Title: Sword of Darkness pt 4

Author: Icealin

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Spoilers: up to season 2 on BTVS and ATS is kinda existing but in a Buffy way, do I make sense?

Summery: B/A(us)-angst- when the remaining scoobie gang (Angel, Willow, and Xander) have met a match that's out of their league the to LA to find the mysterious Avengers, a demon fighting gang that's both respected and feared in the underworlds of both humans and demons

Rating: SAS (same as show(s))

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Authors Notes: Janna's not dead and is dating Ripper, Angel is more Angelus like and is dating Willow, everything else is a big surprise.

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Dedication: to Jenn who 'convinced' me to start writing fanfics, Nicky who's in denial about being Xanderish, Danici, Chyna-Whyte, Christine, and Dana Evans. ~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Part 4 In Angel's room, the Crawford Mansion.

Angel screamed silently in his bed, the torture within his psyche too terrible for him to face.

Angel screamed again as Angelus brought the whip down again, drawing blood and cutting his very soul. Angelus growled angrily.

'Scream all you want soulboy. I don't care how much you say you love that Rosenberg Bitch but you and I both know that Buff is our mate and it's about time that you admitted it and went looking for her." Again he brought down the whip and again Angel screamed. "Day after day you drool after that bitch and day after day I yearn for my mate, do you know how painful that is? It's worse then the countless centuries that we spent in hell, worse then when your soul was given back to me." With that he put down his whip, Angel let out a sigh of relief which was sort lived, Angelus had just brought out his favourite torture equipment. Angel cringed as Angelus came ever closer with it.

"Please!" Angel cried, "Please, don't."

Angelus smiled coldly, "Too late soulboy." And with that he muttered a sort spell and disappeared. In a flash a portal had opened to show Buffy dressed in black leather pants, a red silk tank top, a black leather duster, and a necklace with a blood red ruby pendant in the shape of flame. In this vision she was walking down a hallway with a young Chinese girl dressed in straight black jeans, a cotton black sleeve-less, a black sweater duster, and a necklace with a sword pendant. Angel watched greedily as the duo walked.

But then suddenly it all went black, and swirls formed, when it was clear again he saw a sight that terrified him to no end. Buffy was all alone in a dark alley, crying and shivering from the cold her dark brown hair was matted, wait a second since when does she have dark brown hair? Well it didn't matter because what happened next broke his heart, a fire demon came into the alley, she didn't even look up all she did was to whisper something. Angel didn't know what but it seemed to amuse the demon, who just walked towards her and bent down. Suddenly he became a whirlwind of flames surrounding the slayer, finally she stopped moving and screamed, but before she could make a sound the whirlwind flew into her mouth and she fainted. Angel watched against his will as his soulmate blinked and rose to her feet, with fire in her eyes. He was glad when the portal closed without a sound and Angelus repaired.

"Why?" Angel asked weakly.

"Because you needed to know." Angelus sneered.

"You mean?"

"Yeah soulboy she's going to be a child of fire." Angelus said in a deathly cold voice.

"So if I don't find her and warn her she'll." Angel trailed off with eyes that begged Angelus to lie.

"Yeah, now you know. So what are you going to do?"

"I can't." Angel whispered.

Angelus glared at him, and silently he picked up a hallowed dagger filled with holy water and stabbed it into Angel's right foot. Angel hissed as he felt the pain starting to course through his veins burning at the flesh around yet not quite acidic enough and screamed when he felt the burning sensation reach to his soul.

"Look soulboy if you don't find Buff and help her, I'll go to her and tell her myself." At Angel's confused expression he just said, "Buff's my mate and we have a bond." With that Angel woke up confused and disoriented.

"What the hell?" he whispered as the memories of his dream came up to the surface. He tried to delude himself into believing that it was just a nightmare, but if his demon screaming in fury was any indication then it was definitely more than just a nightmare. He didn't blame Angelus for being so angry and frustrated, he himself had longed to leave this cursed town and to look for his mate. My mate Angelus whispered in his head. Angel groaned, Angelus was extremely possessive whenever it came to Buffy, though he had tried to drive Buffy insane last time he was free Angel knew that it was because he was terrified with the feelings that the blond slayer had aroused in him. Angelus the Scourge of Europe was the most vicious vampire to ever be turned, though he was ruthless and highly evil, he had felt love at it's most primitive state. Of his two and change centuries had never felt love nor loved till he had met Buffy, and it scared him to no end.

However he had also been extremely mad at the thought that Buffy still loved Angel, he had been ecstatic to see the love that had been in her eyes whenever he saw her. But he was also enraged that it had been for his soulful side. So he set out to destroy her memories of Angel, to make sure that he, Angelus, had been the only one that she thought about. The one that she would look behind her back to check if he was there or not, till he was the one that plagued her every thought. Till she thought about him as much as he thought about her.

Angel sighed, he really wished that he could go find her but he was with Willow now. Who the hell cares about that bitch?! Angelus thought. Shaking his head Angel ignored the enraged demon within. He was also afraid to find Buffy in the arms of another man. Look soulboy, Buffy is our mate she knows it. Hell I think everybody except for you and that conceited bitch knows that, the only man or demon that she'd let near her is us.

For a minute Angel let himself see some hope but it was dashed as he thought of all the things that she deserved; sunlight, kids, something other than slaying, someone normal. Are you retarded or something? She's the slayer godamnit. She lives at night, she lives for the hunt. She isn't normal, she's much more. If she had kids they'd be in danger all the time, and if you think you delude yourself into thinking that you'll be able to stand it if you think that she's moved on then you are a fucking idiot. He's right Angel thought. Of course I'm right! Angelus screamed in his head. Angel growled, at the rate things were going he was going to go insane.


