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Jade Palace High

Chapter 1: A Tutor

The sun rose as the students of Jade Palace High were getting up for school. Tigress, an orange and black tiger with golden orbs was banging on her friend Viper's door. "Viper hurry up we will be late for school!" Tigress shouted. Tigress was wearing a black vest with tight black jeans. In an instant a green female snake wearing ribbons on her head came out.

"Sorry I over slept again come on the boys will be waiting", Viper said slinking her book bag on her back. They said good bye to Shifu who was Tigress's dad and the others Master of Kung Fu. All the five knew Kung Fu but Tigress was the best. An yellow monkey wearing black jeans, a white Crane wearing a hat and blue vest with blue jeans and a green Mantis wearing a green vest were waiting outside the house.

"About time we are almost late for school", Mantis grumbled.

"Sorry I over slept let's go", Viper said and the Five headed towards Jade Palace High. Down a little farther in a busy noodle shop stood a white panther with silver orbs wearing a low cut gray t-shirt with tight blue jeans, and high heeled boots carrying a book bag of her own was waiting outside the restaurant. "Po, will you hurry up will be late!" the white panther called. The doors opened and running out was a black and white panda. Wearing yellow pants and a black hoodie. On his back was a black back pack.

"Sorry Akayda I had to finish making the soup before I left come on let's get to class", Po said as they walked to school. They made their way among the crowds invisible as usual until two familiar voices called to them.

"Hey look Shen it is the freak and the geek", called a snow leopard with red eyes. His name was Tai-Lung a local rich kid who enjoyed bullying people with a passion. He was the captain of the wrestling team but got kicked off for bad grades and getting expelled. His body was muscular but his attitude was ugly. On his right was a snow covered peacock named Shen, another spoiled rich kid who enjoyed picking on people but his way was different. Tai-Lung liked to use his fists but Shen used his mental abilities to bully people.

"Ah yes the ignoramus Po and his extremely low class friend Akayda", Shen said smiling cruelly.

Akayda was about to say something rude and kick those stupid grins off their faces but Po pulled her away as he whispered", Just ignore them come on we will be late for class". They just passed Tia-Lung when Shen stuck his foot out and tripped Po making him fall flat on his face. The whole crowd stopped and laughed as Akayda helped him up.

"Man fatty you really should watch your step", Tai-Lung cackled as Shen snickered. Akayda growled but Po pulled her away. Over by the other lockers Tigress saw that same clumsy panda tripping again but failed to see that Shen tripped him.

"Hey Akayda I think Tigress is looking at me", Po said when he saw Tigress glance at him.

"So, what if she was you didn't see her rush to your defense", Akayda snapped.

"Easy Kay I was just noticing", Po said sheepishly.

"Sorry Po I didn't mean to snap it is just Tigress and the Five are in a different group then we are and they may glance at you but they don't see you", Akayda said. She was on the dance team and Viper may have said good job but that was as far as it went. Po knew all about the Five and their social status. On the far left was Crane, Captain of the Soccer team to his right was Mantis, Boxing Captain, on the far right was Monkey, the Gymnastics Captain and to his left was Viper, Head Dancer and in the dead middle leading the group was Tigress. She was the Head Cheerleader, Kung Fu Captain, Editor of the school newspaper, Honor roll student, and the prettiest girl in school. Every guy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her at least that is what Akayda always told him. Po was the lowest form on the social status but he was okay with that. He didn't want to be popular for if you were everyone knew your business and Po liked to keep to himself. He liked to play the guitar and sing as he helped Akayda with her dancing. Worked at his dad's restaurant and had a wonderful talent for cooking. In his mind he was okay but for just one brief moment he would love to see what it would be like to be one of the Five. Still he had Akayda and that was all he needed. "Come on Po let's get to class", Akayda said snapping Po out of his thoughts. Tigress went to class with Viper and it was World History. Unbeknown to her and Viper, Po and Akayda were sitting in the way back. Po was great at History but mostly never raised his hand for fear of having people stare at him. He wished he could be like Akayda who was never afraid to speak her mind or be afraid to stand out. That is why he liked her so much she was an awesome friend. Akayda often told Po he was like the older brother she never had for he kept her out of trouble and in school. She lived with her mom next door to Po's dad's restaurant and they were tight since first grade when a boy pushed Po in the mud and Akayda pushed the boy in some mud and Po said thanks and that he liked her outfit. Tigress was in the front of the class when the teacher handed her a note to report to the principal's office. It was odd for Tigress never went to the Principal's office but left without making a scene and soon was talking to Principal Oogway, an elderly green turtle with a kind heart but could easily handle the students.

"You wanted to see me sir?" Tigress asked unsure as to why she was here.

"Yes my dear I noticed your grades and I see you are failing your cooking class", Oogway said frowning. Tigress blushed with embarrassment for she never failed a class ever.

"I will do better sir just please give me time", Tigress said trying to remain calm.

"Do not worry Tigress I may have an answer to your problem", Principal Oogway said smiling.

"What do you recommend?" Tigress asked fearing it was summer school.

"I recommend a tutor and I have the perfect one in mind", Principal Oogway said as he handed her a sheet of paper. It read in bold print: Po Ping. Tigress had no clue as to who Po Ping was but smiled and thanked Principal Oogway for his help. Once she was out in the hall she looked again at the name and scratched her head in confusion.

"Who in the world is Po Ping, I never heard of him?" Tigress wondered. "I will ask Viper she knows a lot of people maybe she can help me locate this Po Ping person", Tigress said with a smile and headed back to class.

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