Here there is a TIME SKIP of about one and a half months. If you wish to know what happens during said time skip you can go and read 'Underestimated', which can be found on my profile. There will be the occasional reference to what happens in 'Underestimated' in the next few chapters, so it really is in your best interest to read it. Really it's just a number of one shots and bits of fluff that I couldn't include in this story so it's up to you guys.

A quick shout out to all the wonderful people who kindly take the time to review my humble little story; thank you so much, you are the people who keep this fic going (you know who you are and you're wonderful!). Also a big thank you to all who favorite or follow my works, you guys are like the government agents that spy on me when I leave the house. I may not be able to see or hear you but I know you are there XD. Ok so that's enough fluff out of me, and I should mention that I'm sorry that this isn't a chapter but I felt it was important to post this to avoid future confusion. Next chapter will be out once 'Underestimated is completed. This fic will be finished!

-Your determined author,