eyes rolled, "Professor, I-"

"-Minerva, Harry." She interrupted him.

The man nodded, "Minerva, I don't want to wake Deus up. He's so tired and we finally got to him to sleep no more than five hours ago…although, I wonder why you're up so early?" His head tilted.

She chuckled, "I haven't had the time to sleep. A sleep awake helps you stay up for a week upmost at least. However, I had to make sure to restore the school back to normal and gather all situation to be met. When Poppy told me that you were with Severus, I was rather surprised he's still here…of course, now it had made sense. So, why the name of Deus?" Her pale green eyes lit up curiously.

Thankfully, the potion master was used to fooling people into anything and rather glad he's older in the relationship. If it was Harry, people would wonder why no one has asked him of how he was able to know how pregnancy worked – then again, it'd be too much for him to handle and Voldemort would have known immediately. It wouldn't be good at all. Severus is practically perfect for the role.

"Because woman! He is the god of my life and I love him this much to call him god in Latin. Honestly, don't you know Latin as your second language?" Severus remarked at her, more like snapping her bitterly, "Merlin! Pay attention to names!" He scowled at her, acting defensively as typical mothers would be.

Harry sighed, figuring it was an act, and he had to act on his role of being hopeless of Severus' behavior. He sheepishly smiled at the woman to apologize for his bitterness towards her. She blinked at the elder man and laughed her head off a bit.

"Oh, Severus. You certainly are a mother. Besides, I was testing to see why you named him that way." She gave her rare smile out.

Harry shook his head, "Minerva, you're going to drive him up the wall and I'm going to hear all about it. But, we'll bring him to you after his breakfast…I make no promises of being much of a Slytherin like his mother."

"Hey! It is not my fault!" He scowled.

"Deal with it! He imitates your emotions."

Severus muttered and shook his head. The headmistress was rather surprised to see the couple fights over little things. She had wondered of the behavior towards this child and wished to understand Harry's meaning. Yet, she figured she'd see it for herself until then. She always wondered if Severus had a lover or someone to be with at least. She was rather glad it was Harry…despite of the age.

"I shall be back after your breakfast. However, I'll be happy to look after him tomorrow, considering Poppy needs both of your assistances for the day being. She suspected she will be able to narrow down to ten patients." The woman nodded.

Harry accepted that and Severus rolled his eyes at this silly position. However, he was used to it due to his potion talents, none the less of his title as a potion master. Right now, last night was a beginning of their lives and Minerva was the start. The woman left them alone and here, these men has to figure out what to do without complication for a long while. Anyone will believe Severus is the mother, but it's Harry as the father. Could they pull it through or getting into an illegal trouble as it is if they are caught?

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