Author's Note: These are just tiny snippets of Oliver's thoughts. No beta, so if you see mistakes, please let me know.

He didn't think he'd ever used the word "adorable" to describe a single person he knew. Thea had too sharp an edge, kindness balanced with a biting wit; his mother was, well, his mother, someone too poised, too refined for the word to apply; his past interests - all of them - had been beautiful, and driven, but none ran the risk of being called something so cute.

And Diggle was Diggle.

But as he hung suspended on a rail by gloved hands, watching her from the corner of his eye, he realized that she was, indeed, adorable. Her brow was turned down, nose scrunched to keep precariously perched glasses from slipping off, and her lips were pressed firmly together to complete what he had to say was the most determined look of any individual he'd ever seen. No doubt, some program or code was behaving badly, and she had set herself to the task of making it work with all the furiousness of a child fully intent on forcing a square peg through a round hole.

He had a list of words he'd been building to describe her - intelligent, stubborn, courageous, beautiful - and now he had one more.


She'd murder him if she ever found out.