Title: Sword of Darkness
Author: Icealin
E-mail: icealin@hotmail.com
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Spoilers: up to season 2 on BTVS and ATS is kinda existing but in a Buffy way, do I make sense?
Rating: SAS (same as show(s))
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Authors Notes: Janna's not dead and is dating Ripper, Angel is more Angelus like and is dating Willow, everything else is a big surprise.
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It was the night of the full moon. Isadora sighed as she looked down at the city of angels (and demons). Something was up and it was something big, bad? She didn't know, but after all that she's been through she wouldn't be surprised at all. She tensed as she felt a presence behind her, but relaxed when she realised that it was just Oz.

"Hey." He greeted.
"Hey." She replied, somewhat tense he noticed.
"Something's up."
"I know."
"A contact of Ripper's called."
"Oh? What'd they say?"
"It's the Scoobies, Oz said with the slightest hint of hostility. Even after these few years he was somewhat hurt at his ex's betrayal with a certain vampire. "Seems like they need some help with a gang of demons, and apparently they've heard of the Avengers so they thought they'd come and get us to help."
Isadora smirked coldly, "Ain't gonna happen, lest it's the End Of Days."
The corner of Oz's right lip quirked in a slight smile, "Good."


In Sunneydale California, Angel's Mansion

"Damn, it's times like this that I wish that Jenny and Giles hadn't left." Said an agitated red headed witch.
"What's wrong honey?" asked her bored undead Irish of a boyfriend.
"Angel, we've got a gang of demons that we've yet to find a weakness to, I believe that Willow is right. We need professional help." Said the clownish boy who had clown phobia.
"Harris, we all know that you need professional help." Zinged said Harris' girlfriend.
"Cordy please feel free to shut up and help." Said Willow.
"You know it's all your fault Willow Rosenberg." Retorted Cordeillia.
"What the hell makes you think that?" Seethed Willow.
Angel looked on amused, however noticing his girlfriends deadly seriousness Xander tried to soothe the situation over. "Chill Cordy, I know that this is frustrating but it's no time to turn against each other.
"Shut up Xander," his girlfriend said icily. "It's the truth, and even a idiot like you should've realised that. I mean we all know that Buffy had told Willow over there not to try the curse again and she just ignored her, I mean she has got to get over herself. Buffy is a great warrior and Willow should trust her instincts. If Angel hadn't regained his soul Buffy probably wouldn't have left this hellhole though I don't blame her. And because he's her watcher Giles have left to find her and since Jenny and he are in love she went with him. There goes three of the strongest points of our team. Oh and don't forget about Oz, if you hadn't restored Angel's soul then he wouldn't have returned. But that wasn't the problem, you had to cheat on Oz so he left. There we go, because of you we've lost the best member of our "Scoobie Gang". You make me sick Willow, pretending to be the Virgin Mary when you're really the First (evil)."
"That's enough Cord, I think you should apologise." Angel stepped in, somewhat coldly since he was hurt from hearing the name Buffy.
"No and you can't make me." Bit Cordy.
"Then you'll just have to leave." That was a statement not a suggestion.
Cordy smirked "With pleasure, there's this famous demon fighting gang that's been begging me to join them. I think I will, after all they actually respect me for my talents"
"Hate to break it to you Chase but you don't have any talents." Said an extremely pissed Willow.
Cordy just chuckled lightly "Be seeing you guys. Oh, and see you soon." And with that the beauty queen left the Scoobie Gang forever.
"Okay anyone else confused?" whimpered a confused Xander.
"I am, I mean she was just way too cool. Like as if she planned this all along." Replied Willow. "But I doubt that we'll be finding anything, so let's get a good night's sleep and we'll head down to L.A. tomorrow and get those 'Avengers' to help us. I'm sure they'll fight for the chance to help us."
"Yeah,." Angel smirked. "After all we're the Scoobies (they've stopped calling themselves the Slayerettes since there was no longer a slayer)." And with that the went their ways to prepare for the meeting with the mysterious Avengers.