Omake: To Want to Touch

Hi guys, I'm back! Hehehe. Since some of you requested I continue this, here I am. This is just a little omake, like an epilogue of sorts since it's hard for a completed story to have another good strong conflict to keep it running. This is just something that came up and is pretty short. I really do love this couple and I'm cooking up more stories that I can write for them, be it within the canon-verse or AU. So. Here we go.

To Want to Touch

Takao rummaged through his locker for his school shoes. He was replacing the pair of sneakers he had on right now. As he reached inside he felt a dull throbbing pain at the small of his back. He had to groan as the pain gradually turned sharper. One of his hands reached behind and started massaging it.

He knew it couldn't be helped. His body continued to throb after several rounds of sex he had with his bestfriend over the weekend. Shit. Takao closed his eyes, feeling the hot flush settling on his face. Midorima turned out to be an insatiable beast in bed, trying out different positions, but in the end of all positions they came up with, it all ended with Takao being pinned underneath by the green haired Miracle's considerable weight.

And Takao had loved all of it, Shin-chan's strength, his forcefulness, his uninhibited lust, everything! Takao could remember how he had become a writhing crying gasping bundle of mess under Midorima. It was embarrassing, now that Takao could think clearly in the light of day, how he moaned and whimpered like a little bitch in heat, but what was done was done. The sex was fabulous. Cuddling afterwards was even more enjoyable.

However, the pain it left in Takao's body wasn't something to be taken lightly. His legs wobbled so badly Midorima had to accompany him home. This Monday morning, as Takao woke for school, all the memories of the weekend rushed to him, the truth hitting him home. That he and Shin-chan were undeniably irrevocably a couple. Wow.

So how would they behave around each other at school? PDA was definitely out of the equation. This was a private affair that he wanted to keep to himself. No one should have an inkling of what he and Midorima had. Especially in the basketball team.

Takao put on his school shoes, groaning continuously but keeping it low. His back was killing him! There. Shoes were on. He slammed his locker shut, arranging his messenger bag.

He turned to the side. It was where Midorima's locker was. It was pure instinct. Whether Shin-chan was there or not, Takao would continue to check out his locker every morning.

The thing was, Midorima was there, standing a few feet away from him, watching him with those deep green eyes which could always unsettle Takao.

Takao felt a shiver run down his spine.

Shin-chan's gaze, even in the past had always been unnerving, now, not only could it intimidate Takao, one look was enough to stir Takao's cock to life, and bring out goosebumps from his skin.

Takao's mouth broke into an honest grin, though he knew his face and neck were flushed red. He could feel the delicious heat dancing on his skin. "Ohayou."

Midorima didn't reply, instead walked towards him. Takao's heartbeat was thudding painfully inside his chest. He schooled himself not to look down at his own groin, hoping his gakuran fully concealed what was stiff in there.

Midorima stood right in front of him, bowing his head so he could look Takao in the face. Damn he was just so tall.

The two boys continued watching each other, feeling content just by being in the same place at the same time, knowing they shared a special bond, a secret, which no one else knew. Midorima laid his palm on Takao's locker, by way of distracting themselves from their hot stares. Some passing students were already glancing their way.


"Hmmm?" the smaller boy hummed, biting his lower lip.

Midorima wanted to reach down and run his fingers on Takao's lips, knowing their familiar soft texture. Instead he pushed the glasses up his nose. He looked up, in the general direction of the top of Takao's head. "How is it?"

"Hmm? How is what?"

Midorima scrunched his nose a little, hoping his… err… boyfriend slash best friend could take the hint. "Your – uhhh – your – legs… And your – backside. Uhhhh –" he stammered, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Takao went redder, if that was even possible. "I – I'm fine."

Midorima grunted. "You still walk funny."

Takao bit the inside of his cheek. Geeze, how much more embarrassing could this be? "I'm okay. Just – don't mind it so much."

Midorima didn't look convinced. "I didn't think it – would have been rough on you – "

"Shin-chan!" Takao hissed, running a sweaty palm over his face. "Not now! I don't know how to get rid of this stupid blush on my face. Stop talking about it."

