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"So Brock, how's the family back home?" asked Ash.

"They're all doing great!" Brock munched on a jelly filled donut. A bit of jelly dripped onto his chin which he wiped with the sleeve of his lab coat before continuing. "Yum…The last I heard, Forrest had gotten a lot better as a Gym Leader. He even went 10 straight battles without losing at one point! Also, Salvadore and Yolanda are both on their journeys through Kanto right now. Mmm…" He took another bite of the donut. Ash and Manuel laughed.

"You really like that donut, eh vato?" Ash nodded as he took a bite of his own donut.

"Yep, Brock loves jelly donuts!"

"You know me too well," replied a satisfied Brock.

"Well I'm glad we got these donuts 'cause I was getting hungry, ese. I haven't eaten since breakfast and I thought I was gonna pass out!" exclaimed Manuel.

"I know, we've been running around all day. It's nice to just take a relaxing walk through the forest," said Brock.

"I just hope we get to Magnoville soon so we can drop off that package and then head on to Goldpond Town. I'm just so psyched!" Once again, Ash got excited; his head filled with all sorts of battle strategies and scenarios. Pikachu shook her head.

"Ash, you haven't even done your research on this Gym Leader yet! Do you know his type? His battle style? You don't even know if it's a he! You shouldn't just brashly run into battle without knowing a tiny bit about your opponent first…I don't feel like being embarrassed in my first Acirema Gym battle," said Pikachu firmly. Ash blinked.

"You're right! I don't even know the Gym Leader's name…awwahhhh!" Ash collapsed into a heap. Brock and Manuel sweat dropped.

"What's gotten into you, ese?"

"Pikachu just reminded me that I know NOTHING about this Gym Leader. What if I walk into the gym and it's a Ground type. Pikachu and Lavader will get obliterated and I'll be embarrassed in my first battle!"

"You're right Ash. A good trainer always does his research when going into an important battle. I'll bet the Poketab has some inside info on this Goldpond Gym Leader," suggested Brock.

"Good idea!" Ash pulled out his Poketab and found an app titled "Acirema Gyms". He opened the app and selected the Goldpond Town Gym.

"Goldpond Town; A little slice of Southern heaven. Gym Leader: Arthur Poda. Specializes in Bug Type Pokemon…"

"Bug type, huh? With Lavader and Pikachu this should be a piece of cake!" The robotic female voice continued to read off information.

"Arthur Poda hands out the Buzz Badge to those who defeat him. Arthur competes in 2-on-2, no substitution single battles. He is a seasoned battler, do not underestimate him due to his use of the Bug type. He loves to disguise himself and hide in the Magnoville Woods, observing his potential opponent's battles and analyzing their strategies."

"Hmm, this guy sounds a bit eccentric…" said Brock.

"Eccentric? No, no, no, I believe the word you were looking for was…intriguing," said a voice. The three looked around but saw no one.

"Ah yes, enchanting," said a similar sounding voice.





"Impressive!" said both voices. Suddenly, two teens jumped out of a nearby tree and landed in front of the trio. They appeared to be twins, or at the very least closely related as they both looked remarkably the same. They both wore plain black t-shirts with green camouflage cargo shorts. The two had a single silver chain which hung around their neck and stopped at their pecs. They wore white ankle socks and white and green sneakers. They both had a light tan complexion, brown eyes, coarse and messy black hair, and appeared to be of Japanese descent. The only way they could be distinguished was by their hats. One boy wore a white baseball cap with the image of a Great Ball in the middle, while the other wore the same white cap with the image of an ultra ball in the middle. The duo struck an impressive pose, quite pleased with their performance.

"Who…are…you?" Manuel asked slowly. The two boys smirked to themselves for a few seconds, then took on a look of seriousness and authority.

"Do not worry, for before this is completed,"

"Our words will not need to be repeated,"

"Two twins are we,"

"And you'd fill us with glee,"

"If we battled and you were defeated!" The twins struck another dramatic pose while pulling bug catching nets out of seemingly nowhere for effect.

"You took many liberties with the structure of that limerick…" said Brock.

"Oh no, not more rhyming bad guys!" exclaimed Ash. The twins sweat dropped.

