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Gibbs walked up to Tony's apartment hoping for the best. Tony had arranged for this dinner so that everyone would be together when he told them of his plans. He was certain of his decision and only Tony had been privy to his thoughts as he weighed his options.

How everyone else would take the news was anyone's guess. What mattered was that he was doing what was right; for him and the situation. He was surprised when he was offered the Directors' chair. He was not a good ass kisser and he most definitely rubbed some people the wrong way. But the offer had been extended and he had given his answer to SECNAV just that morning.

He hesitated before knocking…this was it, he could do this. Tony opened the door before he even had a chance to knock and gave him a reassuring look.

"Relax. You can do this. Tim's here already and he's got his own news. Gonna be a night of revelations, good food and friends." Tony stepped back and opened the door letting the older man enter.

"Gibbs!" They all rang out.

Tony shrugged. "What? There was a rerun of 'Cheers' and we were watching."

Gibbs shook his head as he made his way to the couch and sat down.

"Dinner or news first?" Tony looked around the group smiling. Everyone was here; Ducky, Abby, Tim, Balboa, Nikki, Fornell, Cassie, Palmer and Dornegat. Quickly it was decided news first so they could enjoy the evening.

Tim stood still a bit shaky. "I'll go first. I need to make some changes. Did a lot of thinking, talked with Achael, came back, and did the same with Tony. Both were honest with me and made me question a few things and really look at everything."

Tim took a deep breath and looked at Abby. "I decided that I am not meant to be a field agent. Sure, I have improved in the time that I came to NCIS, but is it enough. No- this isn't because I was shot. I simply don't have a killer instinct or the ability to make myself heard. And I will never have to ability to put the pieces together out of thin air like Tony."

"I have moments where I felt that I was on the cusp, but not enough for me to believe that is where I should be. Tony offered me a place at the FBI in Cyber techniques. I'll be training new agents and those that want to know more how to perform better searches, beat encryptions and find trails. It's what I want and need. I can excel there and be strong and in the long run help more than hinder."

"Well dear boy it seems that you have made a decision quite smartly. If this is what you want than I certainly applaud you for making the right decision."

"I'll still see you Timmy, right? I mean Tony has poached so many people from NCIS it doesn't look the same…" She shook her head and smiled jumping up and giving Tim a huge hug. "If it makes you happy."

Tim pulled one of her pigtails with relief written all over his face. He was certain she was going to go into a plethora of reasons he should stay.

Balboa chuckled. "So…you're joining the dark side now Tim? Good to have you."

Tobias looked at Jethro and grinned. "He gonna convince you to come over as well? Not sure I could handle seeing your ugly mug everyday…but not gonna argue with one of the FBI's finest." Gesturing in Tony's direction.

Gibbs glared at Tobias. "Like hell I would become a Feeb."

"Now Jethro it would seem that being in a room filled with 'Feebs' as you call them, it would be unwise to bandy about any insults." No one could miss the twinkle in Ducky's eyes. The past two weeks had been hell with all the adjustments, dealing with the fallout and trying to get Tim home. To say that they needed this get together was an understatement.

There was no need to bring up Ziva or Vance tonight. Their fates had been sealed and they would both face the consequences for their actions. Prison time for Ziva was a done deal; she had no defense for her actions in Germany. Vance would see some jail time and heavy sanctions for his actions. His career was finished.

Gibbs looked at Tony and took a deep breath. "Now for my news."

"Abby started jumping up and down in excitement. "Are you taking the position of Director at NCIS?"

Gibbs whipped his head around and looked at Abby. "How the hell do you know about that?"

Abby shrugged. "It's all over NCIS. Is it true?"

Gibbs took a deep breath. "Yes it's true-" He held up his hand to stop Abby. "I turned it down…and I tendered my resignation."

Abby looked at the man as if he had lost his head and was guided by Ducky to sit down. "Why don't we let Jethro tell us his reasons Abigail? I am certain that everyone would love to hear them as well."

Gibbs looked around the room at the few surprised faces and a few that already seemed to understand. "I have, like Tim, done a great deal of thinking and had a few things pointed out to me. I have come to realize that somewhere along the line I fucked up and stopped acting like the man that I was. I took the law into my own hand, looked the other way when I thought the circumstances warranted it and failed to follow way too many of my own rules."

"Tony paid the price more often than not and was treated like shit because of my actions. I can't be a leader when my own actions are questionable. I used to lead by example and hold myself up to very high standards as I demand I exceed them. Somewhere along the line I stopped doing that; turned a blind eye when I shouldn't and did my own version of justice."

"It's time for me to step back. Tony has asked me to be a consultant when needed and I am going to take him up on that. I can no longer trust myself to make the right decisions and I will not put anyone in danger."

Tim was the first to speak. "I get it. But we all made and will make mistakes. Everything is not your fault."

""Seems like a very sound decision as well Jethro."

"Won't say it was easy. I wanted to turn myself in and face whatever could be thrown at me. SECNAV wouldn't let me, said it would serve no purpose as so much of it would be simply my word and with the time passed there was little that could be done."

Tony stepped up to Gibbs and gave him a gentle head slap. "Stop. What's done is done. You've beaten yourself up enough over the past few weeks. You've faced it head on and made your decision; now let it go."

"How long do you think I'll let you get away with that?" Gibbs glared at the younger man.

"As long as it takes you to accept it."

Gibbs sighed. "Might take awhile."

"I've got the time."

"Thanks, Tony. For everything."

"That's what friends are for Gibbs."