It was Midorima's turn to blush this time. His hand flew at the back of his head, scratching. He was equally embarrassed when he realized that they were talking about their sex life, in the middle of the day, right smack in the center of the hallway.

"Come on, let's go," Takao said, roughly shoving his hands on the pockets of his uniform pants. He made a swift turn and was about to walk when suddenly his knees shook.

He almost stumbled if not for Midorima who was instantly beside him, holding him up. "Takao."

The raven haired boy hissed with pain. Every part of his body still hurt. He should stop doing any quick movement. "I'm – okay."

He held onto his taller teammate for balance and let go when he was able to walk on his own. Frustrated, he ran his hand on his face again, towards the back of his neck. "How am I going to play later during practice," he muttered to himself.

Takao only meant the question for himself, but Midorima heard it nonetheless. "I - I apologize for causing you this – discomfort. If we hadn't done those things, you won't hurt like this and – "

"Shin-chan!" Takao barked, knowing his temper was running short because of the pain in his body as well as trying to downplay it in front of his boyfriend. Why couldn't Midorima just stop noticing every little detail? It was getting to be annoying. Takao wasn't some girl who lost her virginity. He was a guy dammit. Sure, it hurt, but it should pass in a while. Shin-chan shouldn't make a big deal out of this.

Takao sighed. "You sound as if it's your fault."

He looked up to find his sweet innocent looking Midorin-kun frowning. "Whose fault is it then if it weren't mine?"

Takao wanted to laugh. How adorable could Shin-chan get when he was clueless about things? How Takao wished they were alone right now. To hell with all his hurting muscles. He wanted Shin-chan to cover him with his heavy body and fuck him senseless on the mattress.



"I'll never regret anything so don't sound as if you do. Whatever happened – between us – I wanted that. And I – I can't wait to do it again."

Midorima made a choking sound, startled by what he heard. "Takao."

"Let's get our butts in the classroom, oi. We'll be late," Takao said, walking stiffly away.

Midorima adjusted his glasses again, his face hot.


That afternoon, Takao made a lame excuse about falling from the stairs that was why he wobbled when he walked. He just sat through practice. The guys were giving him sympathetic glances wishing he would heal fast.

Midorima and Takao were quiet during the bus ride home. They were at the back, sitting so close together, but they did not chat. Takao was simply nervous about being alone with Midorima again. He knew despite the soreness he felt, he would entice the tall green eyed Miracle to have sex with him once more. He didn't know how he could manage it, it was just that he really wanted to make love with Midorima again.

The boys greeted Takao's mom who was cooking in the kitchen. She demanded Midorima stay over for dinner, to which the tall guy didn't immediately agree. It was Takao who told his mom, "Yeah, he's staying. We'll just be in my room waiting, Ma, 'kay?"

Midorima let out a heavy sigh.

Once inside the room, Takao dumped his bag on his bed and cheekily grinned up at his boyfriend. "Wanna shower together?"

Midorima coughed into his hand, startled by the request. Then he stared at the smaller boy. By the look of pure lust which settled on his eyes, Takao knew he'd won. But Midorima said, "We shouldn't."


"You're still in pain."

"So what? It's not that bad, actually. You just have to go slower and…"

"Takao," Midorima said quietly, with a level of warning. "If we keep doing it, you won't be able to recover and play."

Takao knew it was true and it was only rational for them to wait a couple of days before they tried having butt sex again. But he really wanted it bad.

"So what are we going to do now?" Takao wailed.

Midorima smiled a little at his boyfriend's obvious display of agitation. He walked over to him and tousled his hair. "We've always hung out in the past without having sex. There are tons of things we can do, starting from our Chem homework."

Pouting, Takao watched as Midorima took his usual seat on the bed. He took out his school notes and a pen. Takao rolled his eyes, annoyed. Here he was, popping a crazy boner and his boyfriend didn't want to do anything else besides study. Fate could be cruel sometimes.

Midorima looked up from the bed. "Let's start, Takao."

The smaller boy crossed his arms on his chest sitting gently on the bed. He still winced from the soreness.

It didn't escape Midorima. "See? You can't even sit straight without hurting. Takao, I'm – "

"Say sorry one more time and I swear you'll be hurting twice as bad, Shin-chan!" Takao lashed out.