"WE ARE NOT BAD GUYS!" the twins shouted.

"Although we aren't good guys either…" the Great Ball twin put in.

"Quite right, we are terribly fascinating trainers…so don't go thinking we're soft!" remarked the Ultra Ball twin.

"Indeed, for we are feared throughout the Magnoville Forest. Beginner trainers shudder at the names of Jerry and Terry, the Bug Brothers!" The two proceeded with a faux maniacal laugh.

"So…which one of you is Jerry and which one of you is Terry?" asked Ash as he looked back and forth between the two and could tell no difference.

"I am Jerry," said the Great Ball twin.

"And I am Terry, the older AND wiser of the duo," remarked the Ultra Ball twin. Jerry frowned.

"You're only older by eleven minutes!" said Jerry.

"But wiser by eleven years…"

"That doesn't even make any sense!" shouted Jerry.

"Now now, my younger and more naïve brother, we shouldn't be bickering. For we challenged these two trainers to a battle and we must be in sync." Jerry nodded.

"So, which two of you three shall battle us?" asked Jerry. Ash, Manuel, and Brock looked at each other.

"You two can battle them," said Brock, "You guys need the practice for the Gym." Jerry and Terry perked up.

"Did you say gym?" they asked in unison. Ash nodded slowly.

"Yeah, we're taking on the Goldpond Gym after we make a quick stop in Magnoville," said Ash.

"Do you know the Goldpond Gym Leader?" the Bug Brothers asked in unison once again. Manuel shook his head.

"Not really, we looked up some basic info on him but we've never met him before."

"Well, we assumed your squint-eyed friend was referring to us when he said eccentric," said Jerry.

"Yes, I suppose we can be seen as a bit eccentric at times…" replied Terry.

"SQUINT-EYED!" exclaimed Brock as he collapsed into a heap.

"But that's beside the point," Jerry said quickly, "for you see, we are the sons of Arthur Poda!"

"His very flesh and blood!" exclaimed Terry.

"And thus, our battle tactics and natural know-how is much superior to yours," remarked Jerry.

"I'll have you know that this 'squint-eyed friend' is a former Gym Leader!" Brock exclaimed while crossing his arms.

"Really!" the twins looked at each other. "A fellow Gym Leader? Do tell, what type did you specialize in?"


"Oh no, we don't like your type…" said Terry.

"No, no, no," Jerry shook his head in distaste, "not at all. Rock types simply destroy Bug types."

"I'm aware," said Brock flatly.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I do believe we have ticked off your friend here," Terry said to Ash and Manuel.

"Its fine, Brock will get over it. Once we get to a Pokemon Center he'll be his good old self!" exclaimed Ash. The twins looked on in confusion.

"Because he is a doctor and he enjoys his profession?" asked Jerry.

"No, he just has a Nurse Joy fetish," said Ash.

"IT'S NOT A FETISH!" Brock shouted. The Bug Brothers sweat dropped.

"Right…well…anyway, we've wasted enough time!" exclaimed Terry.

"I agree, we must proceed with the battle!" Jerry piped in.

"I'll be the referee," said Brock, "we passed a clearing a few yards back that would be perfect as a battle field."

"It is settled then…" said Terry.

"…Onward, to victory!" finished Jerry.

The group reached a large clearing in the middle of hundreds of trees. It was obvious that the area had been, and continued to be, used for battles as the wear and tear of constant attacks showed on the field. Patches of grass were missing, numerous holes were dug, and scorched grass could be found here and there. It wasn't the prettiest field, but it would do.

"Oh boy, my first Acirema battle!" Ash could barely contain his excitement.

"What are your parameters?" asked Terry. Ash looked confused.

"Huh?" The Bug Brothers shook their heads.

"Your limits…the rules?" said Jerry.

"Oh!" Ash's face lit up while Pikachu face palmed. "Well, we both only have two Pokemon, so it's gonna have to be a 2-on-2 double battle for starters."

"Fair enough," replied Terry with a shrug.

"Also, no substitutions," added Manuel.

"Agreed," the twins said in unison.

"Now, shall we get this thing started?" Jerry asked Terry. Terry nodded.


