It was a month after the kidnapping sex film thing, and Stiles found himself back at the Hale home, this time sitting in the kitchen having a cup of coffee with Derek and Peter. Of course Erica was there but she was busy with listening to music though her head phones, swaying her hips as she made a sandwich. "So here is the check Stiles like I promised." He said as he handed it to the teen, Stiles took it and looked at it.
"Whoa, you kidding me right? This is how much I made from that film?"
"What? I told you there was a market from that type of filming. They love it really and you were a big hit with horny wolves wanting to…"
"We get the idea." Derek huffed as he wrapped his arms around Stiles, to point out that Stiles is his and his mate.
Peter chuckled. "Don't worry I know only you are allowed to touch him but there might be a time when a group…"
"HOLY HELL STILES! Why did you do let Peter fuck you?" Erica yelled as she looked over his shoulder at the check.
Derek looked up and slammed his hand over the blonde's mouth; they were glad that the others were out of the house at this moment in time.

Stiles turned around and shoved the check in his pocket and looked at the blonde girl. "Ummmm it's nothing I helped him out with a police thing." Stiles said. She gave a look that said 'yeah fucking right'. Derek removed his hand from her mouth and she smiled looking bemused.
"Really?" she said. "I don't believe you." She sang, she looked at all three of them.
"Tell me for I tell the others you let Peter fuck you." She grinned; Stiles groaned and banged his head on the table.
"You're a mean Catwoman."
"She was never very nice." She said with a grin. "So what is the money for?" she asked.
"Porn." Stiles said.
"What?" Lifting his head up, Stiles looked back at her.
"Peter runs a Werewolf porn filming company, he said there is a big market for rough and hard core porn, with a innocent unknowing human getting fucked by a big bad alpha." He said, Erica's jaw dropped. "Any how he needed people to film in it and I need the money and I since was already mated to Derek, it wasn't hard to convince us. That was about two months ago and since then me and Derek have been having porn style sex." Stiles said, Derek put his hand on Stiles shoulder to comfort him.
Erica just looked at them, she finely picked her jaw up, thinking about something."I want in." she said looking at Peter, the Alpha wolf looked at her and then smiled brightly holding his hand out.
"Welcome to Bad Dog Company." He grinned holding his hand out.

Later on in the day, it was film night at Jackson's, his mum and dad were out and he had found a film when he was snooping around Peter's room. He was wondering what the boxes of DVD's was, but once in the room he couldn't find the boxes but he did find a DVD in a blank box with no name on it. So movie night at Jackson's house, the pack start to pile into the house, they took their coats off and shoes and walked into the living room. Allison and Lydia closed he curtains, while Stiles and Isaac called up for pizza.

"What's the film?" Danny asked once they were all seated, Jackson smirked as he took the DVD out of it box.
"Don't have a clue I took it from Peter's room." Stiles and Derek froze and by the looks of Erica she was doing the same, but she held a smiled as she looked towards Derek and Stiles, the teen started to feel nervous and bit his lip, he tried to stay calm with a room filled with werewolves, Scott was sat next to him and he frowned
"Jackson you shouldn't have taken that from Peter. God knows what that man watches."
"I have an idea." Derek muttered.
As he pulled Stiles into his lap so if they need to they both can hide their faces or Derek could run with Stiles in his arms. "Come on it might be fun."
"Or it could be porn." Erica said loudly, Stiles looked at her hoping his death glare worked, but sadly no.

The film was put into the DVD player and the draw pulled back and the sound of the disc whirled around and then it open to a bed room. Stiles frowned and looked at Derek who shrugged at him either one recognized the bed room. "Hey Allison isn't that your spare bed room?" Scott asked.
"Yeah it is?" she said, the door open and in walked Peter dragging along Chris.
"Okay this is getting weird." Isaac said, first it seem they were talking and then it was kissing and ended up with Chris being handcuffed to the bed laying flat on his stomach naked as the day he was born
"Oh God turn it off turn it off!" Allison screamed.
"Oh wow," Danny said. "How did they get a camera crew in?" he said.
"What?" Allison yelled, looking horrified.
The sounds of moans filled the room as they watched Peter pumping his fingers in and out of Chris. The hunter moaned and tried to pull his hands free to do something anything as Peter told him things, things he was going to do to the hunter. "JACKSON FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TURN THAT OFF!" Allison screamed.
"No way I want to see how this ends." He said, Allison got up and dragged Scott with her.
Lyida stood to leave as well saying nothing, Scott turned to Stiles and Derek. "Are you to coming?" he asked nodded towards his girlfriend.
"Ummm yeah sure." Stiles said as he got off his mate, Derek stood and grabbed Isaac.
"What I was watching that!" he yelled as he was dragged into the kitchen where they closed the doors and turned on the music just as they heard, "OH GOD HARDER!"

Allison was pacing the floor, she had snatched the bottle of whisky that she found in the cupboard "What was they thinking, in front of a camera, they turned the guest room in to a porn hole." She said, Stiles was still biting his lip and held onto Derek who was rubbing his back. Soon Erica came bounding in with a smile spread across her face
"How did it end?" Lydia asked.
"Ummm it was a werewolf mating thing." She said. "Nothing different, a lot of marking and scenting and fucking a lot a lot of fucking." She told her.
"Erica please don't. I am not drunk enough to get those images out of my head." She said taking another swig.
They all pilled back into the room where Jackson had the other part of the DVD playing. "Oh no," Stiles said as he started to back away, there was an image of Stiles on him hands and knees being screw by a fully wolfed out Derek Hale, all eyes turned on him."Oh no that rat basted filmed me as Derek having sex." He said, he got a looks off every one "No? no one buying that?"
"No Stiles we aren't." Scott said.
Stiles looked at Derek who shrugged, if Derek is having a hard time about this, he wasn't showing it.
"Alright fine, I'm in a porn movie, maybe three or four, what I get sex with my mate no one else and I get paid for it, so I get film getting my brains fucked out of me but I liked it, it was fun!" he said, Derek wrapped his arms around his waist.
"Stiles is a porn star." Jackson said
"In the werewolf world." Erica said with a smile.