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Chapter 1 Realization

Even mighty heroes fell.

Conquerors were overpowered. Victims lost hope in the face of disaster. Everyone had experienced the taste of defeat once in a while.

So it wouldn't be peculiar if Takao finally and understandably gave up all hopes of being noticed by the love of his life. It just wasn't cutting it anymore.

He, Kazunari Takao didn't know how much more he could take being in the daunting presence of one giant of a man who held scruples above all in everything that he did: be it about school or basketball. Midorima Shintarou would rather have one of his fingers cut before he considered play above his obligations.

Takao knew it was futile to keep this unrequited love for his team mate, the one that he had not gotten out of his system since middle high. Thoughts of defeating Midorima since the first day they met and Midorima crushed Takao's basketball team in one of their matches, Takao felt an overwhelming rage towards the silent giant. He vowed he would train harder so he could beat Midorima in a fight.

Flashback to the time when Takao still wasn't plagued by unnatural longings towards Midoima, when he had learned that the giant would be one of his team mates in Shutoku High's basketball team, he laughed, hell, yeah, he did, realizing that it was pointless now to hold a grudge. During the time that ensued, instead of trying to defeat Midorima, he would make the giant recognize him.

At first Takao felt it was only natural that he thought of Midorima all the time, the green eyed basketball genius commanded respect and adoration from everyone as easily as he maneuvered winning shots inside the basketball court. It was easy to just stand and watch in the sidelines while Midorima single mindedly plotted his longshots, his three pointers, his impressive drives.

He was a beautiful untamed beast when he was playing basketball.

It was this thought that had jolted Takao from his childish musings about how great, how undefeatable, how talented his green haired team mate was.

A boy did not think another boy beautiful.

A boy did not dream of another male's long fingers in a slow sensual motion, wondering how it would feel if those hands would be rough on his skin.

The afternoon that Takao realized this, in the middle of an afternoon practice in Shutoku, while Midorima was starting to remove the bandage from his fingers, getting ready for their routines, Takao felt his knees shaking in trepidation.

He hadn't been able to take off his eyes from Midorima's long fingers as he rolled the bandage off of them.

A delicious kind of heat, one that most boys reserved in the privacy of their rooms while watching porn in secret, crept up Takao's cheeks, until it pervaded his whole face, even spreading towards his neck.


Takao couldn't believe what he just realized. Midorima. So beautiful. His fingers. I want to suck them.

Takao backed up suddenly until his back hit the lockers, resulting in a loud bam!, making his teammates in the locker room all look at him. He, whose face was burning up.

He swallowed nervously. I'm gay. I'm fucking gay. Oh, kami-sama, I want to die now.

Their captain, Otsubo, asked, "Oi oi oi. 'Samatter, Takao?"

Takao needed to think fast. He looked seriously spooked by something, which was unseen by all his teammates, and his face was flushed. "I – I – just remembered something."

And just like that, the other boys shrugged, going back to what they were doing before. Takao took in a long heavy breath. How the fuck did it happen? Sure he had been idolizing Midorima for a long while now. And honestly even he himself thought his obsession over his Miracle teammate's basketball skills was bordering on maniacal, but today was the first time he had thought of something so overtly sexual about Midorima's bandaged digits.

Sucking them. Hoping they would touch him all over his body.

Takao made a choking noise at the back of his throat. What should he do about this? If anyone knew, especially Midorima, well – disaster was not even fitting of a word to encompass all the antagonisms that would soon follow.

Takao glanced up at Midorima, hoping the quiet boy had ignored the whole incident with him suddenly banging his back on the locker.

Takao froze as he saw Midorima's eyes, so clear under his glasses, intensely looking at him.

Takao tried to paste a grin, clutching his chest and hearing the deafening roar of his heartbeat. I'm gay, I'm gay, I'm gay, I'm gay. What should I do?

It was the start of his sufferings.


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