Author's Note: Okay, so this is technically not really "Doctor Who" fanfiction but more like "people behind Doctor Who fanfiction" but I will make the show very, very relevant. Also, I know it's kind of wrong to ship real-life people together but some people like Matt and Alex just make it so hard NOT to.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Doctor Who or any of the actors. But if I owned Alex... okay I can't even TELL you what I'm thinking. Just read! Haha.

Hazel eyes veered left-to-right from behind circular glasses, reading the words on a set of pages. Matt Smith read his script for tomorrow, his feet propped onto the coffee table and his fingers brushing against his lips. He sighed, setting it down as he finished the last page for "Time of Angels."

River Song, the name racked through his mind as he tried to solve the enigma of this intrigueing woman. He had seen Alex Kingston's first episode in the role of River, and her identity had intrigued him ever since. When show-runner Steven Moffat noted that she would be returning to Who, Matt dug into Steven's skin to try to get the stubborn man to release details on who she was.

He wouldn't, and it drove Matt insane. Maybe he was a little too interested in Doctor Who.

Regardless, he thought Alex had been brilliant. Her acting struck him, enough to bring tears to eyes that rarely watered. He was thrilled to be meeting her and working with her tomorrow, as she was quite lovely. He also knew she would be playing his love interest, and that intrigued him even more.

Unable to sleep and feeling curious about his new co-star, Matt rose, slipping on his shoes and coat and heading for the movie gallery.

"Steven, you have GOT to be kidding me!" Alex said with a half-smile on her face as she scrolled through Matt Smith's official IMDB page, one hand on the mouse and the other holding her phone. "He's only 28!"

"Alex, it's not like I'm asking ye to marry him," Steven told her with a slight laugh. "It's just acting!"

"But he's just a boy!" Alex protested, leaning back in her chair and rolling her eyes. "Answer me this, if you were an actor and you had to play the love interest of a woman in her twenties, could you do it and not feel completely awkard...or even keep a straight face?"

Steven laughed. "That's why I'm a writer, not an actor."

"That doesn't answer my question," Alex scorned, pressing her fingers against her temple.

"Oh but doesn't it?" Steven contradicted, and Alex could almost see him raising his brows and grinning at her.

She heaved a sigh, leaning closer to the computer screen and staring at his picture. "Well... at least he's hot," she admitted, lightly biting her lip. "Though I feel quite a bit like Mrs. Robinson."

Steven laughed heartily. "Mrs. Robinson, I like that! I think I'll put that in the script somewhere."

"Don't you dare!" Alex hissed with a laugh.

"Goodnight, Alex. See you on set tomorrow," Steven said, hanging up.

"I'm serious! Steven-STEVEN!" she called after him, but he had already let her off of the line. "I am going to kill him," she said to herself with a chuckle, before exiting out of her browser and crawling into bed.

The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders wasn't the type of film that Matt Smith would typically watch, yet it was the disk he was inserting into his DVD player. His growing curiosity of Alex as a love interest had convinced him, and he had heard that it was quite good...and naughty. Okay, that might've had a little bit to deal with it as well.

His heart galloped through his chest as he admired how beautiful she was. Granted, the movie was nearly fifteen years old and she had aged...but she played the part of an eighteen-year-old girl so she couldn't be too far from thirty-five.

He desperately tried to focus on the actual plot of the movie, but the eye candy was too distracting. His thoughts became harder to process as she continuously undressed throughout the movie. Sexual thoughts raced through his mind, causing his pulse to quicken and he could not simply will away the natural reaction of his body. He'd have to fix that sooner or later.