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:Comm. link:

Warning: Energon levels critical.

Stasis lock override pending. Systems check. Results: Repairs and replacement parts required.

Damaged systems:

Cloaking: Inoperable, replacement necessary.

Holo-emitter: Inoperable, replacement necessary.

Spark energy cloaking: Operating at full capacity. Error: Systems cannot disengage, repairs necessary.

Comm. System: Inoperable, repairs necessary.

Systems check complete, stasis lock override approved, online pending.

Mirage's optics flickered, shuttered a few times and slowly came back online. He carefully and meticulously scanned his surroundings before even daring to even twitch a ped. No Decepticon activity that he could detect, thank Primus. The crevice in the asteroid where he had taken refuge seemed to have gone undisturbed and unnoticed, not that he would be taking any chances. He tried to get back on his peds but the white-hot pain that lanced down his chassis and set his systems screaming convinced him to lay still for the moment.

'Fragging Decepticon got in a lucky shot.' He fumed to himself.

He, Bluestreak, Prowl and Hound had been answering to Optimus's call and were quickly approaching the solar system of their new 'home' when they had been ambushed by five Decepticons. Mirage covered the other's retreat while he had provided an invisible distraction by attacking right back. Prowl hadn't liked it, but it was the best plan with the highest chances of success. Mirage had taken out two of their attackers before deciding to catch up with his friends.

Unfortunately for Mirage one of the Deceptions had fired off a wild pot-shot, and by some unlucky miracle had hit the invisible spy in the back, knocking out his cloaking system making him visible. The three remaining Decepticons then chased him into this systems asteroid belt where he had decided to take a chance. By first completely deactivating his spark cloak, leaving him easily found on their scanners, and once they were out of optic sight activated it again at full strength and hiding in an asteroid crevice before the pain of his injuries had sent him into stasis lock.

It would appear his ruse had worked. Even if they couldn't find his chassis, the sudden disappearance of his spark signature would have led them to the conclusion that they had managed to offline him. The ruse had left him unable to deactivate the spark cloaking and very damaged but at least he was still online. He checked his chronometer, apparently he had been in stasis for almost half an orn. His fellow autobots were likely planet side by now and the Decepticons having moved on, but Mirage wasn't going to be caught with his back to the enemy for a second time.

He ignored the warnings from his system and dragged himself to his peds without crying out in pain. He carefully approached the entrance to his temporary shelter and cautiously scanned around. There, on the edge of his scanners he caught the signature of two approaching Decepticons. He slunk back into his shelter, concealing himself in the darkest corner and cooling his systems so he gave off little in the way of a heat signature. The Decepticon signals continued to approach, until they were right outside his hideout, he pulled out his blade and readied himself to go down fighting. He heard them beginning to speak, and true to his spy occupation he turned up his audio receptors to listen.

"I hate patrol. Remind me why we follow that weakling Starscream's orders?" The Decepticon speaking had a very high-pitched, annoying voice.

"Because he's a complaining slagger who will report us for insubordination." This Decepticon sounded like he was ready to slag his companion just for the silence it would bring.

"Right. Frag, I'm just so board. We do nothing but patrol between the occasional raid on that pathetic mudball of a planet. How long do you think Lord Megatron will keep us waiting to finally wipe-out those blasted autobots?"

"Lord Megatron wants no mistakes this time. He will wait until we have enough reinforcements to overwhelm the autobots and their human allies. Judging from how quickly we're gathering I assume we'll be ready to launch our attack in three, maybe four orns. In the mean time we are to patrol and pick off any autobots incoming from bolstering the autobot lines."

"Indeed. We better not let any get past on our watch. Did you see what happened to the other patrol? They'll be sporting those scars for vorns." The one with the high voice cackled.

The pair of Decepticons continued on their way, Mirage waited until long after they disappeared off his scanners to move from his place. He subspaced his blade and, painfully but with great urgency he made his way away from the asteroid and the Decepticons. His system continued to flash low energon warnings as he transformed into his cometary form for landing, and made his way to earth.