Midorima moved away a little, massaging his temple. Since he couldn't think of anything else to say he clamped his mouth shut.

"You wanna do some homework? Fine. Let's!" Takao rummaged through his bag and took out his notes as well.

Midorima turned away, sitting cross legged on the bed. If Takao only knew how he was feeling right now. He made sure to hide the tent in his groin with the book he put on his lap. He was painfully aroused, too, as he was alone inside a room with Takao. He could smell the scent of his boyfriend's clean sweat and it turned him on more than anything.

But the thing was, someone had to be mature in this relationship. Takao simply couldn't function anymore, be it in school or in practice, if he didn't let his body heal for some time.

Of course Midorima was frustrated as hell, too. He wanted to do all these sinful things to Takao. He discovered that his boyfriend was uninhibited in his responses to whatever Midorima did to his body. And Shin-chan was crazy about that. One small kiss alone could pry out a sweet whimper from Takao. He was really dying to taste Takao again.

But nothing was nearly enough. Midorima knew once he started there was virtually nothing that could stop him from sinking his cock into the smaller boy's flesh. And that was where the problem lay. He didn't want Takao to hurt longer than what was necessary. They should be able to take things one step at a time. Step by step. Once Takao's body healed they could try having sex again.

He hoped Takao would cooperate.

The two boys began working on their notes quietly. They both sat crosslegged on the bed, not facing each other.

But their eyes would constantly stray to the other's form. Watching. Admiring.

Once their gazes met.

Takao rolled his eyes, going back to his notes. Midorima couldn't help but show a small smile.

After half an hour of pretending to be doing his homework, Takao dropped all his notes to one side, and lay on the bed, stretching his arms on top of his head and yawning. "I give up. It's so boring. I just want to sleep."

Midorima snorted. "Don't slack off, baka."

"Tsch! What for? I'm gonna copy your notes anyway," Takao grumbled.

Midorima shot him a peeved look then went back to answering his homework. He tried his best to focus on what he was doing, ignoring the delectable body lying close beside him. Was Takao doing it on purpose? Takao should know that this pose he was doing was quite seductive.

Takao smirked.

Slowly he unbuttoned his gakuran. When Shin-chan glanced at him and his gaze darkened, Takao knew he was winning this battle.

But then, Shin-chan buried his nose more closely on his notes. He was determined to ignore Takao's shenanigans.

Takao was undeterred. If Shin-chan was not willing to participate, then so be it. His cock was threatening to break in two if he didn't do anything about it. If Shin-chan could stand just watching, then he could while Takao jerked himself off.

And that was what Takao was planning to do.

Slowly he removed the gakuran jacket, leaving a thin white cotton undershirt. Midorima visibly gulped. Suddenly his face was all sweaty.

"It's getting a bit hot, don't you think, Shin-chan?" Takao cooed, tearing off the shirt from his body and throwing it on the floor.

Leaving him naked from the waist up.

Nervously Midorima adjusted the glasses on his nose. "What are you doing, Takao?"

Takao didn't answer. Instead he closed his eyes and let one hand trail from his neck down to one nipple which had already turned to a hard nub. He pinched at it, moaning. "Yeah…"

"Takao," Midorima growled deep in his throat.

"If you don't want to do anything, then don't!" Takao snapped, eyes still closed and his one hand rolling his own nipple between his fingers. His other hand came down to cup his raging erection. "This is my room and if I want to jack off I can. You can leave. Or you can watch."

Midorima inhaled sharply.

He was immobilized from where he sat, homework forgotten. He couldn't take his eyes off the erotic sight before him. Takao pleasuring himself. Wantonly. It was hot.

Takao hurriedly unzipped his pants, moaning more loudly now, so into the act of masturbating, as if he was really alone in the room. His hand reached inside and stroked his engorged cock. The pink tip became visible.

Midorima lost it.

He hovered above Takao, grunting.

Takao opened his eyes, smiling widely. "Are you just watching? Or are you going to do something?"

Midorima glared down at him. "I will not penetrate you. You need to heal."

Takao licked his lower lip. "I don't care what you do. Just touch me, baby."

