A/N: So this chapter is based on the episode 'This Side Of Paradise', from season one. The first few lines of dialogue are taken from it verbatim. I intend for a few of my next few chapters to be episode add-ins, but not all of them. See if you can spot where Spock makes a Pon Farr reference! (Because Kirk doesn't know about the Pon Farr yet.)

"You belong in a circus, Spock! Not a star ship. Right next to the dog-faced boy!" Spock turned away from his captain. For the first time in his life, anger welled up inside him, bubbling and hissing and spitting, insistent and impossible to ignore. He found that the sensation overwhelmed him, and it engulfed all sense of rationality he had once possessed. The only option now was to act irrationally. He spun and lunged for Kirk, His first blow smashing up the pipe he had foolishly intended to fight with.

His next sent him flying to the wall. He approached and threw his fist, unfortunately narrowly missing Kirk's head and instead making a dent in one of the transportation view screens. The next few blows he landed came effortlessly to Spock; the human's strength was far inferior to his own. Kirk was now on the floor, panting, and Spock loomed above, towering over him, hands gripping the stool that he would strike with to finish Kirk.

Kirk gasped, sitting up and attempting to flee, but it was too late. Spock pulled back, preparing to fling the stool forward and rid Captain Kirk for once and for all, but something strange happened, something even Spock had not thought to consider. His intense anger subsided, mind beginning to clear.

"Had enough? I didn't realise what it took to get under that thick hide of yours." Spock had indeed had enough. His anger was at an ebb, and his mind restored back usual analytical, logical state; a state which would not allow for human imperfections such as emotion. Kirk explained what had happened to Spock and the rest of the crew, and concluded with a suggestion on how to proceed. Spock agreed with his captain, it was a sound plan. As they made their way toward the bridge, Kirk drew to his attention an occurrence he most certainly had not previously anticipated.

"Uh, Spock?"

"Yes, captain?"

"Do you need a minute to take care of your little friend downstairs? I'll meet you at the bridge." Spock's severe eyebrows furrowed in incomprehension.

"I was under the impression we were the only ones aboard?" Kirk should have realised that in order to converse efficiently with Spock, he would need to be more direct. Far more direct.

"Spock, you are aware of your erection?" The Science officer looked down, and once again, surprise coloured his usually expressionless features. The man hadn't been kidding when he'd said he didn't experience embarrassment, Kirk mused. Especially when the only thing to draw out such a reaction in him would be… Kirk stopped walking. Spock halted at his side. Kirk sighed and turned to him, dreading having to do this but he knew how Starfleet would feel about the latter so…"Spock, it's flattering to think you feel this way about me, but you ought to know that my only true dedication is to my ship, and I wouldn't be willing to-"

"Captain," Spock interrupted. "Though the assumptions you have drawn are highly logical based on the data at hand, I assure you that I am not romantically, nor sexually attracted to you." Kirk's face blatantly screamed disbelief. Spock hesitated slightly, but at glancing at his captain's incredulous expression, he pushed on. "If you must know captain, I routinely masturbate in accordance to what is required to remain in optimal health. I missed my last… session in exchange for the much more pressing task at hand, my Science report which was required by you within the hour. I have not since had the opportunity to reschedule my-"

"Okay! So you think that because you haven't…" The captain gestured broadly toward his most private region, "in a while, that out close proximity during our little brawl got you all hot and bothered."

"I would not have put it quite like that, but in essence, yes, captain. Keep in mind that I am Vulcan, and Vulcans are not accustomed to intimacy nor closeness, and it affects us in different ways. In addition to my lapse in my routine masturbation, it was adequate in provoking this reaction from me."

"I'll say. Of all things to get you get you off…" Kirk muttered.

"Sorry, captain?"


"Spock, maybe it's none of my business, but perhaps you should look into getting laid? Then your 'sessions' might be less of a chore and more a pleasure. Plus it wouldn't come to this if someone was within a two foot radius of you. When was the last time you were with someone, anyways?"

