Lily leaned against the rather large bay window that overlooked her lush, green backyard. It was close to sun down and in a few moments she knew that her mother would call them her for dinner, but for a moment she was allowed to be enshrouded by her thoughts and memories.

Her fifth year had been less than spectacular she thought, and it was all Severus's fault. If he would have just taken the hint that she really didn't need him around anymore, if she would have realized that he was just like the rest of his house, then it may have been better, but it sure wasn't. It had been a few weeks since term had ended and she was still dwelling on it, not that it was by choice. Her parents constantly brought up the fact that she did not spend hours with her "best" friend. She had not told them about the incident after her OWLS nor did she intend to. They would get over the fact that he was not going to be coming over anymore because he wasn't really wanted right?

"Are you alright Lily" The soft yet gruff voice of her father filtered through the room to her ears.

"I am fine" Lily replied as she turned to face the man that stood in the door way. She knew he was fond of Severus; he had since the first time she brought the Slytherin home.

"Are you sure?" he persisted. "You haven't brought your friend around."

"He was busy this summer." Lily replied in a rushed manner as she turned back towards the sun as it sunk below the fence line. The room was silent as Lily stared out to the darkness. She knew her father was still there by the sound of shifting fabric as he moved to sit on the couch. The Silence that stretched between them was normal for this subject. After what seemed like hours of silence, the front door burst open, causing Lily and her father to jump.

Standing in the doorway was Petunia and her boyfriend, Vernon Dursley. Petunia's eyes were glowing with delight as Lily stared at her.

"There are police cars and a few ambulances at your friend's house Lily." Petunia stated as she moved out of the way to allow her sister and father a view as they moved closer.

Lily's heart began to pound as she stood in the doorway, her emerald green eyes taking in the scene: across the river flashing lights illuminated the night ensconced houses of Spinners End. For a moment she hoped and prayed that they were not at Severus's house, but the more she stared into the darkness, the more her hope was crushed. They were at Severus's house.

"Rosemary" Lily heard her father call from behind her. "There is something going on."

Lily had no idea if her mother came to stand behind her, in the spare of the moment, she felt propelled towards the house and took off in a dead run towards the flashing lights that appeared in the distance.