Severus and Eileen were dancing slowly under the moonlight. He had loved her for a little while. Tonight he had planned to tell her. He was a little nervous cause she was the first and only one he would tell that he loved her. He didn't tell Lilly at the time but she would never choose him cause she was in love with James Potter. The deference between her and Lilly was that she always had believed him. She had always defended him. She always had taken care of him when he was injured after he came back from a deadeaters meeting. She always cared for him. He had fallen in love with her. In his whole life he didn't know what love was but when she took care of him he felt very loved by her.

After a few moments he regain some carriage. He stopped their dance and when he looked at her he saw love in her eyes.

"My dearest Eileen, I have a confession to make. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If you would accept me as yours and marry me, then you would make me the happiest men of the world".

He hold his breath after his confession. He became a little disappointed and his heart was in pain. He was just to begin to apologize when she stood on her toes and kissed him softly. He was a little surprised by her sudden action.

"I love you to Severus. I think I always have loved you. I care for you so much. Of course I will marry you".

Severus smiled and pulled her against him. He kissed her with so much passion that her knees became weak. He couldn't believe what just had happened but when he looked at her and saw the happy tears in her eyes, he knew that is dark days were over.