Lennox made his way to the Nevada NEST base monitor rooms for the daily report. A few men sat idly watching a few monitors and playing cards. Monitor duty was the most boring job on base, usually reserved as a form of mild punishment for the more hot-headed soldiers. An older gentleman, by the name of Merill, who had seen his fair share of the battlefield over the years, but was too stubborn to retire, was in charge of the monitor room.

"Lennox." Merill greeted with a lax salute from his chair.

"At ease." Lennox chuckled.

"If you insist." Merill shrugged, adjusted his crossed legs and leaned a little further back in his chair with a grin. Lennox rolled his eyes at the man.

"Anything to report?"

"Well, we thought we had something about an hour ago. Just a glitch though, in the time it took to just look up at the monitor it was gone. Probably just another solar flare. If it was one of the big guys it would have us tripping all over each other."

"Hmmm," Lennox said as he peered at the monitor. "Well, keep a good eye on it. The big guys are expecting a friend soon. Apparently he got separated from the last batch of incomers. They've been expecting him for days now, and their getting worried." Lennox passed a hand over his face and sighed.

"Well let me know if anything changes."

"Sir, yes sir."

"Hey, Megan. Megan? Earth to Megan."

Megan snapped out of her thoughts with a start. She had been staring absently into her breakfast cereal, not really feeling hungry. She looked up into the face of her blond-haired, brown-eyed cousin, Jake. He was taller than her five foot five-inch frame by about half a head, even though she was older than him by two months. A fact she never let him forget. He smiled down at her from the other side of the dinner table, it was a sad half-smile. Megan hated that look, but hid her irritation by taking a bite of her disgusting breakfast.

"You ok?"

"Oh, hey Jake. Sorry, I haven't been sleeping very well. To much on my mind you know? Did you need something?"

Jake regarded his cousin carefully. Her hazel eyes looked heavy from lack of sleep and her face, which was usually more prone to smiling, seemed paler which made her freckles standout on her nose. Her pixy short, brown hair was stuck up in all directions in it's usual morning disarray. He frowned as she pushed aside her cereal.

"Megan, you need to eat more."

"Is that all?" She snorted sarcastically at him.

"No, that's not all. You need to get out of the house more. I think you need a hobby or something Megan."

"A hobby he says. I have a hobby, I actually have plenty of hobbies. I read, I draw, I even do all the chores that uncle Dan and aunt Lisa give me." Jake shook his head at her.

"That's no way to live your life and you know it Megan." Jake sighed heavily.

"As much as it hurts and sucks, you need to find out what you want to do with your life." He said hesitantly as he stood up. "Think about it at least. I have to go back to the shop, I'll see you at supper."

Megan said nothing as her cousin got up and left, the door swinging closed gently behind him. Megan poked at her breakfast before dumping it down the sink and cleaning the kitchen. Once that was done there really was nothing left for her to do. She poked through the mail that had come yesterday, thinking over her cousins words. She agreed with him, for the most part anyway.

'The only problem is, what's the point anymore?' She sighed again.

Megan's hands stilled over the last envelope in the stack. It was neatly addressed to her. She hesitated for a moment, then carefully picked it up and opened it with caution, as if what ever was inside might shatter. She read the letter, blinked a few times, then read it again. Apparently she had won V.I.P backstage passes to a show in L.A., the tickets in her other hand looked real enough anyway. She struggled for a moment before recalling having entered the draw at a fundraiser almost a month ago. A small thrill of excitement even dared to curl into her chest. The dates on the two tickets gave her a little under two months to make plans.

She looked down at the tickets, thinking of the conversation she just had with her cousin and biting her lip. She stared at the tickets as if they were her personal Pandora's box. She couldn't ask her aunt, uncle or cousin to come, they all had jobs and lives to live. While she however, apparently needed to get out of the house more and had at least a year of free time on her hands. So if she was going to live her life, as her cousin had so eloquently put it, why not really live it? Immediately a dozen ideas jumped into her mind for her road trip of a lifetime, which led to her spending the rest of her day on the computer and phone making plans.

'First things first. I'm going to need a car.' She thought to herself with a grin.

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