In a penthouse (same building of that which Isadora and Ice lives), in LA

"So you two heard a voice that told you a prophecy, which you believe is real?" the Watcher known as Ripper asked, intrigued.

"Yeah Ripper, that's we've been telling you for the last 20 minutes." Said a exasperated slayer.

"No need to be testy Isa." Said Jenna, though it was obvious that she was amused.

For the first time since they've arrived, Ice spoke up in her soft and cold voice, "Actually.".

As the others looked at her, she sighed and elaborated. "It's peaceful." Though that wasn't much less cryptic the others understood instantly.

"Ice's right, it has been peaceful lately. A bit too peaceful." Said Isadora.

Before anyone could reply, the new member of the crew appeared from her borrowed room. "Morning." She grumbled.

Isadora smirked, "Morning Cordy, gotta say. Love that hair." This earned her a glare that could turn a master vampire to dust. Jenna rolled her eyes playfully at Ripper, who just raised an amused eyebrow.

"Focus." Surprised, everyone turned to look at the young slayer who had seen more then her fair share of darkness. But before they can say anything the doorbell rang, Cordy rushed to the washroom, Ripper just chuckles and opens the door. To reveal a teenaged Chinese boy who was about 15 or 16.

"Tiger." He greeted warmly, but the jaded boy only nodded curtly and walked over to where Ice leaned against the wall. He tapped on her shoulder softly, she opened her eyes and smiled softly, he grinned. But the grin hardened when he saw the far off look in her eyes. In a low voice he said something in Cantonese. To which she replied softly. His eyes widened and pulled her into a hug and patted her hair.

"What's wrong?" Ripper asked, concern for his charge evident in his eyes.

Tiger glared at him and said coldly, so different from when he interacted with Ice. "The last time she had to face a prophecy brought to her by the chilling winds, blood had ran like rivers."

Ripper gulped, "I didn't know."

"You do now." Ripper nodded and looked at Ice sympathetically, then frowned.

"What's the chilling wind?"

"You're the Watcher here, you wanna know, look in your precious books." He said with a voice that chilled even Ripper to the bone. Without another thought he did just that.

Lots of reading later.

"Dear God." Ripper muttered as he finally found a reference to the 'chilling wind'.

The winds of darkness personified, from regions where the First itself fear to tread. For in the very depths of this frozen Hell lies the darkest shadows and the coldest ice. Bound to the one who is chosen, to the one of bittersweet winter winds. The chilling winds brings the knowledge of the past, present, and future, though her sisters can hear her wistful servant, only the child of winter can truly understand. Bound to the cold and distant huntress, this dark force is utterly at her bidding.

"Dear God," Ripper muttered again as he felt a dark foreboding. If Ice had that force of such darkness at her every bidding there was no telling what she could do, but she was a good warrior, a warrior of light that much he did know. But no matter what, she's still just a kid, and every kid has wishes that the dark ones could exploit.

"Faith." Said a soft voice behind him. Ripper spun around to find Ice leaning against the doorframe with her arms folded against her chest, her face unreadable.

"I do have faith Ice, but the truth remains. You're still young and young people tend to be reckless."

"Wisdom does not come with age."

Ripper sighed. "Yes, that's true but."


"Even the wisest of beings cannot have that much power and not be tempted in the slightest bit."

"That's true, but I never claimed to be wise Ripper. I am a slayer, and slayers has more darkness in them then most humans. I admit that I have been tempted, so tempted that it hurts. But, I fight it. I fight the urge every single time I go hunting."

Ripper nodded, he knew that slayers had immense quantities of darkness inside of them. "But what about when you can't resist anymore?"

"Then we deal." Ripper's head whipped so fast towards the newcomer that he could've sworn that he had travelled through time.

"Tiger, I have great faith that Ice is a strong girl, but we mustn't forget that the powers that she controls are more powerful then what we've faced in the past.

"I'm not the only one." Ice said, ever so softly.

"I beg your pardon? I know you're not the only one with this amount of power but." he was cut off by Tiger.

"She means that the other slayers have powers too. C'mon Ice let's go, if Ripper here wants to know more he'll just have to find out." With that the two left the enraged Watcher. Damnit, more books.

Outside on the porch

Tiger watched as Ice leaned against the wall, her hair blowing in the wind and her eyes sparkling. This was how he liked her best, when she was herself and unafraid to show feelings. True she was as deadly as a wolf but she was slayer after all. She really was like the wind. Cold and biting, or warm and soothing. He sighed they've been good friends ever since they were young. Ever since that fateful summer when his parents had decided to send him to live with his dad's dad for being 'difficult'. He was eight and she was six.

"Thanx." Ice said, soft as ever but with warmth instead of bleakness or coldly.

"Hey, what are friends for?" he said with a grin that resembled one of tigers.

Ice laughed quietly. She's always quiet. Tiger thought.

"So," he said. "You wanna go skating?". She smirked.


"I'm a growing boy!" Tiger protested. It was a tradition for them to go skating than when they got back they'd order pizza and rent a couple movies. Ice was a great skater, graceful as a figure skater and strong as a hockey player, she was a sight to behold. Tiger was a dynamic hockey player, one of the best. Ice always teased Tiger about him ordering two large pizzas, while she ate about four slices (oh for the love of all things holy, she's a slayer, not a skeletal model) he ate all the rest.

"Sure." Ice said, glad to be on the ice soon. Tiger gave her a toothy grin. His parents sure gave him the right name. She thought, thinking about how he resembled a tiger so much.

"BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!" came a loud voice from the residential watcher.

Ice sighed, "C'mon let's go."

Tiger chuckled. "Yeah, don't want to waste a perfectly good evening on watchers, witches, and vamps." And with that Ice jumped gracefully and silently from the third floor penthouse onto the sidewalk below, as did Tiger.