"Darting across the field with the greatest of ease,"

"Wit, determination, those are the keys,"

"None match our skill in all the nations,"

"POKEMON…BATTLE STATIONS!" The Bug Brothers swiftly threw their Pokeballs into the air. The balls popped open and out came a Ledian and a Beedrill.


"Ledi, Ledian!"

"Whoa, I've never seen those before." Manuel pulled out his Poketab and pointed it to the two Bug types.

"Beedrill, the Poison Bee Pokemon. When angered, Beedrill attack in large swarms. They can fly at high speeds and use their poisonous stingers as weapons."

"Ledian, the Five Star Pokemon. The star patterns on its back grow depending on the number of stars in the night sky, which it uses for energy."

"All right then, let's see what you're made of...Lavader, I choose you!" Ash threw Lavader's Pokeball onto the field. The area was enveloped in a black glow. When the black shroud cleared, Lavader appeared on the field.


"Hmm, a Lavader. You don't see many of those around these days," said Jerry.

"Yes, many trainers have given up on that Pokemon. It is brutally hard to raise and not worth the effort," added Terry.

"All right Charmander, time to shine!" Manuel threw his Pokeball and out came Charmander who struck a fearsome pose.


"Ah, I like this little guy! What an exciting entrance!" Terry clapped his hands together in delight.

"I agree, this one's got gusto!" Jerry raised a finger and winked.

"These guys are freaking weird…" said Pikachu.

"Oh boy!" exclaimed Ash.

"What?" asked Manuel.

"I just realized I don't know any of Lavader's attacks!"

"Look them up on the Poketab, man! And hurry up too!" Manuel said frantically. Ash pulled out the Poketab and pointed it towards Lavader.

"Lavader the Sinister Snake Pokemon. It is said that Lavader once freely roamed the Earth as its evolved form, Komodon. However, due to its evil ways, it was banished by Arceus to the underworld. Lavader's current known attacks are Bite, Quick Attack, Defense Curl, Glare, and Ember."

"Awesome," said Ash as he put back the Poketab.

"This is a 2-on-2 double battle with no substitutions. The battle will be over when all four Pokemon from either side are unable to battle. Let the battle begin!"

"You two may go first," said the Bug Brothers in unison. Ash nodded.

"All right then. Lavader, use Bite!"

"Charmander, Scratch!" commanded Manuel.

Lavader flew across the field like a blur and clenched its razor sharp teeth onto Ledian before the Bug Brothers could even so much as blink. Even Ash was taken aback by the speed with which Lavader moved. Charmander, on the other hand, was nowhere near as fast which allowed them some time.

"Beedrill, dodge!" Beedrill quickly rose higher into the air as Charmander came in and swiped at thin air.

"Char? Charmander!" Charmander looked up and saw Beedrill hovering over its head.

"Now Furry Attack!"

Bedrill's barbs glowed white as it hacked back and forth at Charmander. Charmander jumped around trying to dodge the sharp barbs but it was no use as the barrage continued. Meanwhile, Lavader was still hooked onto Ledian, who was darting around in a mad fury.

"Ledian, get it together and try to shake that putrid thing off you!" said Jerry. No matter how fast it buzzed about, Lavader wouldn't budge. Lavader stayed hooked, its red, snake-like eyes taunting the Ledian.

"Lavader, use Glare!"

"Hissssssss," Lavader's eyes glowed a dark red, then turned completely black. Its stare seemed to pierce Ledian's heart.

"Lediiiiiannn!" Ledian crashed to the ground, now paralyzed with fear. Lavader unhooked itself and swiftly slithered away.

"Oh dear, what has your monster done to my poor Ledian!?" exclaimed Jerry.

"Beedrill, lets help Ledian out. Use Pin Missle on that Lavader!" shouted Terry.

"Beeeeeeedriiiiiiill!" Beedrill cocked its arm back and released a myriad of sharp, white needles in Lavader's direction.

"Lavader…" Ash started, but before he could even give it a command, it had disappeared.

"Where'd it go?" asked Terry.

"Hisssss," as if in reply, Lavader suddenly reappeared in front of Beedrill. It launched itself into the air and hit Beedrill right in the abdomen. The suddenness of the attack combined with its shear speed caused Beedrill to go flying back several feet and land in front of the Bug Brothers in a heap.

