Legolas' secret shame no.3#

* * *

"I love you, I really do" Legolas said and hugged his bed companion tightly. He then made sure he was comfortable before changing into his night time garments and getting into bed too. Sighing in contentment he leaned back into the soft sheets next to him who shared his bed and soon drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Aragorn walked slowly through the halls of Rivendale enjoying the night time view. His travels had taken him to the door of Legolas' room and he decided to step in and say goodnight before he himself went to bed.

Deciding not to knock in case the elf was asleep the Ranger slowly eased the door open and peered inside.

Lucky I didn't knock thought Aragorn as he noticed the elf was sleeping peacefully in the moonlight.

He was just about to close the door when something in the moonlight caught his eye. Thrusting his head back in the door he squinted at the other side of the double bed.

What was that nestled beside the elf? The Ranger thought.

Slowly opening the door wider, the Ranger crept in. When he saw the small hairy creature lying next to Legolas he had to stifle a gasp.

The Ranger carefully eased the furry footed thing out of the elves grasp. Legolas started to stir. Quickly looking around the room Aragorn grabbed the elf's tunic which was laid out for the next day and thrust it into his arms. Legolas settled again and drifted deeper into sleep.

Aragorn hefted the small creature in his hand, hehe he thought, blackmail. There is going to be fairer donut distribution around here! he placed the teddy bear under his arm and quietly left the room to resume his stroll.