Regina's POV

The last three days have been hectic. You would think by now the town could agree on decisions, but no. I have spent the last three days filing paperwork, reading proposals, and sitting through meetings, I haven't had a minute to myself. I didn't even get time to leave Storybrooke, and visit my favourite café for a couple of hours. 'Once Upon A Coffee' has been my safe place, the place I go when I need to get away from everything, the town, my life. I found it one day when I was having a bad day. I never usually left Storybrooke, but that day I had just needed to escape, I couldn't look at a single person that day, hear another complaint, so I left. I just started driving, straight out of town, and found myself here. The café was fairly quiet, not too many customers, and I immediately sort out a seat in the corner of the room, next to the window. The place was miraculous. The walls were covered in pictures and stencils of forests and castles, it felt magical. I felt safe here, like I belonged here somehow. I sat there for hours, watching as people came in and out of the shop, watching those walking past the window. That was four months ago, and I have been coming here every day I can, just to get my escape from my world, my life; I feel like this is where I need to be.

Today, upon entering Once Upon A Coffee, I was taken aback at the commotion going on inside. A celebration of some sort, a birthday party perhaps, was taking place inside the coffee shop. There were no spare tables, I noticed someone was sitting in MY seat! How dare they! I sit there every day, that is my seat. I will have to make do with somewhere else, but I'm not happy about it. Scanning around the room, I can't see any available tables. Then I saw her. Emma, was it? I'm sure that was her name. She's sitting by herself. Should I ask if I can sit with her? No, maybe I should just leave, since it's busy. I go to turn around and leave, when I hear a voice next to me.

"Miss! You're back, haven't seen you for a few days, thought maybe you'd found somewhere else?" It was that waiter who spilled the drinks last time.

"I have been very busy, as it seems you are today. I'll just come back tomorrow." I reply, trying once again to leave.

"Aw come on, I'm sure we can find you somewhere. Besides, gotta get that coffee and apple pie, right miss?" He smiles, looking around the room. I don't know why he is bothering, there are no seats free, I really should just go.

"I really should just go…" I try again.

"Nah, come on. I got a perfect seat for you." He responds, gesturing me through the crowd. He starts leading me in the direction of Emma's table. Surely he's not going to sit me there?

"I believe you two met already?" he asks, a knowing smirk on his face. Why was he smiling like that? I look down at Emma, who looks back up to me, completely shocked. She doesn't say anything, she just keeps staring. Why is she staring?

"Yes, briefly." I say, looking back at the waiter.

"Great, well maybe you wouldn't mind sitting together then?" he gestures me to the seat opposite Emma. I look back at Emma, but she still says nothing, she just smiles. Well, I did come here for a coffee… one coffee with this woman won't kill me. I take the seat opposite her, and she still remains silent, looking back and forth between me and the waiter. Ok, maybe this will be a slow death…

The waiter leaves, and I turn to Emma, who is now staring down at her lap.

"Is this okay? If you want to be alone I can leave?" I ask. Did she not want me here? Last time she didn't act so weird.

"No! Please stay! I was just caught off guard is all. Off in my own little world. I wasn't expecting you today… I mean… not that I was expecting you… it's just that you weren't here, I thought maybe you weren't coming because you are always here but then you weren't… not that I notice... well I notice.. because I'm always here too… but like I'm not watching you or anything…" I watch as she continues to ramble on. I have to admit it was kind of cute, though I didn't understand most of it. After she finishes her ramble, she looks at me and blushes slightly, staring back down at her hands.

"Ok… so I can stay?" I ask slowly, watching as she lifts her and looks at me.

At first it was kind of awkward, both of us stealing glances, making small talk, until she asked me about my career, which started our conversation. We spent the next two hours chatting, we really hit it off. I never really had someone I could just chat with, about anything, but for those two hours, once we got past the awkwardness, I actually really enjoyed chatting with her. I felt like maybe I had even made a friend. I left that day, feeling so much better about life. All the worries I had about my life, and Storybrooke completely pushed out of my mind.

Emma and I had had coffee together for the last week now. Every day we would meet at 'Once Upon A Coffee' and spend hours talking about everything that happened since last time we talked, which was usually twenty-four hours ago. Today was Monday, and Emma and I hadn't seen each other since Friday. Today when I walked through the door I saw her sitting in her usual spot, well our spot now, however she didn't turn and look at me like she always did. Usually her head would turn immediately upon hearing the door bell, and she would smile excitedly at me. Something is different today. I walk over to the table and sit down in my usual seat, facing Emma. She doesn't move, just keeps staring down at her lap. I place my bag to my left, and fold my arms across my chest, watching her. Again she doesn't move, she doesn't even seem to realise I am there. I tilt my head slightly, trying to see her. My breath catches as my eyes take in her face for the first time today. Her complexion is pale, eyes red and puffy from crying, and her bottom lip is quivering as she tries to gain control of her breathing. There is definitely something wrong. I lean forward, reaching my hand out towards her.

"Emma?" I whisper softly, trying unsuccessfully to not startle her. She jumps slightly, before slowly raising her eyes to meet mine. Her eyes fill with tears as she looks back at me, a heartbreaking expression on her face. "Sweetheart, what's happened?" I watch as another tear slowly makes its way down her cheeks. I want to just hold her, tell her everything will be ok, but I don't know her well enough to know if that's what she wants, what she needs. Instead, I lean forward further, gesturing her to take my hand. She immediately grabs it, holding it tightly, keeping her left hand still firmly in her lap. I take my other hand and embrace hers, trying to comfort her as best I can. Patiently I wait for her to speak. At first she says nothing. She just closes her eyes, and tries to regain a normal breathing pattern. She opens her eyes and looks at me, silently asking if she can trust me.

"It's ok. I'm here." I respond comfortingly, squeezing her hand a little tighter. She nods slightly and then slowly withdraws her hand back to her lap. This time it doesn't stay there long, and she brings both hands onto the table, placing an object in the middle.

"I'm pregnant."

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