"Beedrill is unable to battle! Terry has one remaining Pokemon!" Brock shouted.

"I…there are no words with which to describe what I just witnessed…" Terry stammered. He returned his Beedrill and stared solemnly at its Pokeball for a while before returning it to his belt. "All right then, it looks like we are going to need a bit more fire power for this one…Scyther, Battle Stations!" Terry threw the next Pokeball into the air, which popped open and revealed a menacing Scyther.

"Scy, Scytherrrr!" Scyther slid each of its razor sharp claws against each other as if to sharpen them.

"How about we get rid of that Charmander first? Scyther X-Scissor…Go!" said Terry.

"Ledian, attack with Swift!" commanded Jerry.

Scyther crossed its glowing claws in the form of an X and then speedily charged towards Charmander. Ledian rose in the air and lowered its head. It then fired several glowing stars in Charmander's direction.

"Charmander, dodge them!"

"Chaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!" Charmander yelped in panic. It hopped out of the way just in time to miss Scyther's deadly X-Scissor. However, Swift could not be avoided and Charmander was hit by the multiple stars. Charmander fell to one knee and winced in pain, a bead of sweat rolled slowly down its brow.

"You ok Charmander?" asked Manuel. Slowly, Charmander rose to both feet.

"Char, Charmander!" it exclaimed, nodding to shows its trainer that it was not yet ready to give up.

"Great! Now hit those stubborn bugs with Ember!" Charmander lowered its head and then shot beads of fire towards Scyther and Ledian.

"Scyther, dodge it with Agility!" Scyther quickly moved out of the attack's path, but Ledian was not so lucky. Ledian fell to the ground after being hit at every angle by the small balls of fire.

"Ledian!" Jerry yelped.

"Ledian is unable to battle! Jerry now has one remaining Pokemon!" Brock ruled.

"Hmph! I'm not in the mood for losing…Heracross, Battle Stations!" Jerry struck a pose before throwing out his Pokeball.

"Heracross!" Suddenly, Heracross was knocked halfway across the battlefield. In its place was Lavader, looking on menacingly.

"Wow, that Lavader attacked without even being prompted to!" exclaimed Jerry.

"Lavader, come on! You're supposed to attack on MY command, I'm your trainer! This isn't a wild fight, it's a Pokemon Battle!" Ash shouted. Lavader just stared at Ash with the same expression it always had, its red eyes seemingly mocking Ash.

"Hey Manuel."


"I've got an idea, but you've gotta trust me," said Ash.

"Sure thing, you've been a trainer a lot longer than I have. Fire away, ese" replied Manuel. Ash whispered his plan into Manuel's ear, much to the agitation of the Bug Brothers.

"I say, what are you two conversing about over there?" asked Jerry.

"Our imminent demise, no doubt," replied Terry. Jerry shook his head.

"I won't allow it! Heracross, get up and use Horn Attack!" Heracross rose and started to charge towards Charmander and Lavader.

"Get at them too Scyther, with Slash!" Scyther's scythes glowed white as it flew towards the two defenders.

"We've gotta time this thing right…" said Ash. The attackers flew closer and closer and just as they were about to make a direct hit Ash yelled. "NOW!"

"Charmander, hop onto Lavader's back!" Manuel commanded. Charmander was confused, but it was being attacked so it did as Manuel told.

"Now, Lavader, Quick Attack to get out of the way!" In a flash, Lavader slid away with Charmander atop its back. Heracross was surprised when its Horn Attack met thin air and Scyther slashed at nothing. Lavader and Charmander reappeared behind the two opponents.

"NOW USE EMBER!" Ash and Manuel shouted in unison.

Charmander and Lavader simultaneously unleashed the small balls of fire which bombarded Heracross and Scyther, who had not even got a chance to turn around yet. The fire scorched their backs and knocked them both to the ground.

"Heracross and Scyther are both unable to battle! The Bug Brothers are out of usable Pokemon. Ash and Manuel win!" exclaimed Brock.

"We were defeated…"

"…soundly whipped."

