Chapter 13: A Fairy Tale Night

Po waited by the palace door with a nervous face. Tonight was prom and he wore a black suit and combed his fur back. It had been four months since his attack and he was completely healed. Akayda stood by him wearing a midnight blue dress with silver sandals wearing small silver earrings, and a silver heart necklace. "It will be okay Po, you and Tigress will have a fun time," she assured.

"I know I just want this night to go better than that night," Po said fixing his tie.

"It will because Shen and Tai-Lung are locked up for good and I will be watching your back so chill dude", Akayda said gently punching his arm. The door opened and Crane and Viper came out. Crane was wearing his hat and a light blue tux. Viper wore fresh flowers on her head and had on a light green dress. Mantis wore a yellow vest and was taking a butterfly girl to the Prom. Monkey came out wearing a black tux and awed at Akayda's beauty.

"You look so beautiful Akayda", Monkey said bowing to her and kissing her paw.

"Thanks babe, you look pretty handsome too", Akayda said kissing his cheek. Po waited for Tigress and sure enough she came out looking so beautiful Po couldn't take his eyes off her. She wore a gold dress that touched her feet wearing gold sandals. The dress and small lines of silver around it and was low cut as Tigress revealed a gold chain necklace.

"How do I look Po?" Tigress asked giving him a seductive grin.

"Absolutely amazing," Po said kissing her paw. They took a carriage to the prom as more kids and their dates were getting out. Before that they had to stop at Po's dad's noodles shop so they could take pictures. His dad knew the fastest painter in the village a black widow spider named Willow. She could paint them all in five minutes. For a small fee and Mr. Ping would pay anything to get a picture of his son and friends on their prom night.

"Oh Akayda honey you look so beautiful," her mother said kissing her cheek, as she shed a tear of joy. "If your father were here now he would be so proud of you," she said smiling down at Akayda.

"Thanks mom," Akayda said hugging her mother and shedding a tear of her own. Shifu looked over at Tigress and shed a tear.

"My little girl is growing up so fast," he said smiling.

"Oh father," Tigress said blushing but knelt down as her father hugged her.

"I love you honey and have fun I know you will be safe with Po," Shifu whispered softly.

"Alright everyone let's have a nice picture. Willow please do your stuff," Mr. Ping said excitedly. The black widow spider told everyone to stand together and she moved like lightning as color after color was smeared on the canvas. Finally Willow revealed her work and it showed Monkey with Akayda on his chest smiling on the far left. Crane and Viper were on the far right smiling as Mantis and his girlfriend were on Po's head. Tigress and Po were in the middle with Po having his arm around Tigress's waist and her with her head on his chest. "Wow extremely beautiful here is 50 gold pieces for your trouble Ms. Willow," Mr. Ping said giving the spider her money.

"Always a pleasure," Willow said as she smiled and went on home. Everyone said good bye to their parents and went onto Prom. They held the Prom at the school in the courtyard. Lanterns strong along as fireflies danced around the small lake. A band of pigs were playing soft music as couples were dancing having a blast. A small buffet table was on the far left with a punch bowl that looked like a waterfall. The Five and their dates went to the dance floor as they all began to dance. Monkey was twirling Akayda around making her smile. Crane dipped Viper to the ground as Mantis and his date spun each other around. Po held Tigress by the waist as they waltzed around the dance floor. As they danced the teachers were looking around deciding who will be this year's Dragon King, Queen, Prince, and Princess. They usually saw how the couples were dressed and dancing to see who looked best. Po was lost in Tigress's eyes to care about crowns and stuff.

"This is the best night of my life," he whispered.

"Mine too and to think all this happened because I was failing my cooking class," Tigress said with a giggle. "If I had known I would be this happy I would have taken my cooking class earlier just so I could have met you sooner," Tigress said softly.

"I would have liked that but I am glad I got to know you and the Five now," Po said smiling. Over to another side Akayda and Monkey were dancing having a blast.

"Akayda, you are truly one of a kind and I can't believe I get to be dating you," Monkey said smiling. Akayda blushed still getting used to the fact that she was dating a man who truly loved her.

"Well babe I still can't believe I finally found my Prince Charming," Akayda said happily.

"Have no fear my sweet Akayda for I am not going anywhere so you won't lose me and I won't lose you," Monkey vowed.

Soon Principal Oogway was on stage and the music died down and the students all turned their attention to him. "Good evening students and teachers of Jade Palace High. I am so glad to see everyone here and now it is the time to do a time old tradition. We pick the winners of Dragon King, Queen, Prince, and Princess. First the Dragon Prince and Princess, the winners are Monkey and Akayda". The crowd cheered as Akayda was in shock. She looked at Po with wide eyes to see if she heard right. He was smiling and nodded to let her know they really said her name. Monkey led her to the stage as Oogway placed a silver crown and tiara on Monkey's and Akayda's heads. Monkey was smiling and waving as Akayda shed a few tears smiling and waving. "Now for the Dragon King and Queen, the winners are Po and Tigress," Oogway said. The crowd clapped again and Po was in shock like Akayda as Tigress led him onto the stage. A gold crown and tiara was placed on Po and Tigress's head. "Congratulations you four, now would everyone please stand to the side so the Dragon King, Queen, Prince, and Princess can have their royal dance. Monkey and Po led Akayda and Tigress back onto the dance floor. The pig band began to play again as they waltzed around.

"Looks like I will have to start calling you Queen, eh Princess," Akayda said softly as she let out a small giggle.

"I guess so since I will have to call you Princess eh Akayda?" Tigress said grinning.

"Hmm, Princess Akayda that does have a nice ring to it," Akayda said smiling shyly. Po just rolled his eyes as Monkey kissed her lips.

"Best night ever," Po said as he kissed Tigress's lips. They danced the rest of the night surrounded by stars and a full moon.


After graduation the Five along with Akayda and Po all wanted to attend the same college. So, they went to the Gold Star Arts School. Viper took a dance course as Tigress took a Kung Fu course. Mantis took a boxing course and Crane signed up for a sculpting course. Monkey and Akayda both signed up for singing, song writing, and a dancing course. Po, naturally took a cooking course. They had many adventures but that is a story for another time. And as the years passed they lived happily ever after.

The End

Author's Note: For all of you who are wondering I am planning on writing a sequel so if anyone has any ideas let me know. Hope you all enjoyed this story and please review. Till next time.