Sorry for the hiatus! Things have been a wee bit crazy!

Matt left on the first of November, his family growing curious about his prolonged stay in America. It pained him to leave Alex, especially since they were so happy together.

They called each other even more now, since they both had so much free time. When Salome was with Florian, they would just sit down on Skype and talk all day.

"You have Craig tomorrow," Matt noted on one of those particular days, remembering when he had suggested to Craig Ferguson that he should get Alex on the show again. The Late Show host was ecstatic to arrange such a thing, and so he scheduled her exactly a month after Matt's interview.

"Yes, I do," Alex replied with a smile. "Here we go again!"

Matt laughed. "Am I going to hear more conversations about your vibrator?"

Alex blushed. "NO!"

"Eh, I'm sure Craig will weasel something out of you. Just try not to get banned from television, Alex," he had a smug grin on his face, and she just wanted to kiss it off.

"Me? Banned from television? Oh, they wouldn't. They love me too much," Alex dramatically touched her heart, rolling her eyes in a typical diva fashion.

"It's the hair," Matt told her, eyeing her shoulder-length curls.

Alex fluffed her hair before saying, "Besides, my daughter's teachers are going to be watching so I have to behave myself."

"The Kingston behave herself? Miss triple-threat-in-the-privacy-of-her-bedroom? I think not," Matt bit his lip, memories of their time in the bedroom crossing his mind. By the look on Alex's face, she was thinking the same thing.

"Oh, hush you!" was all she could say, blushing terribly. "Shouldn't you be getting some sleep?"

"Probably. But sleeping isn't nearly as appealing as talking to you," he smiled sweetly and she blushed.

"Still. It's a necessity. I'm turning off my computer now and forcing you to sleep."

"But bab-"

"No buts," she raised an eyebrow at him, still smiling playfully. "Goodnight, sweetie."

He sighed. "Goodnight. Sweet dreams."

"You too," she said, before the call ended.

Matt sighed, laying in his bed and falling quickly to sleep.

It was a couple of days before Matt saw the interview, but when Alex opened Skype that day she knew by the wide grin on his face that he had seen it.

"Oh God," she said, hiding her face in her hands. "You saw it didn't you?"

"Ohh, I've BEEN in his bathroom, and it doesn't smell like that!" he teased her, and she sunk further into her chair. "Are you trying to give us away now, Kingston?"

"It just came out! You know how Craig is!" Alex peaked through her fingers. Matt was chuckling behind his hand. "I covered it up!"

"I will smell him!" he continued to tease her. "You might as well jump on Oprah's couch and declare yourself my girlfriend!"

"I was trying to throw them off the scent!" she finally removed her face from her hands, and Matt began to laugh at the clever pun.

"I see what you did there!" he looked down at his keyboard, still grinning madly.

"Besides, I doubt that anyone would ever fathom that this would and I," she insisted, tugging on her curls.

"You never know. We might be one of those ship thingies."


"You know... those things...where...where people...ack! I can't explain it... It's like how people pair the Doctor and River together," he linked his hands together. "Or Amy and Rory together. And they call it 'shipping.' I learned it at Comic Con!"

" we have...a ship?" she asked, not quite understanding.

"Perhaps. Maybe someone ships us," he smiled at the thought.

"Salome certainly does!" Alex laughed. "Which is funny, because I always thought she would object if I were to move on."

"I think she likes seeing you happy," Matt shrugged, before getting a worried look on his face. "You..are happy...right?"

Alex bit her lip and smiled. "Completely and incandescently," she responded.

Matt beamed brighter than ever. "Same," he responded, and for a long while they just stared at each other through the screen with big smiles on their faces.

November 30th, 2011


Matt wasn't accustomed to her acting so excited, so he knew when she called him and shrieked his name loudly that something big was going on.

"Yes?" he asked with a nervous chuckle. He was sitting in the corner of a coffee shop, trying not to draw attention.

"I got a call for a part!" she cried, bouncing up and down.

"What? I thought...I thought you weren't doing pilot season this year?" he asked.

"I'm not! But the producers of this show are massive Doctor Who fans and they want me to come audition!" she beamed.

"Are you going to take the offer?" he asked.

"I really want to. The audition is in a few days. Sort of short notice, but I'm so ready to work again."

"Take it. You'll blow them away."

She smiled even wider. "Thank you, sweetie...I think I'll call them back now!"

"Good luck!" he told her, before she bid him goodbye.

December 17th, 2011

The streets of LA were brightly lit with Christmas decor, so busy that Alex could walk the town unnoticed.

"What are you getting Matty?" Salome asked, holding onto her mother's hand tightly.

Alex looked down at her daughter with a small smile. "I don't know! I can't think of anything."

"You should just wrap us up and send it to him!" Salome suggested with a big smile.

Alex laughed. "I'm sure he'd love that. But he's very busy."

"I know, I know...big family Christmas trip, yay them," Salome rolled her eyes playfully.

"You are getting so sassy!" Alex looked at her daughter with her mouth ajar.

Salome giggled, seemingly pleased with herself. "You should get him something from both of us," she suggested.

Suddenly, she sounded so grown up. Alex looked at her daughter, much taller now. Her face wasn't so child-like anymore, and neither was her voice. She would be eleven in just three months time. She was growing up so fast.

"Mom...are you okay?" Salome asked, noting the way her mother's eyes watered.

"Yes...yes, I'm fine," she smiled, wrapping her arm around her little girl's shoulders. "How about we go into there?" she pointed to a music store. "He does need a new guitar!"

Salome agreed, and they walked into the shop together.