"Aw, cheer up guys," said Manuel, "It's ok, everyone loses from time to time. I enjoyed the battle and learned a lot from it. I'd say it was as great a first battle as a beginner trainer could ask for."

"First battle!" the Bug Brothers exclaimed in unison. Terry's eye twitched.

"If our father gets word of us losing to a newbie he will be most disturbed," Terry said.

"Disturbed indeed! Quick, we must be off to Goldpond Town. We can reach him before the rumors do and explain to him what happened. Ta-ta young trainers, best of luck to you both," said Jerry with a bow.

"And may Arceus guide your steps," added Terry. With that, the Bug Brothers ran off deep into the forest. Manuel blinked.


"What just happened?" asked Pikachu.

"I'm gonna miss those guys, they put up a great fight and they were really…unique," said Ash.

"That was one hell of a battle, I'll say," Brock said.

"It was awesome man!" exclaimed Manuel. "Hey Ash, how'd you think of letting Charmander ride Lavader to get behind those two, that was genius."

"I don't know," Ash shrugged, "In the heat of battle, I just come up with stuff like that sometimes."

"It was a most interesting strategy indeed…" the three turned around and were met by a beautiful young girl who appeared to be 18. She was dark skinned, darker than Brock but not as dark as Lenora; more of Iris' skin tone. She also had long blue hair which went all the way down to the small of her back and was round towards the top and spiky at the bottom. She wore a white spaghetti strap tank top, daisy duke jean shorts, and blue flats. She was very curvaceous and fit well into her clothes. She had brown eyes and wore Master Ball shaped earrings. She also wore a silver chain necklace with a single iron coin hanging from it. Ash thought an iron coin was a weird thing for someone to wear around their neck, much less a girl.

"Brock…" Ash said sternly, knowing what his friend was thinking. Brock just grinned.

"I'm sorry Ash. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak," replied Brock. He sprung into the air and landed in front of the girl. "Excuse me miss, but what is a beautiful princess like you doing in a dangerous forest like this? You should be protected by a man…a man like me!" She smacked Brock straight across the face which got a wince out of Ash, Manuel and Pikachu. Brock fell to the ground.

"You're right about me being a princess…but wrong about me needing a man. I don't need ANY man, I am a grown woman and I do what I want!" said the girl.

"Point taken," Brock replied weakly.

"Who are you?" asked Ash.

"Me? I am April. Daughter of Sandy, the leader of the Sequoia City Gym and the greatest Ground Pokemon Trainer on the planet," April struck a pose with her right hand on her hip and her left hand doing the "peace" sign.

"I've heard of Sandy," said Manuel, "she's a really powerful Ground Trainer."

"That's right! And I have been training to become even better than her and eventually take my place as leader of the Gym."

"Cool, I've been training to become the world's greatest Pokemon Master!" exclaimed Ash. April smirked.

"Really, and how's that been going for you?"

"Well…so far I've placed in the Top 16 in the Indigo Plateau Conference, Top 8 in the Silver Conference, Top 8 in the Ever Grande Conference, Top 4 in the Lily of the Valley Conference, Top 8 in the Vertress Conference, I won the Orange League and I won the Battle Frontier." Ash listed off his major accomplishments while April tried to contain a laugh.

"So…It would be safe to assume that you are in the top ten percent of trainers in the world. Sounds great, but not nearly enough to be considered the 'World's Greatest Pokemon Master'. I have placed in the Top 8 in the Indigo Plateau Conference, which is better than you, Top 4 in the Silver Conference, again better than you, and Top 32 in the Ever Grande Conference which was due to a flaw in my training strategies during that run. So, I think it's safe to say that I am a much better trainer than you," April concluded.

"Hey, you shouldn't base a trainers worth on his accomplishments. Base it on the strength of his team!" exclaimed Ash.

"Funny you should mention that, because your team currently consists of an ugly snake that doesn't listen to you and a fat little rodent," April replied flatly.

"What the hell did she just say?" Pikachu jumped up, ready to battle this unknown trainer.

"Oh yeah, why don't we battle so I can see your team then!" exclaimed Ash. April rolled her eyes.

"I normally don't entertain novices such as yourself, but you have an interesting battle style that I would like to see in action…so I will indulge your interests."