"Takao," Midorima ground out huskily, his mouth coming down to claim his lover's own. Takao sighed contentedly into the kiss. He finally got what he wanted. Shin-chan on top of him. His familiar scent, heat and taste. Damn it but he loved this guy with the whole of his being.

Takao removed his hand from his cock to wrap his arms and legs around the big guy. He felt thrilled when Midorima roughly pulled down his pants and boxers. Takao kicked them away. He was gloriously naked.

Midorima didn't stop kissing his boyfriend as he shrugged off his clothes one by one. Takao did his best to help even when he was sucking on Shin-chan's hot tongue. He gently removed Shin-chan's glasses and laid them on the bedside table. Then he tangled his fingers on his beloved's soft green hair.

When they were both naked, they pressed their groins against each other, eliciting hisses of pleasure. Takao couldn't help but ground his hips, the friction was great. He pulled Midorima closer to him. He wanted to be blanketed, covered completely by this big body.

But Midorima had other plans.

The taller boy lay on his back, startling Takao. "Shin-chan?"

"Straddle me," Midorima whispered hoarsely. "Slowly."

"Okay." Mindless with lust, Takao did as he was told. He was kneeling over Midorima, his erect cock jutting proudly before him.

"Move forward and hold on to the head board," Midorima instructed.

"Huh? Wha – Like – this?"

Takao scooted forward and indeed held onto the headboard. Midorima grinned wickedly and moved towards the foot of the bed. He only stopped when his mouth was directly beneath Takao's crotch. Now Takao was straddling Midorima's face.

"Shin-chan?" he whimpered.

"Ssssshhh. Hold on tight."

Midorima spread Takao's thighs a bit wider and used one hand to guide the weeping cock into his mouth. At the touch of heat around his member Takao cried out, convulsing with pleasure. One hand was still holding onto the head board while the other one snaked down to tangle on Midorima's locks.

"Shin-chan… oh! Oh! Oh!" he moaned, thrusting his hip forward as he fucked Midorima's mouth.

Midorima's eyes opened, as he watched his lover writhing and gasping on top of him. Midorima felt elated that he was able to bring this much pleasure to his boyfriend. He could get off just by watching Takao.

Midorima began stroking his own shaft, in tune with the thrusting of Takao's cock into his mouth.

"Please please please…" Takao sobbed. He continued thrusting into that delicious wet heat.

"Hmmm?" Shin-chan hummed, his mouth full.

"I'm so close… So close…"

Midorima moved his mouth away a little. "Come."

"Yeah, baby… I – " Takao made jerky movements. He froze and moved back, coming all over Shin-chan's chest.

Takao was still grasping the headboard, panting so heavily as he came down from his high. He couldn't believe he sat on Shin-chan's face and fucked his mouth! It was the most exhilarating experience of his life!

He looked down at Midorima. The big green eyed Miracle had a soft expression on his face. Takao's heart wanted to break. He was just so happy. "I love you so much."

Midorima snorted. But his smile remained.

Takao suddenly remembered that Midorima had not gotten off yet. He looked behind him and found ropes of white cum on Midorima's stomach as the taller boy continued to stroke his own cock. "You already came?"

"As it appears," Shin-chan replied, his voice still husky.

Takao smirked all of a sudden. "Pervert. Just by watching me?"

Midorima moved his face away, embarrassed. "Does that make me a pervert?"

"Oooooohhh! I'm only kidding! It doesn't!" Takao cried out, slowly stretching on top of Midorima. He ignored the wet sticky cum covering Shin-chan's chest and wrapped his arms tightly around him.

Takao angled his head so that they could kiss. They did languidly, enjoying each other's familiar taste. Takao tasted himself on Midorima's mouth. "I really really really love you, Shin-chan. When my ass gets better, promise me you'll fuck me so hard I won't remember my name."

That got a chuckle out of the more uptight boy. "Baka. What about our basketball training?"

"You know what they say about playing sports, 'Practice makes perfect'. I think we can apply the same logic here in the bedroom? Let's have lots and lots of practice. In time, it's not gonna hurt so much anymore."

Midorima wrapped his arms around the boy on top of him. "Practice, indeed."

Takao made soft giggling sounds. Midorima was definitely no match against him.


There. Just a little PWP for my sweetest ship!