Peter had kidnapped Stiles, he had him slung over his shoulder and tied his hands behind his back, bound his legs together and gagged him. Of course this didn't go down with the teen, at first he fought but that earned him a slap in the face as he was thrown into the boot of Peter's car. Now he was carrying him inside, his hand squeezing Stiles' arse,digging his nails into through the jeans getting Stiles to scream out into the gag. "Shhh little red all will be well soon enough." Peter said "Derek needs your help and yes you're the only one, though he will be a little rough, but try and enjoy." He said as he open the basement door and walked down the stairs.

He placed Stiles on the floor; the teen looked up as he saw Peter walk towards the other end of the basement. There was a snarled that made him jump. "Now now Derek calm down, I brought you a lovely virgin to impregnate."

"UMMM!" Stiles yelled though his gag as he heard the words virgin and impregnate in the same sentence.

'Okay one so not a virgin and two fuck you'. He thought. A sudden growl broke histrain of thoughts as he looked up to see a completely wolfed out Derek. 'Holy fuck…'

"Now Stiles I know you don't want to do this, but we have no choice. A witch cursed Derek and well the only way to fix this little curse is to impregnate a virgin and don't say you're not, I can smell it on you." He said as he walked over to Stiles and pulled the gag out.

"FUCK YOU PETER, YOU ARE AN ASS HOLE!" He yelled as he was dragged over to a mattress.

"Be nice, you will be here a while. Your dad is gone for the time being so it's all okay;by time he gets back you'll be home." He started to walk up the stairs.

"PETER DON'T DO THIS, PETER!" He called out as he heard the door close shut and a lock be put into place.

The teen laid there on the bed with his hands tied behind his back his leg's bound, and his heart racing a million milesanhour. The sounds of chains braking make him look up towards Derek's area. "D…Derek think clearly about what you're planning to do. It's me Stiles you hate me, you don't trust me remember?" All he got was a growl as wolfed out Derek stalked over to him. "Oh god I'm going to be the basement slut." He said as he saw the large wolf hover over him. The nose sniffed his neck and then moved to the rip jean's crotch "Ah Derek!" Stiles cried out as he felt the nose pressed in more. The large fury black wolf started to rip into the teen's clothes until there was only bits left handing on the teen's body, Stiles whimper and tried to move away even with the legs tied.

The wolf tore the duck tap of Stiles legs, and moved in between the teen's legs. Stiles was breathing heavily as he felt Derek's long cock rub against his own making him wince and moan, there was a lot of moaning and low growling from both parties. Stiles let out a moan and move his hips up against the wolf's cock, it wasn't long before the teen arched is back and came over his stomach and chest, Derek growled and covered Stiles lower half in cum.

The teen laid there panting and moaning, his body twitching in the aftershock "Oh god." He moaned, he then felt a normal human hand apart from the claws smear the cum all move him and press it into Stiles hole. Opening his eyes Stiles looked at the half human looking Derek "Ahhh!" Stiles winced as he felt the cum coved fingers push into him. The teen winced a little as he felt the three fingers stretch him and made sure that he was well covered in cum that was being used as lube.

Pulling his fingers free, Derek hovered over Stiles once more before flipping him into his stomach. "Ahhh Derek!" He yelled at the sudden movement as is arse was raised in the air as his head stayed on the mattress "D…Derek?" He whimpered, there was a growl and bite on Stiles left butt cheek "AHHHH!" He cried out. Soon there was something pressed into his entrance, he stiffen and then cried out as the large wolf cock was push into him in one quick movement. Stiles let out a scream as he felt the member stretch him more than the fingers. Derek started moving his hip and he let his nails dig into Stiles' hips, which screamed and moaned as the wolf's movements got faster. The sound of skin slapping skin mixed with moans was filling Stiles head. Stiles could feel himself get closer to his second orgasm and his body started shaking again.

Something changed in Derek's movement as he slowed, giving the teen enough time to breath but soon Stiles felt something wider push into him "Oh god…D…Derek!" Stiles gasp as he felt the wolf's knot get pushed into him "Ahhhh!" He cried out once again and Derek started thrusting into him again, Derek snaked his arms around Stiles and pulled him up tight to his chest. He pulled head back sucked on his neck and letting his fangs dangerously scrap across the skin and then sunk his fangs into his neck. The teen screamed arching his back as he came, Derek growled into the bite as he started to cum inside of the teen.

Stiles felt boneless, his brain short circuit and then he blacked out. When he woke up he was laying on the bed in Derek's room. He sat up and groaned rubbing his eyes. "Derek you fucking prick and Peter, that asshole." He moaned as he felt his body ache. His stomach felt swollen and then the door opened, Derek walks in with a tray of food. "Plllease tell me your blasted uncle got what he bloody wanted on tap." Stiles asked as he shifted on the bed.

"Yeah he did, I just wished he didn't drug me." He said as he kissed his forehead.

"He drugged you? Just for his film?"

"Yep…sorry about the knotting thing and the biting thing." He said, draped his arms around him.

"Yeeeeahknotting not my fav thing and the biting was painful." He said taking a sip of the coffee; Derek looked at him and smiled.