Matt's family Christmas trip was going...well, as good as it could. He was surrounded by almost every family member of his, all interested in his career. He answered so many questions that it was like being at Comic Con, only without the costumes. He hardly found time to break away to talk to Alex and Salome.

When he finally found alone time, he took it upon himself to wrap Alex's present.

"Who's THAT thing for?" Laura came into the room, eyeing the ridiculous thing with a curious smile.

Matt nearly fell over, and he stumbled to get back to his feet. " one!" he cried, hiding it with his body. Which was a fail, because it was too big.

Laura pushed him aside, getting a closer look at it. "For someone special, then?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "They have interesting tastes"

"Will away from it!" he waved his hands about frantically and she laughed at him.

"I'm not going to break it! See, I'm not even touching it!" she teased, holding her fingers just barely above it.

"Lor, now is not the time to be a bratty sister!" he grabbed her shoulders and wheeled her out of the room.

"Oh come on! Just tell me who it's for! I wont' tell anyone!" she stopped her feet from moving any further, and closed the door so that no one could hear.

Matt took in a deep breath, rolling his eyes at her.

"Is it for a woman?" she asked, her eyes widening.

Matt nodded.

"Are you romantically involved with this woman?" she asked.

He nodded once more.

Laura shrieked, throwing her arms around his neck and causing him to stumble back several steps. "I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Mum knew it, too!"

"This doesn't leave this room!" Matt reminded her sternly.

"Right. Of course," she pulled back, looking him up-and-down. "So who's it for?"

He put his hands on his hips, looking down at the floor. "...It's for Alex...Alex Kingston."

"I told Laura..." Matt admitted almost as soon as he got on the phone that night.

Alex's heart jumped and her eyes widened a bit. She was silent.

"Are you angry?" he asked.

"No...just a little surprised. She's the only one you told?"

"Yes. She promised not to say anything."

"What did she say when you told her?"

"She was a bit shocked at first. Like a deer in headlights, really. She was more upset at the fact we've been together since April and we haven't said anything. But, I think she understood because she smiled and said she was happy for us."

"Didn't try to talk you out of it?" she asked.


Alex smiled. "I hope the rest of your family takes it that well."

"I hope so too...because I want to tell them soon." She opened her mouth to respond, but he stopped her with his own words. "I want to wait til you're here with me, of course. I want us to tell them together."

Her silence scared him a bit, but finally she responded. "We'll tell them the next time I'm in England. By the way, I sent your Christmas present today. It'll arrive at your normal address."

"I'll still be in France until the 26th. I've sent yours, too."

"Ah, well. I'll be home," she smirked. "What did you get Salome?"

"Wait til you get it," he said. "Anyway, I'm knackered. I'll talk to you when I can, okay?"

"Alright. Sleep well."

"Sweet dreams, Kingston, I..." he stopped himself, his mouth falling ajar as he almost said it. "I miss you," he quickly covered up.

"I miss you too. Night."

When she hung up, he stared wide-eyed at the ceiling. He almost told Alex he loved her.

He was in love with Alex Kingston.

Salome flew from her bedroom Christmas morning, smiling at the presents underneath the tree. "MOOOMMM!" she cried, running to her mother's bedroom and jumping on the bed for her to wake up.

"Wake up! Wake up! It's Christmas!"

"Mmh, good morning, sweetie," Alex groaned tiredly, rising and patting the side of her daughter's face. "Ready to open your presents?"

Salome nodded vigorously, and they laughed. Alex carried Salome to the living room, setting her down in front of the tree. She opened her presents from all of her aunts and uncles in Europe, happy to receive each one.

Her mom bought her a Wii, a new camera, several new clothes, and some of her favorite movies. Salome hugged her mom tightly to thank her.

"This is for you, mum," Salome tapped on the large present that couldn't even fit under the tree. "It's from Matty!"

"Oh, goodness..." Alex began to unwrap the gift. When she opened the box, she gasped. "" she brought the brand new accordion out of the box. "It's beautiful!" she cried, skimming her hands over the body of it. "Oh, Matt..."

"There's something else in the box, too," Salome grabbed a piece of paper and began to read. "Bernard Jenkins, accordion and piano lessons."

Alex smiled at the note on the back. "He paid for a year's worth of lessons...he's so wonderful," she gushed, hugging her accordion.

"I want to open Matt's present for me!" Salome scrambled for it. It was a very, very tiny box but she was still just as excited to open it.




"Yes? What is it?" Alex leaned over, gasping a bit.

"Are those what I think they are?"

Alex nodded. "They're tickets. To Disney World."

Salome screamed and ran around the house. "THANK YOU MATTTTYYY!" she cried to the cieling, Alex laughing behind her.

She had the most wonderful boyfriend in the entire world.

"Did you and Salome like your gifts?" he asked on the phone later that evening.

"We loved them. It definitely made up for the fact that we had a very small Christmas this year. She wanted to thank you herself, but she knew that you're busy and she's at her dad's now."

"She can thank me later."

"I was surprised to see the accordion. I think that's the most thoughtful thing anyone's ever done for me."

"And you're going to go to the lessons?"

"Well, you paid for a year's worth so I'm sort of stuck, aren't I?"

"Is that a bad thing?" he asked.

"No. It's wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I wish I could say in words how happy I am. Just...thank you."

He smiled wide. "You're welcome. I'll get yours when I go back to Cardiff tomorrow."

"Ah, well...I hope you love it as much as I love mine. Actually, what we got for one another is fairly ironic."

"Why do you say that?" he asked.

She smirked. "Spoilers."

And indeed it was ironic, because they both got one another musical instruments. Alex had her accordion and now Matt was the proud owner of a TARDIS blue guitar.