"Just to let you know, I only have two Pokemon with me so the best we can do is a 2-on-2 battle," admitted Ash. This prompted a hearty laugh from April.

"Wow, what a novice, only two Pokemon? How in the world did you defeat the Battle Frontier with only two Pokemon?" asked April.

"I have tons of other Pokemon! But I leave them at the lab with Professor Oak every time I start a new journey. That way I can make new friends and form new relationships each time."

"Friends? Relationships? What are you having sex with your Pokemon? Pokemon aren't meant to be raised with love, they need to be raised with tact and power. They aren't your friends, they're a means to an end. For you, that end is becoming a Pokemon Master. For me, that end is becoming the greatest Ground Trainer ever. Everyone has an end that they are trying to accomplish…Pokemon just help you get there," April explained. Ash closed his eyes and clenched his hands in a fist.

"That's not true! You're supposed to be friends with your Pokemon and treat them with love and care. That way, you get the best out of them and…"

"And what?" April interrupted him, "Place in the Top 32 of the Ever Grande Conference? I tried the love and care route and all it got me was 32nd place! When I was in Kanto and Johto I raised my Pokemon with my head, not my heart. I focused on raising their levels and evolving them in order to get the most power out of them and I did pretty good in the Indigo and Silver Conferences. So I decided to let my Pokemon have a break in Hoenn and I raised them with love and care. Then I got embarrassed at the Ever Grande Conference! I'm never raising Pokemon that way again. Strength and Power is the only way to go!"

"It's not your Pokemon's fault that you lost so early, there are tons of great trainers out there all looking for the same goal. Top 32 isn't even that bad," said Ash. April laughed again.

"Of course a loser like you would think that! But for me, Top 32 is just as bad as losing in the preliminary rounds. A loser is a loser no matter what place they get. Places are just there to make the losers feel good about their losing, thus reinforcing the losing and causing them to lose even more…kind of like you."

"I AM NOT A LOSER! At least I care about my Pokemon!" Ash growled.

"I love it! You know, you look kind of cute when you're angry," April smirked.

"What?" asked Brock and Manuel in unison.

"Ahhh!" Ash shook his head, "Can we just get on with this battle!"

"Whatever you say…cutie," she answered. Brock fell into a heap.

"Why does Ash get all the girls? What's he got that I don't?" asked Brock.

"Me!'' Pikachu exclaimed as she jumped onto Ash's shoulder. "And we're gonna beat the crap out of this wannabe."

"Yeah, we'll show her who's the real loser," Ash replied.

"Wow, he even talks to the Pikachu…what a loser."

"That's it…Brock, can you do the honors?" asked Ash. Brock nodded.

"This will be a 2-on-2 single battle with no substitutions. The first trainer to run out of usable Pokemon will be the loser. Begin!"

Dun-Dun-Duuuunnn! It seems Ash has found a new rival in April, who appears to be quite the tsundere. I hope you enjoyed Chapter 4! I believe there has been some confusion as to the premise of this story. First, it's based on America (obviously) and as such, there will be several references in the story to America. There were a few in the first couple chapters if you didn't notice. Mal is a reference to Miami-Dade County in Florida (thus all the hispanics, I changed them from Cuban to Mexican though because Im more familiar with the Mexican culture). The Dons & Gores are representative of the Bloods & Crips (as well as gang violence in America in general). Magnoville & Goldpond Town are supposed to be like the South (Georgia, Alabama, etc.). There will be other pop culture references or just easter eggs in the story as well. One of them was the Gym Leader Arthur Poda (if you didn't notice, he is a bug type Gym Leader and his name is a reference to the phylum Arthropoda) There will be several references like this throughout the see if you can catch them! Also, I made a twitter! So if you like the story follow me bigC_94 or my roleplay account brockthadoc (I roleplay as Brock). With the Bug Brothers defeated, Ash and Manuel have won their first battle in Acirema! But it seems as a new rival has challenged Ash's battle style and training style as well. Will Ash come out victorious? Will April crush Ash into the dirt? Will Brock ever learn his lesson? Find out in the next exciting installment of Adventures in Acirema!