"If you are referring to the last time I engaged in sexual relations with another person, it was five years ago." Kirk's eye's bulged in astonishment. "And I do not wish to change that fact, I have no desire to 'get laid', as you put it. Though I will take up on your previous offer captain, I'll meet you at the bridge presently." Spock started toward his quarters.

"Wait," Kirk grabbed his officer's arm to stop him. "Perhaps I'll join you. Show you what you've been missing all these years."

Spock quirked and eyebrow. "If it will speed up the process, then I must concur. Time is of the essence at this moment."

Kirk was brimming with excitement… among other less innocent emotions. He had never believed Spock would say yes. It had been an impulsive, unplanned request. But then Kirk was a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy, spontaneous was kind of his speciality – though it got him hell from his professors back in his academy days.

Honestly, It was plain to anyone – most of his ship's crew had picked up on it long ago anyways – that he had had fancied the Vulcan for, well… as long as he could remember. The constant teasing was just a shoddy excuse to get the man's attention, to have another excuse to talk to him. In fact, he had been so sure that the Vulcan would have pieced it together from merely the way he looked at him, eyes dancing and shimmering with mischief and happiness, lips twisted into a smug smirk, overall expression screaming desire.

He decided that Starfleet protocol could be damned. They were no strict regulations on romantic relations between officers, though it was frowned upon (especially if you were in the captain's chair). Besides, when was he ever going to get another chance like this? Plus, in order to save their crew and the ship, the captain and his first officer would need to be at their best, minds sharp and focused. Even is Spock could look past his boner, it certainly was affecting Kirk's capacity to think straight.

But who was he kidding? It didn't matter whether he made up one excuse or a hundred, nothing short of a warp core breach was going to stop him from taking Spock to bed.

The door to Spock's quarters had barely slid shut behind them before Kirk's hand was around Spock's dick and his pants around his ankles. Spock drew in a sharp intake of air – in all his years knowing Spock, this was the first time he'd heard him gasp. So much for saving time, because it looked like Kirk was already burgeoning a little problem of his own.

Kirk tight fist pumped Spock's sex organ hard and fast. There would be no time for sentimentalities nor to take things slow. Kirk was sure the Vulcan wouldn't take to that kind of thing anyways, besides he seemed to be enjoying this frantic pace just fine. His face was contorted in uncontrollable pleasure, with a touch of surprise. He almost looked dazed. Kirk found it incredibly endearing that his precise, intelligent mind couldn't process what happening.

Kirk was near mesmerised by his momentary vulnerability. His face was so… open, so wholly surrendered to his the most carnal of desires. Kirk was certain the rarity in which he partook in such activities was certainly enhancing his current experience.

Another gasp escaped Spock's parted lips as Kirk thumbed his slit, rolling his foreskin between his fingers.

"Oh, you like that, don't you?" Kirk's voice was deep and gravelly, an obvious betrayal of his arousal. Kirk just couldn't find it in him to care.

"Captai- Oh!" Kirk's fist tightened around his member, and Spock gasped even more openly than before. What meagre semblance of control he had been holding onto vanishing as Kirk's fist twisted around his cock, sending tight points of pleasure shooting down his spine. Kirk growled at his First Officer's outburst, backing Spock into the door behind them. The captain lowered himself onto his knees. Spock quirked an eyebrow, intrigued despite himself.

Kirk's left hand trailed down Spock's stomach, delicately brushing against his skin, sending shivers down his spine as his left hand fed his dick into his mouth greedily. Kirk groaned around Spock's thick girth, swallowing him inch by inch and his other hand traced hips bones, dancing over the hot flesh. Spock moaned desperately at the vibrations from Kirk's mouth and the hot, gloriously wet caress of his mouth. Kirk held him there for a moment, both to tease and to take time to grow accustomed to his girth.

Spock was unable to prevent his hips from snapping forward with need as Kirk suddenly pulled back nearly all the way, lips closing over his head as his tongue ravished his slit before taking him in deep. Kirk devoured Spock as obscene sounds filled the air. It didn't take long before Spock was beginning to feel the coils of pleasure tightening within him, heat pooling with such magnitude and depth in a way he had never experienced before.

Spock teetered on the brink for what felt like an eternity, his desperation for release surpassing any need he'd ever felt before. Kirk's hand migrated south to cup his heavy balls, so ready to expel their load. And that was all it took.

Spock went rigid as the tension within finally snapped, as powerful waves of bliss washed over him, eclipsing everything else around him. In that instance, the man developed a whole new understanding for the word 'pleasure'.

Kirk was entranced by Spock as orgasm seized him. Spock's eyes squeezed shut as his mouth fell open in a gasp, body trembling and weakening at the knees. Kirk swallowed every drop of his seed, not minding the slightly bitter taste. He rode out the aftershocks with his officer, mouth finally detaching from Spock when it was over.

Spock's eye's fluttered open. His expression was that of pleasant surprise, though his angled eyebrow's hinting at deep thought. He could almost hear the cogs whirring in his brain, trying to process, to analyse, to make sense of the situation and his unprecedented reaction. Kirk worked to smother his grin.

"Captain… That, what you did for me was a most... enlightening and… pleasurable experience. Thank you." This was probably the closest he'd ever seen and ever would see Spock come to being speechless. Today was indeed a day of firsts. He decided to cherish it while he could.

"So, uh, what shall we tell my crew- Do we tell my crew anything?" Kirk's brain was sluggish with arousal but he was lucid enough to understand to gravity of what had just occurred between them. Spock seemed to have recovered quite quickly, tucking himself into his pants, expression deadpan as ever.

"I don't believe we should notify the crew that their captain has engaged in sexual relations with his first officer. It would not set a good example, and may be used against you in a crisis." Kirk licked his lips, face growing hot yet simultaneously breaking out into a nervous smile.

"Well, Spock we wouldn't tell them that we were 'engaged in sexual relations'. No need for anything quite so personal. All we'd have to say is that we're currently involved, that we were in a relationship. That way if we were caught, it wouldn't come as such a shock to them." Kirk clarified, yet Spock looked taken aback.

"Captain, to my knowledge carrying out that act would entail feeding false information to your crew. Such an act is a violation of Starfleet protocol. Though it can be permissible if committed for good reason, I do not believe this qualifies." Now it was Kirk's turn to look confused.

"In what way am I lying to my crew?"

"By claiming that we are in a relationship as a cover up. I-"

Understanding began to trickle down Kirk's body, leaving an icy chill and an uncomfortable scattering of goose bumps in its wake. But Kirk refused to believe it. He whispered, "I still don't understand." He needed to hear it said plainly, so there was no trace of doubt or denial in his mind.

"Well captain we are not in a relationship, nor are we involved."

"I… aren't we?" Kirk still dared to sound hopeful, but it felt like a rock had settled in his stomach as a deep wave of sadness washed over him. Spock very nearly frowned in confusion.

"No, we are not… captain were you under the impression I possessed 'feelings' for you?" Though it came out in that flat, emotionless tone same as ever, it felt like an accusation. Feeling lost, numb even, he answered: "Yes."

"You understand I do not harbour feelings, captain? I am Vulcan, and such illogical processes are foreign to me. I am not capable of 'love' nor do I wish I was." That was the final straw for Kirk. He couldn't have hoped for a more plain and clear declaration. His stomach twisted with rejection, eyes filling rapidly with tears.

"Understood. We shall not be informing anyone about this encounter. This meeting is to remain strictly between us. Head to the bridge and begin work on the Subsonic Transmitter. I'll meet you there." Kirk hurriedly turned away, succeeding in fleeing the room just as his tears began to overflow.